Alice In Borderland Parent Guide

Alice In Borderland Parent Guide

Alice In Borderland Parent Guide. Finally completed Alice In Borderland.

Many years back I attempted to read the manga but I did not like the mechanics of the first game as it was way too over the top and logistically unbelievable and skipped it entirely. When I finally watched the live action series on Netflix, they changed that first game and because it made more sense, it actually intrigued me to go further into the story. After finishing the first season I desperately had to find out how it ends.

Surprisingly, the live action follows the source material quite closely apart from a few minor details. By the end of the manga I was utterly floored. This has to be one of the most well written manga I’ve ever read from start to finish. Next level storytelling by Haro Aso and I’m pretty certain he is a mad genius psycho person.

Highly recommended. Both live action and manga.


This is my first review of an anime. I watched season one of this. Based on how fast I’ve breezed through the twenty episodes, it’s safe to say I enjoyed it. I think it’s taken me a week. Season one ended on a cliffhanger promising a battle and a prison break of the century so I’m definitely going to continue with this one
I like Japanese productions because no matter how commercial or silly, they always have a genuine heart. For instance Alice in Borderland was a far deeper story and with richer characters than Korea’s Squid Game.

I like how in animes, a character can start screaming words at another character, then all of a sudden lower the voice to a dull hum. It’s a stylistic device they use to great effect all the time.
They also know how to depict quiet, loner characters full of inner depth. Like Chad the silent giant in Bleach.

Bleach is about the souls of the departed who refuse to depart and what happens to them. It’s remarkable how Japan manages to integrate its ancestral traditions with peak modernity
It’s the story of Ichigo Kurosai who becomes a soul reaper. Ichigo has a highly awake spirit and he has always been able to see ghosts. Because of his ability to see ghosts, he is able to see a soul reaper in action one day, leading to an accident and circumstances that produce a friendship and a divine mandate for Ichigo that comes with powers and a magnificent sword.
Hollywood doesn’t do it for me anymore, I have turned East.

Alice in Borderland (2020)

Netflix Originals
Language – Japan
I’ve seen it and I can summarize every episode.
Episode 1 – Got me hooked
Episode 2 – Understanding the game
Episode 3 – WTF
Episode 4 – Just to recover my emotions
Episode 5 – Snooze
Episode 6 – New mission
Episode 7 – Questions unrelated to main story.
Can I operate on my throat?
Episode 8 – All here games
(Can’t wait to see season 2)
Personal rate: 8/10*
P/S: No player is obese. Maybe it’s because if I go inside, I’ll die first.

Alice In Borderland Parent Guide


Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about this story except what ended today.
Why Alice? Hero is a man. Who is Alice?
Just noticed the hero’s name is Arisu, in English is Alice.
Usagi is a rabbit.
Hatter is Mad Hatter.
So basically this is the story of Alice in Wonderland, in a gruesome way.
Was it worth to watch? It’s really worth a look. Can’t wait for season 2.
LGBT: Only Kuina’s character is transgender
Channel: Netflix
Season: 1, 8 episodes
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller.
Not for public viewing.

Alice in Borderland or Squid Game?

Okay so far I just entered episode 5 of the squid game. The marathon is not over yet. But want to know which one do you prefer? This Squid game is the second series from S.Korea that I serve and I like (after Sweet Home) the new episode of episode 5. Other dramas like penthouse do not enter the brain.
Alice in Borderland, I’ve seen it and I’ve voted 9.8/10. So this Squid Game, I want to see if I can achieve 10/10 the best asian series for me.
Episode 1 of Squid Game also made me want to continue even though my eyes were wide open after the Money Heist marathon. It’s true that people say this quote is the best, but deep inside, I prefer Alice. But because I’m not finished, so I can’t judge first.
Btw I think the majority of women prefer Squid Game to Alice while many men prefer Alice to Squid Game. This is based on my observations. Whatever needs to be finished, all new episodes can be fully reviewed first.

ALICE IN BORDERLAND TV Series (2020 -) Beware of mild spoilers ahead!

Just finished binge-watching a Netflix series adapted from the manga. I haven’t read the manga, in fact Hajime Kindaichi is the only manga I’ve ever read. If there are only four anime, only DORAEMON, HAIKYUU, DEATH NOTE and ATTACK ON TITAN have been watched.

I am more into Japanese films and dramas, including live action adaptations such as the RUROUNI KENSHIN film series (2012 – 2021) and the duology PARASYTE (2014 – 2015). But that drama is outdated. Takuya Kimura’s time was exploding.

So, the writing below is just a piece of view from someone who has limited knowledge in Japanese pop culture.
When watching this series, my mind itches uncontrollably to compare it with the films adaptations of the novel BATTLE ROYALE (2000) and tetrology THE HUNGER GAMES (2012 – 2015).
Like the films I mentioned in the previous paragraph, this ALICE IN BORDERLAND series also tells the story of a group of youths involved in a game of life and death. I will break the review down into several parts.

1. Objective (Purpose) of the Game
If the games BATTLE ROYALE and THE HUNGER GAMES are a reminder and a demonstration of the leader’s power in obtaining complete obedience from the people, this topic is still an unsolved mystery in this series.
New audiences know about the game dealer and guess who Kitano and Seneca Crane are as well as the patrons of the game. Is it Mira and the government? Or is there a greater power?

2. Limitations of the Game
The series showcases the limits of a game that is far smarter and more fun than the films of its generation. It replaces islands and arenas with alternate worlds, necklaces with visas, danger zones with different types of games as well as different levels. This adds to the excitement of the game. The audience understands the system as well as the stakes once and for all.
This series does not need Kiriyama and District 2 to be antagonists. It is not the survival of the fittest. In a series of games, there can be one winner and the others die, all win or all die without a winner. With the availability of various types of games follow leaf flowers and numbers as well as leaf faces as levels, game betting becomes more dynamic.
No matter how great Aguni and Hatter are, they still have to face the game to extend their visas for the sake of survival. The games of this series sometimes demand cooperation. That’s why the antagonists of this series are actually the game, the gamemaker and its patron.

3. Players
I can’t wait to know the player selection process for the game in this borderland. Is it random or selective? This series goes far beyond an alliance, it is a consortium that involves one organization working together for a common goal. Sending someone back to the real world.
Like The Kingdom organization in the series THE WALKING DEAD (2010 – 2022) where King Ezekiel, who was once a zoo prisoner, ruled using his charisma, so did Hatter who was once a club host in the red -light district of Kabukichō, Tokyo also used charms and charisma throughout his administration. Maybe that’s why the zombie article is also mentioned many times. Subliminal.
I love the characters Chishiya, Arisu, Ann, Usagi. Really like a clever character. Usagi because it’s cute. But the tbiggest stars in this series are the storyline and the mystery.
I highly recommend to those who have not watched and thank you for recommending it to me. 8.5/10


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