Cheat Day When Diet

Cheat Day When Diet ? This morning I had breakfast. Singapore noodles and plain tea water. Not even eating much. Just one spoonful of noodles. Don’t be surprised. I’m not cheating. There is no ‘cheating day’. I’m just speeding up my Intermittent Fasting mileage. Usually I ‘fast’ for 16 hours, but this morning I ‘fasted’ for 12 hours.

Yesterday I had dinner at 7pm (before Maghrib) with the children. So when I had breakfast this morning at 8 am, my ‘fast’ had passed 12 hours. The next meal (lunch) may be at 1pm. This is the fun of practicing ‘Intermittent Fasting’. I do it in moderation. Don’t force yourself just to lose weight quickly.

‘Intermittent Fasting’ focuses on two things, namely when we eat and what we eat.

Many people know the benefits of fasting for health. Many of our scholars talk about physical and spiritual benefits. They fast a lot. But many of us don’t take that advice seriously.

When Prof. Yoshinori Ohsumi from Japan talked about the benefits of fasting with the concept of the ‘Autophagy’ process, many people began to open their eyes. Western and eastern people began to see the practice of fasting as a method of disease prevention and may be used as a treatment for disease.

As Muslims who fast during the month of Ramadan for 30 days every year, we should welcome this suggestion with a smile. We should be thankful that we have done it every year.

But there are still many of us who scoff at this practice of fasting. We still say we should “eat little but often” which is an outdated concept of nutrition.

Many nutritionists and medical experts now recommend that we eat when we are ‘really hungry’. This is also the recommendation of Rasulullah S.A.W. because we know that we will really feel hungry when we haven’t eaten for at least six hours.

The longer we starve, the better it is for our body because at this time the body will reuse (recycle) damaged cells as a source to build healthy cells. We will also use the stored glycogen and fat in the body as a source of energy. cheat day when diet.

The best fasting is fasting with the intention of Allah.

We fast by not eating and drinking from early in the morning (before Suboh) until Maghrib. It takes 15-16 hours. For those who are unable to fast for circumcision, they can also fast from the night, the last time they eat at 7-8 pm and eat again after 16 hours. We only drink water without sugar (no calories), either plain water or coffee and tea without sugar.

This is not shari’e fasting. But if it is not wrong if we intend to get good health so that we can perform worship perfectly. May God reward us for that intention.

Fasting this way is easier because part of the fasting time takes place while we are sleeping. We sleep from 10pm-5am. At least we have fasted for seven hours while sleeping. So the total time we fast at that time is nine hours (from 8pm to 5am).

Early in the morning we are busy managing ourselves and our families to go to work and school. After 8am, we only have time to have breakfast. We may only have time to drink plain water after waking up. And breakfast at 8 am. This means we have fasted for 12 hours. cheat day when diet.

This is pretty good.

If we are able to continue until lunch time which is 12 noon, we have fasted for 16 hours. Same as the distance we fast during the month of Ramadhan. If we can’t last until noon, we might be able to have breakfast a little later at 10am. At least 14 hours of fasting.

If we can’t afford it, we can have breakfast at 8am. It means we have fasted for 12 hours. When we eat when we are really hungry, all the energy obtained from food will be used as energy, nothing excess will be stored as fat. I still take OLIVIE olive oil especially during my brunch. It delays hunger, reduces stomach pain and gives me energy. cheat day when diet.

cheat day when diet


The way Chris lived was KILLING him. At only 26, he was diagnosed with Stage IIIc colon cancer, had a third of his colon removed, was advised to undergo chemo for up to 12 months and had a 60% chance of living another 5 years. Instead of taking the traditional route of chemotherapy treatments, Chris decided to take “MASSIVE action”.

If his poor diet and lifestyle choices contributed to an “environment” inside his body favorable to cancer, Chris wanted to do the OPPOSITE. By consuming a diet FREE of meat, dairy, eggs, oil and processed foods but rich with anti-inflammatory, cancer-fighting PLANTS, Chris created an internal “environment” where cancer simply could not thrive.

That was in 2003. Now, 20 years later, Chris is still cancer FREE. “If you shift away from eating a diet that’s loaded with meat and dairy, processed food and junk food to a diet that’s loaded with fruits and vegetables, even if they’re not organic, you will be SO much better off.” cheat day when diet.

The Five Secrets to Getting Six-Pack Abs

As an online fitness coach one of the BIGGEST questions I get about getting a six-pack is HOW! What do I need to do in order to hit this goal without hating the process? Here are my 5 secrets to getting this result

1. A secret that involves the MINDSET. So the truth is that a six-pack takes time. You can’t expect results overnight, so you need to have the mindset of expectations of a 6-12 month long transformation in some cases depending where you are.

You need to adjust your expectations if you want a six-pack or you are probably gonna quit!

2. A secret that involves the NUTRITION. The truth is that diet dictates about 80 percent of your results. So a lot of the times most people are wasting their time doing ab workouts when their body fat is simply too high.

Instead focus on a permanent diet that you can do for the rest of your life and when your body fat gets low enough, well then you can add some ab workouts to define your abs more.

3. A secret that involves workouts! Like I mentioned before 80 percent of your results will be dictated by your diet. Instead of ab training, we want to mainly focus on strength training on your journey because that’s going to boost your metabolism to the sky to really get your body in fat burninf mode and just a tad bit of cardio to burn some extra bonus calories!

4. A secret that involves the lifestyle. You need to stay consistent. So when I’m personally really focused on getting a six-pack, I like to eliminate junk food from my environment, because your environment will dictate your results and now that we know food is the biggest key component to a six-pack we don’t want to be reaching in the cookie jar as often, right?

5. A secret that involves the support! It can be easy to give up or fall off track so find a friend to hold you accountable or find a great coach that will ensure you stay on track with your journey.

Any one of these secrets could be the one that moves the needle for you and helps you hit this goal right away. And one of the secrets probably speaks to you more than the other ones! What was your favorite secret? Comment below.

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