Secret of Success

Secret of Success ? When I have PURPOSE. I have deeper concentration. You become more motivated when you have a strong purpose, a reason that you believe in and a commitment to your goals. When I have a purpose in whatever I do. I have direction, energy and high motivation

When the champion understands his/her purpose in life thoroughly, nobody can stop him. You need a strong purpose to accomplish your goals. Take immediate action to list down all your goals and the purposes to accomplish your goals.

You may face challenges or obstacles along the way of accomplishing your goals. However, you will have energy, motivation and determination as long as you remember your purpose of setting those goals. Be the CHAMPION

Pesistent To Success

In life, it is crucial to maintain a persistent and dedicated approach towards achieving our goals. Often, success does not come overnight or in one giant leap. Instead, it arrives gradually, through consistent efforts and a continuous process of growth. It is important to understand that success is not solely defined by reaching the ultimate destination but also by the experiences and lessons gained along the way.

Every step we take on our journey towards success is an opportunity to learn and improve. Each small victory serves as a building block, paving the path towards our ultimate goals. We should embrace the process, understanding that it is in the moments of struggle and perseverance that our character is truly tested and shaped. It is through these challenges that we develop resilience, determination, and the skills necessary to overcome future obstacles.

The journey towards success is not just about the destination but also about the transformation that occurs within us. As we face different situations and encounter various setbacks, we are given the chance to learn from our mistakes, adapt to new circumstances, and discover our hidden strengths. The lessons learned along the way become invaluable assets that we can carry with us throughout our lives.

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Positive Mindset

One key aspect of any journey is the importance of maintaining a positive mindset. It is easy to get discouraged when faced with obstacles and setbacks, but it is during these times that we must persevere and keep moving forward. By maintaining a hopeful outlook and believing in our abilities, we can overcome challenges with resilience and determination. Prayer can serve as a source of strength, providing comfort, guidance, and a sense of connection to something greater than ourselves.

Life itself is a precious gift, and it is essential to appreciate and cherish every moment. Embracing life with love and passion allows us to fully experience the joys and wonders it has to offer. It is through this lens of love and passion that we can find fulfillment in both our personal and professional endeavors. When we approach life with enthusiasm and wholeheartedness, we unlock our true potential and attract positive energy and opportunities.

Final Destination Success

In conclusion, success is not solely measured by reaching the final destination but by the growth, learning, and transformation that occur along the journey. It is through continuous effort, perseverance, and a positive mindset that we can overcome challenges and achieve our goals. Prayer serves as a source of strength, while embracing life with love and passion allows us to fully enjoy and appreciate the blessings it brings. So, let us continue our efforts, embrace the journey, and live life to the fullest with unwavering dedication and a heart filled with love and passion. secret of success.

Daddy Mommy Busy

Are we in the category of parents who are rich in wealth but poor in terms of time? No matter how busy with our daily lives, children should be the first priority in our lives. Not just being successful at work, but brilliance in educating children is the greatest achievement for parents.

‘Daddy Mommy Busy la..’

Many work demands make it difficult for us to spend time with children and family. In fact, this time to spend with children is not difficult and requires careful planning of holidays. We just need to take the time to eat together, watch TV together or chat with the children. Take care what children do every day.

Ask them ‘How was your day?’ and hear their groans at school, give solutions to the problems they face. There are many parents who do not take it seriously when they hear the cries of their children, especially teenagers.

Because in the youth level there is much that we need to know and monitor all the actions of teenagers, if parents are diligent in monitoring their teenagers then they may be more exposed to the influence of friends than their own parents. Think about when was the last time we heard our child’s complaints? Honestly, can we name their favorite song? What subjects do they study at school? What is the last book they have read? If we pay attention every day, of course we can answer all or some of these questions. secret of success

Causes of Social Symptoms

The development of ICT technology has also become one of the causes of social phenomena. It’s no wonder that social problems such as child exile, having a family, drinking alcohol, gays, lesbians, drugs and various other things have suddenly increased and become the top perpetrators among Malay youths.

Statistics for State Registry Office in 2007 recorded 16,100 registrations of illegitimate children of the Malay nation, an increase of 16,541 in 2008 and 17,303 (2009). The report from the Anti-Dadah Agency of the Ministry of Home Affairs also noted that ethnic Malays were the most affected collectors in January 2012, namely 530 people or 78.75 per hundred.

Other cases such as running away from home, street samseng and bullying have also involved many Malay youths. On social media, most of those involved in cyber abuse (cyber crime) and pornography also consist of the Malay community. (source from daily Metro). secret of success.

The symptoms of baby dumping are increasing.

So in general, this social problem is related to the lameness of a family institution. There are teenagers who are trapped in social problems blaming their parents for never understanding their problems so they look for comrades as an alternative which if they choose the wrong friends then the children’s lives will be destroyed.

The usual reason that we often hear is that parents are often busy with work matters. Looking for sustenance so there is no time to be with the children. The house that should be heaven, has turned into a place of rest to return to rest and just sleep. Sad, if a situation like this happens to us. Then come on ladies and gentlemen make changes to our daily lives.

Make times with children and family. Because it is the sacrifice of this time that will give you a thousand graces in the future. Believe me….” Your Children need your presence more than your present “. You can find out a little about how my husband and I educate children on my blog. Happy blogwalking…Thanks. secret of success.

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