Islamic Scholar Riba Bank

Islamic Scholar Riba Bank

Islamic Scholar Riba Bank. It’s not over yet.

Riba in the Quran

I want to quote a verse from the Quran

Al Baqarah: 275

“Allah permits trading and forbids Riba”

Got this verse from an Islamic scholar who supports riba after he rotated it.

Can’t believe it?

A simple example for easy understanding:-

Letter of offer abc bank

> Loan rm100k
> Interest rate 2.5 above blr (base lending rate)
> RM1000 monthly payment (follow blr)
> A period of 30 years
> Loan instruments: facility agreement and assignment/charge

So Islamic scholars say it’s wrong because you pay interest every month, you can’t.

So you’re a scholar, so please advise the bank to do this:-

Letter of offer from abc islamic

RM100k financing
> Monthly rental rate according to Ijarah 2.5 above bfr (base financing rate)
> Monthly rental payment of rm1000
(follow the bfr)
> A period of 30 years
> Financing instruments: Ijarah financing agreement, property purchase agreement, property sale agreement and assignment/charge

FOLLOW the opinion of this scholar, it is valid, and it is Islamic compliant because there is a sale and purchase agreement

> walau abc islamic tak own pun property tuh, no actual ownership…. but as the Islamic scholar says, it’s the chicken that is important to slaughter…
> he said there was a sale and purchase agreement, it was purified
> so every month there is a payment more than the financing principal, there is no reason why the rent can it’s not wrong
> The terms have changed
> all on paper is
> as easy as that

We who are not members do not say the wrong thing because we do not have a certificate

That is the work of experts…

Camtuh je derang cipta instrumen pembiayaan katanya patuh syariah just becoz ada ayat Quran sebut berniaga halal riba haram so derang siap siap buat berniaga dah pada kertas!

Remember can God deceive you?

NOW, think:-

Who are the shareholders of abc bank and abc islamic?
In the annual report, they will be busy discussing the essence of Islamic teaching, or just about profit and loss

Where does the RM100k loan money that the bank gives come from?

(This money originally did not exist, with the loan it continues to exist)

Where does the monthly payment go?

(Money borrowers have to repay the loan with money for money that originally did not exist in the economy- but still have to pay- how?

So there is competition to get money that is limited in this circulation and there must be those who fail.

If it fails- real assets will be confiscated, while those that are difficult to pay every month are non-real objects without any value)

You know, no matter which bank the money will still be placed under m0, m1, m2 and m3 national bank records.

(Money that originally did not exist, continues to enter the economy- without value)

From the above loan/ financing mechanism, RIBA continues to be created through:-

1) creation of money without value (bank account entry only) = Fiat money

(That’s why whoever doesn’t want usury will still be exposed to the dust)

2) frb (money from depositors is borrowed by the bank to other borrowers many times)- the bank dived into it..toksah naif sgt

You know, all banks want us to withdraw money from their banks

3) excess payment every month

When byk sgt money is spent as against kdnk, it creates inflation

The economic theory is this:-

Mv = Py

(money supply, velocity of money price level & Y real gdp)

This means that the more money is created without value, the lower its value, then the more it is needed to buy something.

(this explains why the price of sepapan eggs is going up… not eggs je ..all of them)

So, it gets worst.

That’s why we think why the RM2k salary used to be enough to support the family.

Now the rm5k salary with a working husband and wife is still not enough?

When parents work, they often go out in the morning and back at night… what is the fate of the children?

And salaries continue to be insufficient because the price of goods will continue to rise.

What happens to children, society?

Many values of life we have had to sacrifice.

Can see and think for yourself.

This usury became complete all over the world when the Brentwoods Agreement was canceled in 1971 where the usd no longer relied on any gold value.

Money essentially is created out of thin air.

Our central banks and central banks of other countries around the world do follow the direction of the IMF/ world bank.

Because we can’t use gold/ silver as currency … it’s not allowed in terms of international law. Gotta go.

Find Prof Michael Chowdausky’s book “The Globalization of Poverty”

How this banking system is used to impoverish people around the world

Poverty, hunger… root is usury.

Remember the little thing on your lap?

The gang of Islamic scholar worshipers said riba that I call this is different.

Riba also means that the party pays more interest each month, that riba is wrong ..

So he said it has nothing to do with the monetary system.

If not related, where does Islamic bank money come from and where does it go?

Mv = Py has not used it in Islamic bank money?

This set of borrowing money is not for the people, the country is the same ..

It’s time for the country to borrow billions… remember it won’t affect us?

New World ORDER

Tired of living a fool’s life

Tun M once spoke at the PICC on March 9, 2015 on the New World Order with leaders from other countries.

Among the important points during Tun’s speech was that the NWO is a compulsion on all countries to obey the instructions of ‘them’ (technocrats).

Another important point that Tun mentioned is that the world’s population will be reduced to 1 Billion, which now (2015) is 7 billion.

Any leader of a country who disobeys will be subjected to terrible slander (various issues will be played out in the mass media) and war, economic sanctions, etc.

Tun mentioned the NWO process always happens all the time.

The world will change into a group that will lead all countries according to their mold as they please. Religious values are not accepted

The full video can be viewed here:


countries in africa for example, 4 of their presidents who refused to follow sop who had already died were killed… The same thing happened to the Islamic leaders saddam hussin and Gaddafi when they rejected the world bank offer and switched to gold trading

they were viciously slandered by the mass media.

Condolences are extended to those who still fail to understand the political issues of the end times.

In the latest video, Tun M mentions the digital currency that will take over paper currency around the world. You as Muslims need to have a plan on this issue

** when the whole world is forced to use digital currency, (expected 2030) then your wealth can be taken whenever they want.

If you die without any intention of jihad, you die in one of the branches of ignorance. Islamic Scholar Riba Bank


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