Ivermectin For Prophylactic Covid19


Ivermectin For Prophylactic Covid19. Awesome news on Ivermectin for prophylactic and early treatment based on double-blind randomized studies:


a. Reduce virus shedding: 2.6 times (260%) higher in Ivermectin group.
Determine by PCR test on the 6th-day treatment, Negative result for Ct>30 cycles.
PCR cannot differentiate if the shedding is viable (alive) or just dead pieces of the virus.
b. Reduce viable viral load : 3 times lower in Ivermectin (13%) vs 48% in the control group
Means less cell death, faster recovery, less severe outcome and reduced infectious/transmission.
c. Dosage 0.2mcg/kg 1 hour before meal, best daily for 5 days minimum. Refer 4a compare with lancet report.

Five key factors behind its efficacy:
1. Early treatment intervention helps to keep viral load in-checked/low. Thereby reduces the number of cell deaths(ACE2 deactivations) caused by C19.

2. Efficacy of Ivermectin at safe low dosage is a total sum of its 5 different actions, directly and indirectly, each contributes in a small part to reducing C19 growth, collectively refer as antiviral property @2
i. It binds to C19 spikes hence preventing it to bind interferes inside the cell, it interferes with C19 multiplication
ii. It interrupts C19 replication within the cell.
iii. It prevents C19 from stopping the warning signal send out by the infected cell to alert the immune cell.
iv. It also prevent infected cells from releasing cytokine signals – preventing inflammation.
v. It can bind on ACE2 hence preventing C19 spikes from binding to ACE2
Without considering the above, the dismissal was solely based on petri studies looking at one action (ii) alone, which happen at a very high concentration – an unsafe dosage, to be effective.

3. Disease management base on different stages of the disease progression with preemptive medications as outlined in timeline C19 disease management by Dr Sankara Chetty and Dr Mathew Verghese.
Eg. Ivermectin is beneficial before and not during cytokine storms or secondary infection.

4. Right dosage to optimized efficacy and minimised the side effects, resulting in a good outcome.
Eg. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Daily used for auto-immunity treatments maximum 400mg per day. While malaria 400mg per 8hours for a maximum of 2days – in total 2400mg max. A trial conducted for C19 cited arithmetic outcome was done using an unsafe dosage of 600mg twice daily and beyond 2 days. Dosage guide based on drug handbook.@4b

5. Meta-analyses based on 18 randomized controlled treatment trials of ivermectin in COVID-19 have found large, statistically significant reductions in mortality, time to clinical recovery, and time to viral clearance. Furthermore, results from numerous controlled prophylaxis trials report significantly reduced risks of contracting COVID-19 with the regular use of ivermectin. Finally, the many examples of ivermectin distribution campaigns leading to rapid population-wide decreases in morbidity and mortality indicate that an oral agent effective in all phases of COVID-19 has been identified.
The above results are inconclusive without a large randomized control study, often the reason been cited that approval for C19 treatment cannot be given. Yet no funding is provided to do this type of very expensive large scale studies.!!!

4a. A Lancet study claimed no advantage but highlight all the side effects of Ivermectin at 0.4mg(400mcg) per kg dose! While most other known dosage calls for 0.2mg(200mcg) per kg listed in drug directory. A glaring differ the rent not the following guideline in the drug handbook a must for all pharmacist and doctors! @4b

@1. https://www.wnd.com/2021/05/covid-deaths-plunge-major-world-city-introduced-ivermectin/

@2 Ivermectin mechanism of actions

@3 Early intervention prevents virus overload, saves lives. Dr Shankara Chetty -100% success with 4000 recovered with “zero” death, No Ventilator!

@3 Managing Covid through Timelines by Dr Mathew Verghese.

@4a https://www.thelancet.com/journals/eclinm/article/PIIS2589-5370%2820%2930464-8/fulltext

@4b Refer here for dosage for all adult dose in here

@5. Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19

Austrlia Draconian Rules

We are crying for Australia and Afghanistan. Soon, we will be crying for our own country if we don’t react now.

Here’s a summary of the draconian rules in Australia right now.

– police can enter anyone’s home without a warrant.

-curfew everyday is 8:00 p.m.

-$1682 fine if you’re outside your home “without a valid reason”

-you cannot visit any family or friends

-$200 fine if you are not wearing a mask inside and outside at all times

-you can only exercise one time per day for up to an hour

-only one person in a household per day may leave the house for example to get groceries

-weddings are illegal

-gatherings of any size are illegal

-you cannot travel more than 3 miles from your house.

-if you live in an apartment complex where units have a balcony, you are not allowed to sit outside. If you live in a house you cannot sit on your porch or your back patio. You must stay inside at all times

-cars on the road have their license plates checked by police and if they’re more than 3 mi from their home the car is stopped and the driver is pulled out and arrested.

