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Whistleblower Vaxxed Patient, Whistleblower #0097. Endorsed Enrolled Nurse (EEN) 15yrs+ Non-Emergency Patient Transport. Workplace registration provided. 13/10/21. I am writing with serious concerns regarding the safety issues obviously apparent and unreported.

I have been a frontline Nurse working with NEPT for 15yrs+

1. (75+yrs) old female independent living has both doses. Within second week has fall with stroke like symptoms. As I transferred her to another ED I was observing her having intermittent tremors almost seizures but not. Loss of speech and confusion.

2. Another female following week almost identical to the first mentioned case. Was walking and home with partner independently, post Vaccination simply walks to bathroom and suddenly couldn’t move herself.

3. Male (75yrs+) stroke like symptoms for further investigation. Never had health issues at all, no medical background, super healthy. 1 week after 2nd dose admission for observation.

I have heard of first hand side effects from all age groups.

4. (85yrs+) old female fine 1 day palliative the next day.

5. (45yrs+) old male Guillain Barre syndrome still in wheel chair today.

6. Registered Nurse (colleague) in her 40s from (ward withheld) explaining to me she had been hospitalized for 2 weeks post vaccination (medical team) said she had a stroke. She looked at me in my eyes and said it was the vaccine.

7. Today I have 2nd call related to my beautiful niece 30yrs old with 3 young children, she so didn’t want this experimental drug and held off as long as she could. Well she had Pfizer last Wednesday, that evening she experienced abdominal pain and discomfort, this persisted for 3 days which led to ED check up. Basically telling her could be anxiety, are you pregnant? All NO answers.
Discharge with no real help or guidance. Discharged no plan. She then started to experience chest pain.

She presented to ED to be informed she has Pericarditis. Apparently 2 Doctors stated it’s from the dose of Pfizer and it will take some time to recover, take some anti inflammatory and rest up.

Whistleblowers: fso.whistleblowers@tutanota.com
Media/Administration: fso.media@tutanota.com
Social Media: Telegram – Frontline Workers Speak Out! ?❤️‍? #AU

Total EU, UK and USA- ADR’S Covid- 19 Injection Damage and Fatalities (End September / October 2021) Whistleblower Vaxxed Patient

EU/USA /UK– 45,250 Covid-19 injection related deaths

plus over 7.4 million injuries now reported by almost 2.2 million people by end September early October 2021.

EU to 9th October 2021 – 27,242 Covid-19 injection deaths and over 2.5 million injuries, reported by over 1 million people per EudraVigilance Database.

EUdraVigilance covers EEA countries and also some non EEA countries. Link to the database: http://www.adrreports.eu/en/search_subst.html#/

In addition, further injuries and fatalities for the EU lie behind Vigibase (a WHO sponsored adverse reaction website) only accessible by health professionals and on the payment of a fee.

Link to Vigibase: https://www.who-umc.org/vigibase/vigibase/know-more-about-vigibase/

Evidence of cases being deleted for whatever reason is also being uncovered.

In addition because these injections are still in a trial period we are told that many EU adverse reactions are reported directly to the pharmaceutical companies

There are also two other Covid-19 vaccines being administered in the EU namely Sputnik V and Beijing CNBG. Millions of doses of each have so far been administered and the EU adverse events database does not currently include anything on these two vaccines.

Please note that the numbers shown for EUdra fatalities above represent the maximum numbers within the database. The database is structured in a way that means it is possible that deaths may be recorded more than once. The European Medicines Agency does not provide clarity on this matter despite repeated requests to do so. You can also find the EU numbers and others here: https://healthimpactnews.com/

UK to 29th September 2021 -1,698 Covid-19 injection related deaths and over 1.2 million injuries reported by over 370,000 people -Per MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.

In addition we understand that the Janssen injection is being distributed in the UK, within private clinics, and no adverse events are being recorded by the MHRA.

UK reports do not add up every week suggesting that the report is being amended in some way.

MHRA has said they have a considerable back log of data yet to be input, they are all also working from home and not picking up their post and also not distributing hard copy Yellow Cards to hospitals who have not been submitting online reports.

In addition because these injections are still in a trial period we are told that many UK adverse reactions are reported directly to the pharmaceutical companies

Tess Lawrie’s presentation early June focusing mainly on UK ADR’s: https://ebmcsquared.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/Yellow+Card+Report_June+21.mp4

Link to the UK ADR’s by the MHRA:

The data from the MHRA has been provided in a user friendly format by UK Column. Here is the link: https://yellowcard.ukcolumn.org/yellow-card-reports

You can also find more information here: https://ukfreedomproject.org/covid-19-vaccines-yellow-card-analysis/

USA to 1st October 2021 – 16,310 Covid-19 injection related deaths and over 3.6 million injuries reported by over 778,000 people – Per VAERS database.

A whistle blower has gone on record in the US stating that thousands of Covid-19 injection deaths in the US have been concealed and that numbers reported are understated by a factor of 5. Here is a link to the court papers that have just been filed: see page 41 for the Whistleblowers statement: https://fossaorg.files.wordpress.com/2021/07/m-for-pi-file-stamped.pdf

In addition, further injuries/fatalities for the Americas lie behind Vigibase (a WHO sponsored adverse reaction website) only accessible by health professionals and on the payment of a fee. Link to Vigibase : https://www.who-umc.org/vigibase/vigibase/know-more-about-vigibase/

Also consider evidence of cases being deleted is being uncovered: Whistleblower Vaxxed Patient

I urge everyone do this excersize

share this to your network and urge them to also do this; and the people who won’t believe this isn’t about our health, I urge them to do this and try tell me I’m wrong or that it’s fake news.

TGA website.
Being everyone who wants to try and claim anyone against medical apartheid is uploading “fake news”.

Use their search function.

Search C vaccine.
4 will appear (this was a week ago when I did this myself.)

Then search Vaccines; 79 show up including the 4 currently being discussed globally. So 75 other approved or provisionally approved vaccines globally.

Now go back and do the search on the 75 vaccines and I did the date range From 1971 -2021 and see the figures for adverse reactions and deaths from these vaccines.

Then do a search for the 4 x C Vaccines and for arguments sake do the search for the same years as the other 75. 1971-2021.

I won’t bore you with the official figures but I’m 8 MONTHS the 4 C Vaccines have had more adverse reactions and deaths than 75 others globally in a 50 YEAR Period.

The information is there on the site and is hidden in plain site, you just have to use some initiative to find it.

Technically because TGA have the stats there for anyone to find they are not legally doing anything wrong. They don’t highlight the fact these are way more dangerous but they don’t hide it either.

Anyone trying to shame you and use the excuse of us having the polio, measles and mumps vaccines or any other can honestly go and check their facts before they continue spreading fake news that we should be doing out bit. Whistleblower Vaxxed Patient


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