WHO New World Government


WHO New World Government. Power grab scheduled for May 1, 2022. With “relaxations” you are being framed. Ex-WHO employee Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger warns us based on information she received from insiders. WHO wants to take over power because WHO decided it that way. Sneaky people they are. The regimes that participate in it commit high treason and must be culled. The message:

WHO New World Goverment

The fact that they are suddenly distancing themselves from restrictions is just a game. The last week of January 2022 WHO held an emergency meeting and deliberations in Geneva on expanding its powers to take over all member states in the event of a pandemic and “any other form of threat or disaster”. WHO wants member states to sign a new treaty on Covid-19, which expands the 2005 treaty. Once signed by the Ministers of Health, the WHO Constitution (according to its Article 9) takes precedence over a country’s constitution (189 countries have signed the 2005 treaty) during natural disasters or pandemics. Since the definition of pandemic was changed a few years ago (cases based on the PCR test), they can enforce obedience in any country and impose WHO guidelines on the public, which will be mandatory, not just recommended. And that sounds like power over the country and the world. Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, who has worked for the WHO for 20 years, warns that every country should send a public letter of protest to the WHO. “Governments” should draft a letter stating that the people do not accept that the signature of the Minister of Health can decide the fate of millions of people without a referendum. It is very important to send this letter from every country to the WHO in Geneva. WHO wants all countries to implement the measures by May 2022. Dr. Stuckelberger shared the information that so far, only the Russians have sent such a rejection letter!

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WHO is World Government. Power grab scheduled for May 1, 2022. With “relaxations” you are being framed.



*_Those who haven’t been vaccinated have won !! Yeah !! especially because your immune system is not damaged by the vaccine! _*

WHO and CDC have announced today that natural immunity is far better than vaccine immunity !!

https://www.who.int/news/item/19-01-2022-statement-on-the-tenth-meeting-of-the-international-health-regulations-(2005)-emergency-committee-regarding- coronavirus-disease (covid-19) -pandemi

Yesterday, European countries (UK, Scotland, Czech Republic) ended their vaccine passports and bans.
Israel began publicizing “natural immunity is better than vaccines, paving the way for the revocation of vaccine passports._

_Today, the US CDC also released a report “Natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity” for the first time (see next news for details).
Not only that, yesterday, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued the following important notification: _

_Sixth Article: Removing or easing international traffic bans, which do not provide added value and continue to cause economic and social pressure on member countries._

_Article 7: Given the limited and uneven distribution of COVID-19 vaccine worldwide, proof of COVID-19 vaccination is no longer required as the only means or condition to authorize international travel._

(These are all published on the official WHO website)

_Why did such an important change happen? Many are thinking: something big is happening! Some have speculated that this is because the International Criminal Court has opened a criminal investigation into deaths and injuries caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.

What do you think about youth education?

Gates said improving access to birth control was key, and this should be combined with investment in young people’s health and education.

Gates said improving birth control is key, it should be combined with investments in youth health and education.

Hehe.. The billgates curriculum will attack young people, while in that post you can see the year on the red line, don’t let the billgates curriculum have entered Indonesia without you realizing it..

Don’t you ask for family planning, do you prohibit you from having more than 2 wives, forbid you to marry young, or do you legalize same-sex love?

Of course, if you block the goals of the LGBT people, you will be subject to human rights sanctions.

To those who do not poke the holy water of the WHO sputum snake vaccine

The right to human freedom is the property of Allah SWT.

Let’s not worry about their THREATS if we can’t be free, they are not God who wants to determine who can be free and who they want to block.
If we believe that Allah is our helper and protector, therefore we should not worry, because Allah is always with those who are in the truth, the Righteous ones will surely be protected by Allah SWT.
They do not have the slightest control, they move their hands, it is all based on the nature that Allah SWT has given .. therefore, believe in Allah ..Allah the Almighty .. has the heavens and the earth …

Already take her booster jab but here my story

Hi .. i baru je join this group after recommendation from a friend. Reading all those comment and data that counter check with KKM data. In not an antivac. Already have my 2nd jab, my wife pon not an antivac. Already take her booster jab but here my story. (Nak share je ..)

When my wife took a booster dose, she undergoes 7 months of pregnancy..don’t ask her why she also took a booster dose. Imprinted to our mindset that IF we have to schedule time to give birth, the situation will be more difficult.
And at that time, KKM said it was safe for pregnancy women to take a jab. 2 days after vaccine, my wife got a very high fever until here warded hospital. When pregnant women got irregularites, confirm so red case near the hospital. After testing, heart, ecg, baby, blood. Semua2 laa..early report said my wife’s heartbeat is not normal. The R-R interval is not the same increase. 1 normal spike. The other went up a bit and bumped. Which leads to blood cloth..but xtau near where .. which means I have to take another test to track which part of my wife’s blood vessel is clogged. After taken the test, the result is clear .. there is no meeting near any pounds. So, what is the cause of irregularities near the R-R interval?

When it’s clear, 3 days after that, he leaves the hospital … his life is normal. But after 1 & half day..my wife noticed that the baby in her womb was moving normally. More x moves. So rush to hospital to check .. and confirmed IUD (dead contents in the stomach). Shortened the story, slps finished managing the baby and wife. We let KKM to take a few samples (baby’s blood, mother’s blood before and after, piece of placenta) to test what the cause is. He found that the cause was a blood cloth near a segment of the placenta that caused blood/food not to reach the baby.

Doc said there may be a bacterial/backteria infection. But after the blood results came out, everything was normal, baby & mother. Xde sign direct infection .. KKM take another 6 jars of blood for a test that results x out. Pending at HKL ..

The problem is, after the last visit to the Hospital, their HOD pushing the blame on my side, genetic laa. Blood disease laa. The full result has not come out yet. Pending from HKL..ask a doc, an intelligent person, tak boleh ke duduk dekat neutral zone, and consider every possibilities (in my point, why only consider patient side, why did hospital not consider the jab taken 5 DAYS before the excident) . Like I said, im not antivac, tp just a father who lost his 3rd child seeking for truth. Just share it. Now wait for the full result from the KKM Lab at HKL ..

This is from a father and a mother who lost their third baby … mr am


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