Covid Jab Is Not A Vaccine


Covid Jab Is Not A Vaccine. why covid-19 is not a vaccines.. ? find many more the truth about the vaccines and pandemic from Dr. Herman Edeling.

Covid Jab Is Not A Vaccine

Because it shouldn’t be called a vaccine. Vaccines have been with humanity for ages. Vaccines are dead or attenuated – attenuated means weakened – organisms or pathogens which are injected into a person or given to a person in the mouth, and to which the body then mounts an immune response. And those vaccines have been proven, they’ve worked for decades, and we understand them well and we know them well.

These so-called vaccines are not that. They are a new scientific development. In the laboratory, they produce messenger RNA sequences which are put together in such a way that when they’re injected into you, they go to the cells of your body, they get incorporated into the cells and they instruct your cells to produce coronavirus spike protein.

So the thing that is injected into you is not the pathogen, it’s a genetic messenger that makes your cells become manufacturers of spike protein. And in that case then, the spike protein is produced in your cells and presented to the body in the blood. That is completely different from the method of a standard vaccine.


1) I am a breastfeeding mother. After being vaccinated, my son’s eczema got worse.
The face and one body were swollen and the feet were watery wounds.
Whereas before I got the vaccine, my son was in the process of curing eczema almost 80%.
But after receiving the vaccine, my son’s eczema got worse 100%

2) Eczema in children. I informed the staff during the health screening. The officer informed that there is no need to be afraid, the child will not get side effects.

The first time I refused a vaccine when the name came out. Yet the name came out a second time, I was forced by my employer to vaccinate to avoid further action against my career!

The doctor just said my son was eating wrong, seriously?

As for the diet before and after I got the first vaccine, nothing has changed!

3) The body becomes severely itchy, joint pains, weak body is not as healthy as before the vaccine.
Frequent headaches, hot heads, severe hair loss is like a disease.
Brush a little hair full of brushes.
Rash on the body, I breastfeed my children have an itchy rash, often cry what to do. I want to demand compensation from the government. Please do research on the vaccine first.

4) Headache, dark eyes, dizziness. Skin problems, itching.
I am a breastfeeding mom & my 1st child (3 years old is still breastfeeding).

I find now he sneezes a lot. The effect I received of this (rising to the brim) also continues to this day.
Headaches are frequent even now.
Sometimes the hands get numb.

5) Children who breastfeed suffer from very severe allergies, full rash on the body, lips and skin become extremely dry.

Ask the doctor he said the child is allergic to dust or eczema.

Never had he experienced in 4 years like this. Pity him. Her skin is bad. I’ve stopped breastfeeding but it’s still not gone.

Myself for 3 weeks still did not stop, felt lethargy, drowsy, less active, often headaches.

6) Three days after the vaccination, my youngest child who is 2.5 years old developed a rash on his limbs because he was still breastfeeding. I often feel dizzy until now. There is a fever but not high.


_ so that the nature of the feeling of godliness is not in the soul that becomes empty_

There is something in vaccines that attacks certain genes in human DNA that have to do with God, this may sound crazy but it’s the truth!

One of the vaccine manufacturing companies, AstraZeneca conducted human trials on this vaccine.

This vaccine attacks, something called VMAT2 which is a spiritual gene

The second volunteer complained and said as reported:-

“God they have killed, I can’t feel God in my soul anymore. My soul is dead!”
[News on the internet 20 Sept 2020]

But vaccine company scientists report these volunteers suffer from nerve disorders.

Example in the photo on the slide show:-

Here we have two brain scans, two different individuals with different levels of VMAT2 expression.

The first photo: INDIVIDUAL 1, in the front of the brain – right middle frontal – is the location of VMAT2 in the front of the brain. It is real and clear to the religious.

INDIVIDUAL 2: VMAT2 location is empty – but its negative character is displayed in the back space to VMAT2 – on the anterior insula – this part of the brain – feeling uncomfortable, irritable etc

The pineal gland is the location where the human spiritual genes are located.

Destruction of the substance of the spiritual gene / God -feeling gene that is VMAT2 (Vesicular Monoamine Transmitter2) – in this gland is the target of the ELITE who want to rule the world.

They have created a material called FunVac:

Fundamentalist Vaccine – which is mixed into the mandatory vaccines of the world’s population, to reduce the number of religious people who trouble them, in order to curb a promised revival that will not side with them.

*In 2005, there was a proposal by Bill Gates to the CIA, namely – The Creation of a Vaccine to Eliminate Religious Fanatics: Fun Vac (Fundamentalist Vaccine) for Religious Fundamentalists That Will Eliminate Spiritual Genes in the Human Brain so that humans will no longer be spiritual beings*


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