Epidural Emergency CZER

epidural czer

In this epidural Epidural EMERGENCY CZER, no one has a chance to see anesthetized, her needle lengths.1st time, doc time to break her nerves EMERGENCY CZER. We are the ones who can withstand contraction only able to shed tears while the doc explains psl operation, blood spills and so on.


In OT, as the doc pushes further, half-body, the possibility of nausea as the stomach is pressed. He takes the pillow and tells us to give him a cushion while sitting down. Blink of the eye with pain relievers.

If the person who is sick no operates, it will not hurt. It only hurts when they are on their stomachs, they want to raise the baby .. they are slightly aware, but they are not ready to cry as they do not cry as the baby cries ..
Questions need to be changed, pain not after operating? 6 hours after operate tank where the urine is removed by the nurse will tell us to get up to our own toilet. This time it just felt like my stomach was being knocked out … flowing tears to wake up ..

These epidural effects can feel immediate and lifelong. When bowing, breastfeeding, standing tall, sitting down for a while, sometimes lying down or posture may not be painful.

Not to scare, the fact of the experience of having a baby czer..not even czer, she said a year still feel the effects of her stomach cramps, but the pain just can’t keep up until now .The sacrifice of a mother and wife.

7 Symptoms of Anemia Diseases

Oxygen is depleted due to low oxygen transport blood. So the heart pumps faster and the breath gets faster to transport more oxygen to the whole body.

2) Excessive exhaustion.
When there is not enough red blood to carry oxygen, the muscles become weak as there is not enough oxygen. You just want to sleep because your body reserves energy because you don’t have enough oxygen.

The eyes are dark and we feel anxious when we don’t have enough oxygen in the brain.

When blood is low, the feet and hands become cold. Some people get numb so the nerves start to lose their oxygen.

When there is less blood in the area, the skin becomes red in color.

The toes are deficient in oxygen and iron is easily brittle. Iron deficiency nails have a spoon nail.

Rock, ground, cardboard, clothes are common targets. those who are iron deficient will be addicted to non-food ingredients to chew on to get enough iron.

If it hurts, don’t let us know.

Ask a specialist right away, because the slower we get, the slower we get. Move slowly. You may be an active person and not feel the effects, but when it comes time to go to bed, it hurts.

Get enough rest by sitting on a chair with a cushion or pillow to support our back. Avoid lifting or pushing heavy items (shopping carts can actually make you sick!)

When preparing to wear pants, be sure to sit down and cover them. Pull the clothes up to the thighs before standing up to complete the application. Never wear this kind of clothing in a standing position.

Step one by one as you climb the stairs. Avoid sitting with your feet bare. If you need to separate our legs from each other, do so slowly and make sure your back is curved.

Avoid breastfeeding. If necessary, be careful when doing so. Always do pelvic floor exercises and lower extremities. Both exercises can reduce tension on the pelvic floor.


When you are not regularly doing number 2 , (as gross as it is for some lol) it usually means that something is off.Ideally most should be going at least twice a day, so when your not, something has to be tweaked in your program.

These are just some of the reasons you may be backed up, but I feel they are usually the issue.If you would like to work 1 on 1 with me and get a custom health plan tailored to your needs, shoot me an email. #VeganicTareCk #Constipation #Poop #Pooping #Digestion #GutHealth #Medication #Fiber #EatWellLiveWell #Stomach #Bloated

With these apps, OUR CHILDREN

Well, these apps are suitable for control of children who have phone feet and can monitor the activity of using their phone. With these apps, OUR CHILDREN:

❌ Download whatever you want and must ask permission from the parent who has to enter the password that the parent created.

❌ Children will not be able to access their own mobile phone until late at night until sleep without parental knowledge, so we can set their daily usage limit ..

❌ children can play the game according to the schedule We set only, when enough time expires, the phone will autolock the game

❌ Access any website without our knowledge ..

Apps name

✅ FAMILY LINK (to install in parent’s phone)
✅ FAMILY LINK FOR CHILDREN & TEENAGER (to install on a child’s phone)

Must have google acc for parents & children.

It’s easy, follow the steps in the apps …

It is not 100% CONTROL, but we monitor the activities in our children’s phones .

Smelly Foot Tips

1- Avoid wearing socks from nylon, use socks made of cotton to avoid overheating. Wear socks made from cotton or cotton yarn that can help keep your feet dry.

2- If your shoes are damp, soak in the sun to dry them. Do not wear soft shoes when feet are sore.

3- Provide more than one pair of shoes as well as a stocking if one day can be different.

4- Practice washing your feet and soaps with antibacterial soap after removing the shoes after a day of wearing them.

5- If your feet are still smelling, practice soaking your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes and scrubbing them between the toes to remove dirt.

6- If your feet have a bad odor, try these tips, boil 3 cups of water with 3 teaspoons and mix with half a bucket of cold water and soak the feet in the water to remove the odor.

7- Take a slice of lemon and rub it on the leg. It is practiced daily and it is very effective in overcoming the odor of feet.

8- You can also buy antiseptic powder and sprinkle it on the shoes or sweep on the feet each time before wearing the shoes. This powder can absorb sweat and reduce odor.

9- After bathing, always dry your feet thoroughly.

10- Wear shoes made of leather-like material. This allows the feet to breathe and avoid the odor of sweat.

11- Avoid wearing the same shoes two days in a row. Because the feet produce so much sweat, the shoes need time to dry.

12- Replace socks once or twice daily.

13- Clean any dead skin from the soles of your feet, wash your feet with warm water and dry thoroughly.


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