Hydra Vulgaris Vaccine

Hydra Vaccine

Hydra Vulgaris Vaccine. It’s all been written right before your eyes. The Hydra Vulgaris stays in a continuous state of renewal & hold within their genomic code “biological immortality”.
Every 20 days, the whole organism renews itself. The notions when this all started that the vhackscene would keep people trapped in this samsara loop seems more evident by the day.

They want humans as controllable conductors in the AI grid system.

The evidence of intelligent self-assembly of nanotechnology & intelligent filament-movement is an indicator of synthetic biology & nanobioelectronics, as per several scientific papers published in various independent journals, & points to the stealth inclusion of Graphene Oxide in the  for electromagnetic manipulation of cells & neurons via the creation of synthetic neural networks in the human body & brain.

This is a clear sign of malfeasance & intended transhumanizing & cyborgizing of the human body.

‘Hydra Vulgaris’ a Living Parasite Inside the Moderna Vaccine

In a breakthrough discovery, Dr. Carrie Madej discusses (with Dr. Larry Palevsky and Dr. Christiane Northrup) what she has found under the microscope in a couple of vials of the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines on the Stew Peters Show at Red Voice Media. She reveals the horrifying discovery of a very strange and seemingly self-aware organism which has been identified as possibly Hydra Vulgaris.

She had described seeing what appeared to be a “tentacled organism” in the contents of the Moderna vial that was seemingly alive. Experts have come back with potential candidates for its identification, either Hydra vulgaris or Polypodium hydriforme, both of which are members of the Cnidaria phylum and are the distant freshwater cousins of corals and jellyfish, several species of which have dynamic characteristics of interest to Big Pharma.

Well, to prove that there’s nothing to fear from vaccine boosters, resident White House dementia patient, Administrator Joe Biden publicly received a Pfizer booster shot on Monday, at least – that’s what we’re supposed to believe because that’s what the media showed us on TV. One day later, the White House announced that the president’s trip to Chicago is postponed, supposedly so he can negotiate with lawmakers about the Democrats’ big spending bill. But no, you won’t see him in public in that span. Why do you ask?

The Biden administration is still pursuing its plan to force a vaccine into the arms of every American, regardless of age, health status, or religious conviction. But that dictatorial push isn’t enough, so they’re also expanding their push to booster shots. Of course, those will be mandatory soon as well. Soon everybody will be paying their mandatory tribute to Pfizer every six months for the right to travel, go outside, hold a job, have a life.

And they’re racing forward aggressively. Even the CDC’s own Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted against endorsing booster shots for health care workers and teachers. But last Friday, CDC director Rochelle Wolensky just overruled them. The Biden Administration’s political priorities come first, and that means more vaccines being forced into more arms.

Doctor Carrie Madej says she personally examined multiple vials of the vaccines that are being forced into people’s arms, and she says she was horrified by what she saw. She says she cried harder than she ever has before. She says other American labs have looked at the contents of vaccine vials, only to shut down shortly after.

Graphene Oxide

Graphene Oxide destroying neutrophils used to clear toxic chemicals and biologicals from your blood stream. Why in Britain they are reporting the double vaccinated are coming down with AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Remember when the “experts” said the scientists at the GreatGameIndia were conspiracy theorists. No the four HIV sequences inserted in the coronavirus genome were indeed placed there in a lab. I can’t say, however, whether those inserts were placed in Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, the University of Surrey, Wuhan Institute of Virology, or the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg. Or put another way, the virus was the joint collaboration of Barack Obama, Teresa May, Xi Jinping, and Justin Trudeau. Yes these Four Horse(wo)man of the Apocalypse followed the lead of the Queen of Globalism, Angela “Hitler” Merkel. They definitely were not going to allow a Scot like Donald J. Trump to crash their party.

Israeli intelligence always knows the truth. They’d better given were they’ve parked themselves in the midst of Sunni and Shia territory. But yeah, Angela Kasner’s heritage is a little ambiguous, but I will only note that Gretl Braun, Eva’s sister, was snatched at the end of World War II to see artificial inseminator pioneer Carl Clauberg in East Germany which was to become the DDR. I would also point out that Hitler had Gretl Braun’s husband, Hermann Fegelein, executed at the end of the war. Make what you will of those facts; this observer just finds them curious as in Alice Through the Looking Glass. In the world of the looking glass, Alice finds everything is reversed, including logic (for example, running helps one remain stationary, walking away from something brings one towards it, etc., etc.) Well nothing is as it appears.


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