How To Do Business With Your Spouse ?

How To Do Business With Your Spouse ? Alhamdulillah… after 11 years dwelling in this neighbourhood, we decided to move to another house, to provide rooms for our growing family. Venturing & growing business together with my husband, it wasn’t easy (& still not).

Just sharing a little bit from my experience…

1️⃣Share the same goals
Our business is mutual. It’s not his, nor mine, buat ours. Any goals, decisions, actions, must be inclusive.
2️⃣Determine strength & weakness holistically
Two heads better than one, engaging two minds in the business so that ideas/solutions can be developed more quickly and with higher quality.
3️⃣Effective communication
Relationship is our biggest priority, it comes before the business. Without mutual trust and respect, the business won’t work. Be open, honest & transparent to be more productive.
4️⃣Clear boundaries
We need to clear about business, family, and things those mutually inclusive between those two. If it’s time to be a spouse, be 100% of it. If it’s time for business, give 100%. Giving 100% attention to each area will make us grow as a spouse and business partner.
5️⃣Always turn to Allah
Start doing things for the sake of Allah, & we’re gonna have no regret. As much as possible, do our ibadah together such as solat jemaah, puasa together, read Quran together, zikr together, qiyam together, etc. Life is hard & don’t make it harder by turning away from Him.

Process Doing Business

Before starting a business, the first step is to dream. This chapter everyone is fast. Want to buy a luxury car. I want to take my parents on Hajj. Want to go on holiday abroad every year. Want to have 10k savings every month. Nice.

But you know, the hardest thing is to go through the PROCESS of achieving that dream. Because that process requires a lot of sacrifice. That thing that not everyone can stand.
We’re most excited, let’s say we’re business newbies. A new business is about to start. New products want to be familiar. We want to resign from work and want to back up the salary for that work time. Our target is to have net savings of RM3,000 a month.

That is, the average daily must make a minimum net profit of RM100. And must be CONSISTENT for 30 consecutive days. Net profit, you know, means you have deducted all the costs involved. Not a one -day sale.

Let’s say we’re an Agent or a Dropship. Net profit of 1 unit RM10. So you have to sell 10 units a day. It doesn’t matter if you want to sell anything. Want to sell to FB group, thru whatsapp, sell to office friends, want to put on a leg, tell me to please sell to. Make it. The important thing a day must sell 10 units.

If you want a smart sketch, buy a lot of products, be a stockist. Bigger profits. So that’s the margin to share between Agent and Dropship. Share the profit in his name. So the effort that needs to be put in is to recruit agents and train people to be good at making sales. Similarly, a net profit of RM100 per day for 30 consecutive days.

The target must have a clear FIGURE and DATELINE. If you don’t have a dateline, you will slip into the drain.
The plague process that many people are unwilling to go through. Just for half way, there is a problem to keep looking for the U-Turn.

Leader set targets, we feel compelled and continue to left the group. Enter the class, try not to do it once, the teacher is not good. Just try to sell to friends, people don’t want to buy, they’re crying by the curtain.

That time is actually unconsciously, we are forgetting the original dream for business. I want to take my parents on Hajj. Want to have 10K savings, want to go on holiday abroad.
Whenever u feel like quitting, just think about why you started. Don’t complain a lot about the process. Sweat and tears are the things that u should expect. Don’t make a lot of noise, make it so. Because people say, to succeed in business, there is no short cut. Never skip the process. That’s what differentiates successful people from failing.


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