Cancer Problem In Malaysia

Cancer problem in malaysia. This is a human problem.

‘Real Food’ is not for everyone. The fair put something in its place. Is it fair for us to give ‘real food’ to patients with bowel cancer for example.

If there are complications due to improper nutrition, who wants to treat it again?

Dietitians are the ones who like real food the most, not for people who depend on supplements, let alone swallowing junk pills.

But there are certain situations, let alone during critical patients, we can not give real food to patients. What do you want to kill a patient for?

Sorry to say, you who do not understand human biology are not qualified to criticize the standard operation procedure in a critical ward.

Advice For Husbands In Their 30s – 40s Who Want To Be Healthy

In my 30s, I started thinking more about health. Because the body is starting to feel tired.

It’s time to start thinking about what to eat to keep your body healthy. I don’t want to take medicine.

So what do you want to eat? Eat supplements.

Because our daily menu will not provide enough nutrients that we need. Want to eat 7-15 orange seeds every day. Baskets of spinach, carrots are what we can afford.

If you want to be free of toxins, you have to eat organic. The price is expensive like a Jew.

So a simple and safe solution is a supplement.

However, not all supplements are effective and safe.

There are brands that are made just to make a profit. So quality and safety are issues.

I charity supplements from the world’s leading natural vitamins, Shaklee. 100+ years brand.

There are over 141 medical journals, 100 thousand tests a year and supported by 20 years of use studies that have proven to be healthier.

KKM and JAKIM are the most compliant.

The new examples I telannni are Vitamin C and Coq-Trol.

Functions to support organs, sugar detox, chemical detox, care for the heart, blood vessels, prevent cancer, boost immunity, control cholesterol and more.

We can’t get this substance from rice, latte coffee, roti canai, burgers, red cooked chicken.

If we can spend hundreds a month to fill our stomachs, why don’t we spend to fill our cells.

Our bodies are expensive and we want to maintain expensive items due to quality and safe products.

I’m sick, the cost is higher and our lives are not the same as before.

Take care before it hits.

Eat Correctly.
Exercise Regularly.
Supplement Wisely.

Since being Shaklee almost 10 years ago, this is the Shaklee lifestyle that has been taught to me.

If you want to be healthy, you have to do three.
Can’t be one or one of the two.

Want to be healthy just by taking care of food AND amik supplements je tak jadik.

Because the body will not be fit and stamina if you do not exercise. The body quickly contracted. Muscles too. Sluggish, flabby, flabby like a vegetable.

If you want to be healthy just by taking care of eating AND exercising, you can’t either.

One, because the nutrition in food now is so much less compared to 50 years ago.

And two, because after exercising, our body will release free radicals that damage cells. If we do not have enough antioxidants or substances for recovery after work out, the abnormal cells will be duplicated into cancer cells.

Similarly, if you want to be healthy by only exercising AND taking supplements but do not take care of eating. Follow a certain diet that is supposed to have a plump body, but ignore the daily intake of adequate vegetables and fruits. Awas ye! I’m afraid I’ll find out later that many blood vessels are clogged.

So, I don’t want to have to do all three.

There is no doubt that wanting to succeed for these three is a mujahadah. But, that’s the secret that is no longer the secret to staying healthy.

I’m still struggling! Since the beginning of PKP last year, many have slipped. InsyaAllah, now I am trying to return to the base of the road.

Who’s with me? Let’s both be healthy!

P/S: Pictures of memories after doing detox shaklee way in 2019. At this time, body age can be almost the same as real age. Now, you have to get rid of the extra 10kg to be able to return to the correct body age

In the hustle and bustle of a busy schedule before I flew back to Melbourne, I and my friend Qobin @qobin_mokhtar looked for a place to visit Tunku Azizah Hospital (Ronald McDonald’s House) which houses temporary accommodation for parents of young children with cancer, while they undergo treatment there.

At that time, there were two families with their two children who were waiting their turn to be called to undergo the process of ‘chemotherapy’. My soul really loses with things like this. It is heartbreaking to see the situation of such small children who have to go through great trials in their lives. Not easy. Being a father makes it easier for me to communicate with them. I try to chat and give words of encouragement. It turns out that they are strong human beings. I pray that Allah SWT gives healing and health to them.

Thank God we were both able to donate disposable pampers, lunch and Ceragem Beds for use by the children of cancer patients here. Thank you Mrs. Achik Fikriah who is the manager here for accepting our visit.

Pray tree for my father yer..Dr said last stage stomach cancer. Looking forward to the day. Cancer has spread all over. May God make it easy for my father. Can get permission to look once and for a moment but full ppe and negative covid test. Thank you kkm. Long quarantine. I’m sorry, sir. Ebit can’t take care of it at this time. Thank you brothers and sisters all for taking care. Thank you all for praying ye.

That day it was time to realize my father was talking. Keep up the work perfecting the mission of helping. O God, lift the pain from my father. Give her the best. Ebit dear mom. Ebit loves you forever. Mom left first. Miss mom. Miss you father. Thank you sir for everything. O Allah if there is a reward for a little good done. I gave you everything as a gift. Take away the pain. Don’t be in that pain. Thank you God- @ebitlew

May the father of ustaz @ebitlew be given a cure. InsyaAllah

Congratulations and syabas to YBhg Dato ‘Dr Asmayani Khalib who has been appointed as the new Deputy Director General of Health (Medical), Ministry of Health Malaysia effective 17 August 2021 to replace YBhg Dato’ Dr Norhizan Ismail who has started his compulsory retirement today.

Prior to this, YBhg Dato ‘Dr Asmayani was the Director of the Penang State Health Department, MOH since 2019. He also held the position of Director of the National Cancer Institute (IKN), Director of Kulim Hospital and Senior Principal Assistant Director of the Medical Development Division of MOH. Dato ‘Dr Asmayani has also worked at Kuala Kubu Bharu Hospital, Perak State Health Department, Penang Hospital, Bukit Mertajam Hospital, Kajang Hospital, Taiping Hospital and Jengka Hospital.

Happy carrying out duties and trust. Hopefully the excellence of the MOH Medical Program can be continued.

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