Stop Cutting Carbs

Stop cutting carbs! Have you ever tried cutting carbs and experienced the no carb crash?You start feeling like you’ve got no energy, you struggle through workouts, feel weak, crave sugar, and sleep terribly. Maybe even start losing your hair?

First I want to tell you this is not a “normal” thing!

You should never experience a “no carb crash.” This crash is your body’s way of telling you that it’s in desperate need of nutrient.When you cut carbohydrate it causes a drop in estradiol (a female sex hormone) and a rise in estrone (one of the hormones that fat tissues secrete signaling to the body to store more fat!). It also increases cortisol, another hormone that signals to the body to store more fat.

This means your body basically goes into survival mode, to conserve fat! When you look at this from a survival standpoint it makes more sense. Survival for women = produce babies. Survival for men = fight.Women will store fat as the bodies way of preparing to create life if needed. Whereas men will lean up and get prepared to fight.

So if your ultimate goal is to lose fat, stop cutting carbs. Not only will you get the opposite result, you also run the risk of long term hormone disruption.If you are ready to learn how to implement carbs in a healthy way, and want to use them to help burn more fat you’re going to want to jump on the waitlist (link below) for my upcoming 12 week program.

Not only do we build carb cycling into the program, we teach you how to implement this in a way that is sustainable for you, while getting the right amount of carb for your body!I want to know, what are your favorite carbs?!

What is Carb Cycling + How Does it Work?

Carb cycling is a patterned way of eating that alternates High Carb and Low Carb days to maximize your body’s ability to metabolize fat (ie burn fat) while maintaining muscle. Carb cycling has built-in Reward Days or Reward Meals (depending on the plan you’re following), so you can still eat the foods you love on a regular basis.

Best part?? By designing your carb cycle to include these favorite foods of yours, you’ll begin the steps to eliminating “good” or “bad” labels to certain foods…and be taking those first steps toward TOTAL FOOD FREEDOM. Let’s not forget, you can do this AND still lose the weight you want. Sounds pretty much perfect, right?

With carb cycling’s benefits extending FAR beyond physiological, and we’ll into psychological and behavioral, this way of eating is very easily adopted as a LIFESTYLE for many.Now….Let’s talk cycles. There are a handful to choose from based on your specific needs, goals, and even personality tendencies.

Remember…the BEST plan isn’t necessarily the one that will get you to your goal the fastest. It’s the one you can stick to the LONGEST!!Each plan has a different mix of High Carb and Low Carb days, as well as different options for rewarding/resetting your metabolism. You can find free info on most of these on my blog, OR you can download my free Carb Cycling 101 Guide (link in bio)

But essentially, each day/cycle has THESE common elements:
Eat five meals a day.
Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking, or whenever your feeding window opens if you’re an intermittent faster.
Meal ONE always consists of PROTEIN + CARB + FAT
Protein MUST be a part of every meal
Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water every day

Then depending on your plan, your following meals will be your custom design of high or low carb meals and rewards.
In a nutshell:
it’s safe + effective
allows you to eat carbs again
and most importantly it leaves you feeling empowered physically, mentally + emotionally!


In the 1930s, Dr Walter Kempner started treating overweight/obese patients with his RICE DIET. On this diet they ate only white rice, fruit, juice, sugar and lost massive amounts of weight in short periods of time.

In one study of 106 patients every single one lost at least 99 pounds, and the group lost, on average 140 pounds. They not only lost weight but improved metabolic disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc. Again, eating only white rice, fruit, sugar, and juice.

In this KETO CRAZY, SUGAR IS EVIL nutrition world, many will find this hard to believe. They’ll think it’s a hoax. They’ll look for loopholes and ways to argue against what turned out to be a highly recommended intervention at Duke University for over 4 decades.

That’s because they don’t know their history. And knowing your history is important in politics, religion, social issues, and, yes, even nutrition.
If you don’t look at historical approaches to diet and weight loss you’ll be a sucker for every “new” trend coming down the pipe. Like modern low carb approaches. Or modern high carb approaches.

Folks, EVERYTHING has been tried before. Has been documented. And can be examined.
Consider Kempner’s diet or Banting’s very low carb diet in the 19th century. Many of these “worked” in some sense. Then FASHION and FOOD POLITICS put them out of business, not their relative efficacy or ineffectiveness.

For example, back to KETO, in my only 25 years in the field, I’ve seen this kind of very low carb diet come around, and disappear, 2 times before the current craze.
Does anyone honestly think it won’t happen again this time? If you do, you aren’t familiar with history.

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