– citizens are encouraged to call the police to snitch on others

– children are being taken from their homes without parent supervision and herded into stadiums to be vaccinated.

How Russian Citizens Crushed Moscow’s Dumb Vaccine Passports in Just 3 Weeks

Excerpt: Here’s how they crushed Mayor Sobyanin’s vaccine passport – and it was pretty simple. Moscow residents simply stopped frequenting any business that required a vaccine passport.
The really beautiful thing about this was that the vaccinated people stood in solidarity with the unvaccinated. Business trickled to near zero at all establishments where the vaccine passport was required.

Moscow residents let their hair grow out, skipped going to bars and restaurants, didn’t go to the movies, didn’t stay in hotels or do anything else that required a vaccine passport.

Business owners from all over the city were suddenly calling Mayor Sobyanin’s office to chew his ear off about the vaccine passports. They were going broke, and they were mad as hell about it.

Marina Zemskova, the head of a regional hotel and restaurant association in Russia, said the vaccine passport turned out to be worse for business than a full lockdown. At least if there was another lockdown, she notes, businesses “could count on some kind of government support measures.”

There’s no government support coming under a vaccine passport system. What the not-very-elite elites failed to anticipate about Moscow residents was they would simply not participate in the scam at all.

The business owners were so infuriated with the mayor that Sobyanin made a sudden, surprise announcement on July 19th that nobody needs to use a vaccine passport anymore. He made up a hilarious excuse, claiming that COVID case rates were all better suddenly, as the reason for lifting the QR code passports.

But everyone knew the truth. Moscow residents decided that their medical privacy and their right to travel is more important than whatever the people in charge were telling them.

It was a massive case of civil disobedience – and they didn’t even have to go outside and set things on fire in a big protest. All they did was say, “Any business that wants to see a vaccine passport from me is not getting any of my money.”

That’s how you do it,

Look at this U.K. National Health Service FOI request response (Somerset is just one country in England but sample size is large enough to show clear trends).
1. Of those dying notionally “with covid19” now, 75% are vaccinated.
2. Similarly, those admitted to hospital are now dominated by vaccinated people.

Setting to one side the concept that “once a high fraction of the population are vaccinated, it’s inevitable that a high fraction of admissions have been vaccinated, so there is nothing to see here”, the MAJOR objection to this is that proportions aside, the ABSOLUTE NUMBERS of admissions & deaths, notionally related to covid19, remains elevated.
If the vaccines really worked, proportions of Vax vs not Vax aside, the numbers admitted related to Covid should have cratered, and they simply haven’t.

We’ve been lied to again, as with everything material related to the virus.

The Covid19 vaccines:
1. Are not safe
2. Don’t work well enough
3. Are unnecessary (there are plenty of safe & effective treatments).

Given this, please show this to any blue pilled friends & contacts which you still have!

They surely must now acknowledge that “something is off”.

Because it is “off”. Everything is “off”. Nothing at all is as they told you from the very beginning. It is all lies.

Once a person has the smallest seeds of doubt, the entire facade falls away, revealing the face of evil-doing.

While we cannot know for sure either the motives or destination, vaccination clearly has nothing to offer anyone.

Given that the virus is nothing like what you’ve been told in terms of threats to your health & life, it’s time to withdraw cooperation with this utterly malign farce.

You’re never getting your freedoms back. They’ve no intention of normalising anything.

Instead, it’s unequivocal that you’ll be required to be vaccinated. Every last man, woman & child. Then your lives will be regulated by vaccine passports (which are senseless given we now know that even vaccination does not lower transmission).

The control obtained by your cooperation in the VaxPass nightmare will be totalitarian & tyrannical.

Once in place, I am warning you at the top of my voice that THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM THIS SYSTEM.

Then as you’ve just seen, you will be required to receive “boosters”.

It is my contention that over time these will lead to very large numbers of deaths.

Please stop pretending that this is too complicated to be a plot. It isn’t complicated. The same deceits are being used all around the world, and it involves lying, media censorship, untrustworthy PCR tests and sheer cowardice to call it out by huge numbers of people who’ve either been bribed or threatened, and finally nothing more than momentum & fear.

We can still take back our freedoms right now & we must do so.


This is our last chance, these next few weeks.

If our access to food falls under the control of VaxPass, THERE IS NO WAY OUT.

Best wishes & sincere exhortations,


Dr Mike Yeadon

Ps: those leading countries, it’s often asked “why are they going along with this?”
I believe they’ve mostly been told this is an undemocratic but necessary yet ultimately benign way to hugely reduce carbon footprints & so to save the world. Almost none of them are smart enough to know any different.
But to those who might object, they might have been told “here’s a hundred million dollars in an untraceable account for you. Do exactly what we tell you, or we’ll kill your family”. Think many would refuse? Come on. They’re politicians.


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