You Need FOOD !!! not MONEY !!!

You Need Food ? At the end of the age, he said, there is not enough food. Do you know why? Because we have been indoctrinated to believe in THINGS. The world economy is now judging the rich with false wealth. This currency has value because there is SUSUK that controls the world now.

People say that if you want to correct the economy, you have to go back to gold and silver. That’s right too. but don’t save gold and silver, but have to use it as MONEY, not investment. But it’s hard to make a buying and selling system for gold and silver. Everything in this world is bound. Even the one you have may not work when the situation is chaotic.

The basis of a country’s economy is FOOD.

Because if you want to live, humans have to eat, that’s all. I will not tell you about this. But it’s not strange, because ZAKAT FITRAH also has to be paid for staple FOOD. Only the factions that control the world are good at making laws, they say they can use money to change the value of staple food. Do not know that Imam Shafiee did not give zakat fitrah to be converted into money.

A country that has gone bankrupt like Sri Lanka, the people are all rioting. It’s a pity, because I don’t know what to do when I’m in trouble. Venezuela is the same, willing to be a prostitute just to eat bread. Other countries like Lebanon cannot withdraw money from the bank to buy food.

If you have started to realize, you can actually make this food yourself. Just have to be diligent and patient. Try google bill gates now the largest owner of farms in America. Otai who is rich is also rich like Syed Bukhari is also a rice business. Robert Kuok sugar control. Such is the true basis of economics. Back to nature, which is FOOD.


Do you know that the Syafie school has to use rice to pay zakat fitrah, not money. Other sects have flexibility. We used to think this was ok. But this is actually a terrible RIBA trap. Now if we look at the food crisis happening. Whole world.

Life is actually enough to have food, clothes and shelter. Back in the covid era, you couldn’t tax gold because of pkp. During Raya Harituh, gold shops in Kelantan cannot accept gold because there is no money to buy it. Quite a bit, if there is no food, it runs out, can you eat GOLD? hmmm.. Try to think why this RIBAWI item is food….

The problem now, many people are chained with RIBA loans. If you don’t pay the debt, you will be a victim. I don’t want to buy food yet. But if there is no debt, it is enough to eat to live. During pkp, I often met people who wanted to eat, but to be honest, I had no money. Oh yeah, how can I help? not for money, but buy food. Think about it, if gold tastes good, keep it, haha. but if the taste of RICE is still important, do something now!!!!


The food crisis that we hear and understand, will happen one day. We must know efficient methods to store food supplies, especially rice. Among the ways to store rice, use a pack like this. You can buy plastic at shopee. Vacuum machines can also be bought at shopee.

You have to choose the machine wisely, because some do not have strong suction. Rice durability for 2 years. If we now buy 10 kg of rice, take 1.2 kg to make a pack like this. Getting ready early is not to win, but for the family we love. I don’t want to make preparations, don’t make fun of people who remind us about this..

You can get the machine at shopee. Vacuum Pack Machine For Home Use:
Durable brand. It’s called the Little Plastic in the rice. Oxygen Absorber helps food last longer and does not smell rancid.


Who wants to do it? Make it. Those who feel no need, It’s ok, Everyone’s choice, right? For those who want to stock food, We need to have a mindset, We want to prepare food for us to ‘SURVIVE’ only, Simple. If you follow Mat Salleh’s way, There are many things that need to be prepared, Another breakfast, Another lunch, Another dinner,

There are also light snacks. We as Muslim Preppers, Enough to pad the stomach, If you can fast it is very good, But, If there are small children, Age 2-5 years, Don’t you want to force them to fast like adults too?
We have to prepare for them.

Starting Today, Measure how much rice is used in the family for a day, Got the measurements, You can multiply for the first 14 days, If you have a big budget, Can multiply for 30 days. For example, Rice needs of the family

300g/day x 14 days = 4200g = 4.2kg
300g/day x 30 days = 9.0 kg

If you can, Make it for 3 months stock. Done with rice, Think about it, What side dish do you want to eat with rice? Just a side dish, Maybe the menu,

  • white rice + serunding,
  • White rice + fried anchovies,
  • White rice + sardines,
  • White rice + jar side dish,
  • White rice + mixed with fried rice seasoning.

Gotta make a plan, In order for us to stock the appropriate food,

Not ‘panic buying’, Uncertain direction. dates, Honey, Black Seed, Olive oil, This is a must at home. Our eating patterns are bitter, Not the same as when it was safe, Many things have to be rationed. There is a ‘hint’ of a wave of food crisis coming.

Food prices will skyrocket, Have to read the news diligently. We have a responsibility to our own family,
So, Do the preparations. Start even with small steps, Because from a small step opens a bigger step.
Picture: example of a meal planning idea for a family. This is not the best idea, but just a guide for those who are ‘lost’.

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