Pfizer Booster For Seniors ?

Pfizer Booster For Seniors

Pfizer Booster For Seniors ? *Why not three doses of Sinovac for Seniors*? By Dr *Gan Siowck Lee* News that the Ministry of Health will be giving booster jabs to all frontliners and seniors is welcome by most quarters.

Pfizer Booster For Seniors ?

Unfortunately, the recent announcement by the Minister of Health that Pfizer booster jabs will be given to seniors who already received two doses of Sinovac has created a lot of anxiety and uneasiness. This is especially so for those who are well read. They have strong apprehension about the *safety of such heterologous booster shots*. To add to their alarm is the press statement by the minister that this heterologous administration will be part of the government study, done in an off-label manner, meaning *this booster jab is used in a way other than officially approved for*. So, can we blame the seniors for the perception that they are being *used as *guinea pigs*?!

Even though it was barely a few days ago that MySejahtera has started notifying these seniors about their booster jab appointments, the ministry should have got the drift by now. Many seniors either did not confirm their appointments, or they confirmed but did not show up for the vaccination.

MySejahtera only asks recipients of booster jab offers to click a button to confirm, no other options are available. (Sounds like hard selling snake oil, take it or leave it, as one senior quipped!) Those who found the date and time of jab appointment unsuitable tried calling helpline, but like before, to no avail. Some just clicked to confirm, out of anxiety, and then decided not to show up. One senior complained that he was given two doses of Sinovac because of health issue, but now they want to give him Pfizer as booster!

Many people are of the opinion that the decision to mix two Sinovac jabs with Pfizer as booster shot is not substantiated by findings of any study or analysis of data collected by the Ministry of Health thus far. It is callous to say the least, *subjecting the vulnerable seniors to unknown and unnecessary risks*. This is especially so in the midst of many experts, including a *WHO scientist, warning and cautioning the use of heterologous vaccinations* by individuals. (….. ).

The Chinese government is also very prudent and responsible, stating that *there will be no mixed booster shots until scientists are sure*. (

Therefore, our burning question is: Why not give a third Sinovac to these seniors as booster? After all, a study in *Turkey* involving 30 million vaccinated citizens has indicated that *the highest level of protection was seen in people who received three doses of inactive vaccines (Sinovac)*, rather than in those who received two doses of inactive vaccines and one booster shot of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer). (

Our neighbor *Singapore* down south is doing just that now, *giving three doses of Sinovac* to those who do not want mRNA vaccine as booster. *Can we do the same here*?

Pfizer Booster For Seniors

Criminal Doctor Booster Jab Vaccine

12 November 2021

Dear Good People, (MP)



Record the date and time when was the reminder sent to you to have a booster shot or the third or whatever shot.

If it is via your handphone, print out the reminder each and everytime you receive a reminder. Record the name of the doctor or nurse etc if it is from a private clinic or a government clinic. If it is from the MOH app, MySejahtera, print it out the Reminder. If there is a phone number to call back, do so and record the entire phone conversation – who talked to you, name and NRIC number etc. Time and date.

Then check when was the date and time you took your Second Jab and which vaccine brand. This is absolutely necessary. Do all this first.

Then call me. If you don’t do as I tell you as per above, don’t bother. I will not help you. If you want to live, then do as I tell you. Have faith in Allah / God Almighty.

But, before you do the above, click on the link below and or watch the entire video at USA WATCHDOG at:

https://usawatchdog. com/cv19-injections-will-cause-massive-death-dr-elizabeth- eads/

Share this message widely.

Under the Nuremberg Code, following War Crimes Prosecutions against German and Japanese Doctors who were all hung till they died, by the gallows, and their defence of “following orders from superiors” were all rejected, for using experimental medications and vaccines that resulted in injury or deaths of victims.

Help me to help you to stay alive and expose the crimes.

Because, booster or third or whatever shots cannot be simply given to anybody or at any time, and no one can force, bully or threaten you to get another vaccine shot. If Khairy do that, you can file a police report against him. I have all the relevant documents to help you. This is given gratis. Free of charge. Because you a human being with human rights to be protected.

Ask whether these criminal doctors have any scientific data from clinical trials done in Malaysia by the DG medical mafia IN MOH to justify that you must take additional shots. This is critical.

It must be data from Malaysia because MOH supposedly conducted clinical trials for Ivermectin to justify it being banned from use. I am going to challenge that finding.

Therefore, they must have data to support additional injections of vaccines into your body and the use of COMIRNATY vaccine or other Pfizer manufactured vaccines with another brand of vaccine (Sinovac, AstraZeneca etc) which you had received two shots previously.

Read this message five times till you understand it. If you call me and you did not do as I tell you, I will not help you. You must help yourself before I help you.

God bless.



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