Why we Vote ?

Why we Vote ?

I am trying to be a good citizen, just like you. I love my country but I hate most of our politicians. Living in the democracy country we know how our vote impacts us, our community and to our nation building through Malaysia’s legislative process.

Why must we vote? Why is it so important? We vote because we have to make a choice. To elect our representative to the parliament. Parliament is the ultimate legislative body in our country. The person that we chose to be in the parliament will speak, debate and to make a decision on laws to reflect our values ​​in society like justice, unity, democratic and progressive so we can together creating a just society where our national prosperity can be enjoyed equitably.

That’s why our vote is so powerful and how it impacts change. So please guys, please vote and make sure we don’t vote an idiot, racist, weak and not fit to lead politicians in this coming General Election.

Here are the tips to look at the politician. 10 Things That Make A Bad Politician.

1. Placing his/her personal interest ahead of people and obligation to its country (Treacherous Frog Jumping Party Gang)

2. Placing his/her party interest ahead of people and obligation to its country (mob politicians and others who support Jibby because of 1MDB money)

3. Taking brides (Many)

4. Trying not to solve problems because having the problems benefits him/her personally or their party more than fixing them. (The gang and Lebai or anyone who supports those involved in the 1MDB scandal)

5. Party loyalty when he knows it to be wrong (KJ & Walaun)

6. Kiling and victimise his/her own people (Issu Memali / ISA / Detention of political enemies)

7. Making impossible promises to voters (many do)

8. Running the country into the ground because the crash won’t happen on his watch. (Make an emergency to maintain power)

9. Refusing to recognize the legitimacy of differing points of view. (Also many)

10. Lazy (see their performance coming to parliament)

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