Why SSM Important For Small Business ?


Why SSM Important For Small Business ? Many today for small business do not have SSM. I don’t know how important Ssm is, even if it’s just a business from a small house. Maybe today I don’t think it’s important how do you know God wants to upgrade your life for the sale of hundreds of thousands of time, it’s just messing around wanting to make ssm, there are many uses for SSM for entrepreneurs who already think they want to go far

Take the lessons from the above that happened to myself and other things recently

In the past, business was just not thinking about pounds to the point of wanting to buy a car, God willing, when I tried to make a bank loan, he asked for ssm, at that time I was just excited to make it, but it was useless to make pounds because the maturity period took 2 years, so After two new years I can buy a car .. pishangg

And the recent incident, our team wanted to cross the pegi cod district but couldn’t get away because the police at the police station asked for ssm, there was a letter from the pon company that was useless because you don’t have SSM so it’s hard and difficult, I want to make pon can’t because of time PKP where there is an open counter, it’s hard so I want to go here and there, Ssm is important, very important, I want to buy a house, I want to buy a car and other uses

Then another story that GKP’s help, anyone who has ssm can get a lot of money, many kitaog teams are begging for my advice. diog told me to make him stubborn, the reason is long, jerrr, Ms. Lin’s advice, it’s not expensive to make a pound, now you can register online later.

So, you want to do this business ..?

Yes, you want to do business. So, what is the point of having preparation then? if you ask him, he says you have to have the right mindset first. Mindset, mindset .. many of us say mindset this mindset. It’s not useless to understand. Isn’t it that if we want to do this business, we have to have a lot of money, right? You are … not so much my boss. Wherever you have a lot of money, if you don’t have knowledge, don’t have a mentor, it won’t happen either!

Sia has a teacher, he said this:To start a business, you have to have the right mindset. There can be no subsidy mindset. Asyik-asyik want to expect compassion/help. If you want to do business, you must be good at finding solutions. Not running away from problems. The right mindset and the right intention are important. After the right mindset and intention, you can only think to think about what business to do, what kind of capital and so on.

Wuina .. is that so, my boss? Yes, that’s right. As for business, you have to be good at choosing business. Do the business you’re good at. Don’t just play with us. We sell hoods. You want to sell hoods. We sell marinated goats, you also want to sell marinated goats. But you’re not good at marinating goat . Bah, you’ve hit a lot in vain this morning .. what kind of business do you want to recommend in vain?

Mantull! I don’t like you asking this question. Have you heard of Shaklee’s business? Emm .. you’ve never heard of it .. why? If you want to tell a useless story, you’re useless now: After all, it’s useless to have this new number of yours. I really know I have a number, I don’t know if you have a SIM card .Bah bah .. it will be useless. You just stenbai there!

Question on SSM

I use SSM’s business register or what people usually call an enterprise. I understand that this enterprise business does not need to do an audit. So why do you need to create an account? (financial statements)

Answer : Yes, enterprise/sole proprietorship/partnership businesses that use SSM’s business register are not required to be audited. Only businesses such as SDN BHD are required to go through the audit process. But the enterprise business needs to have an account or so -called financial statement / profit & loss statement.

These financial statements will show total sales, cost of sales, business expenses and other business costs and show your business profit or loss. In addition, these financial statements are also important for income tax assessment. If the profit is big, how much is the tax. If you make a profit according to the rate, how much profit & don’t be surprised, there are businesses that lose but still have to pay taxes!

In conclusion, these financial statements are very important for enterprise business owners. Although it is not mandatory to be audited, but it still needs to be prepared for uses such as bank loan applications, zakat assessment, tax assessment and more.

To You Who Want To Set The Problem Of SSM Expired License

Difficult To Register A New SSM License This Season. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a shop that could solve it:

1. The waiting time is short because it is ready in 5-10 minutes to renew SSM
2. Even the new SSM license register, customers do not need to go to the SSM office for a thumb print
3. The services offered also make it easier for customers because we manage registration from A to Z without you having to go to the SSM office.

But want an AFFORDABLE price? In fact, many people misunderstand this. Let me explain why and what is important we understand before using our services. This service is important because we solve customer problems. Wehhhhh, I want to know, apparently, this service is guaranteed by the original license certificate issued by SSM. That’s why you should also try this service.


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