Vitamins After Stroke

Vitamins After Stroke

Vitamins After Stroke <3 What is a stroke?

Stroke/stroke is a condition in which there is a narrowing of blood vessels to the brain or blood vessels rupture. Part of the brain tissue will be damaged due to lack of oxygen supply. When that part of the brain tissue is damaged, it will die and brain function will be lost. Among the significant symptoms are fainting, unconsciousness and/or weakness of some limbs.

Stroke is a dangerous disease that can result in permanent disability.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that in 2001 there were 20.0 million strokes worldwide, 5.5 million fatal.

What are the risk factors that contribute to stroke?

Risk factors contributing to stroke that cannot be modified are:

• Age – the older you get, especially as you age 65 and older, the risk of having a stroke is higher.
• Men – higher risk than women.
• Family history – Your risk is higher if there is a family member who has had a stroke/stroke or mild stroke (Minor Stroke/Transient Ischemic Attack)

<3 The risk factors that can be modified for you to have a stroke are:
• High blood pressure
• Diabetes
• High cholesterol levels
• Smoking
• Being overweight
• Inactive lifestyle
• Stress
• Nutrition – low in fiber and high in fat
• Alcohol – drinking excessive amounts of alcohol

What are the symptoms of a stroke?

Symptoms of a sudden stroke include the following:
• Sudden tingling and numbness in some parts of the body
• Sudden feeling of weakness, numbness or paralysis of the face, legs or hands
• Confused/confused, difficulty speaking or understanding other people’s speech suddenly
• Severe headache for no particular reason
• Sudden blurred vision in one eye or both eyes
• Difficulty walking, dizziness or sudden loss of balance or coordination
• Difficulty swallowing
What is the treatment for stroke?
A person diagnosed with a stroke needs to:
• Admitted to hospital to confirm the cause of the stroke and identify how much brain tissue has been damaged
• Treated with medication if necessary
• Surgery to stop brain hemorrhage if applicable
• Start rehabilitation/rehabilitation treatment as soon as possible such as exercises to strengthen the muscles involved, speech training and adjustment to daily activities (ADL)
• Advice on healthy eating habits (low fat diet, lots of vegetables and fruits and vitamin supplements or supplements)

 Can I avoid a stroke?

Risk factors that contribute to stroke can be reduced such as:
• Control blood pressure
• Control Cholesterol levels
• Control Diabetes
• Eat a healthy diet (remember prevention is better than cure!)
• Stop smoking
• Exercise regularly
• Dealing with mental stress
• Reduce alcohol intake

The effects of a mild stroke are often easily overcome but if otherwise, it may result in severe and possibly permanent disability.

Therefore, we need to be sensitive about health and not take it for granted. Health benefits are real wealth! Take care of nutrition, practice a healthy lifestyle and do not skimp on spending a little to buy supplements or vitamins that can prevent us from suffering from this disease.

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Vitamins After Stroke

No ability to speak and paralysis

of the right hand as a result of the stroke suffered by your son khairul Azmi Mohd Khalid since almost a year ago were among the things that touched my heart during the love pilgrimage on 27 February.

Even more heartbreaking is that he suffered the stroke 3 days after his youngest child was born. Since then this little boy has never heard a father’s voice and speech.
Anakanda Khairul Azmi is a native of Ulu Langat Kajang who came to Baling in 2010 when he got involved in the Jati Diri Program which was held almost every year in Baling district before this. Through the program, he was adopted by a family in Baling and later met a Baling girl.

He was later appointed as a TESL lecturer at the International Islamic College, Gombak Kuala Lumpur and his career came to a halt after about 10 years of service as a result of his current disability.

What I would like to call on the people of Baling whom I love very much is to always take care of their health and adopt a healthy lifestyle. This stroke in fact does not know age. It can happen to anyone we love or ourselves.

High cholesterol and high blood pressure are among the leading causes of stroke. So take care of your diet and nutrition, avoid stress and pressure and do an exercise routine. Hopefully this healthy lifestyle practice can reduce the risk of stroke among all of us.

Alhamdulillah, I’m not sick

These past few weeks, many contacts have called and asked me if it’s ok? Is there a serious illness?
Why are you so thin? It’s not as plump as usual.
The stomach is not bloated ?.
I have been trying to diet for years because my cholesterol is very high.
Dah 9. her reading.

Healthy people have cholesterol levels in 4.-5. aje.
My high blood pressure also needs to take medicine but I’m lazy to eat.
The doctor said my cholesterol and high blood pressure levels were chronic and the risk of having a heart attack or stroke was high if I didn’t lose weight and take care of my diet.
My children are still small.

Child shelter ² TBQ Amal is not stable yet.
Lots of unfinished responsibilities.
If I am seriously ill, many things that do not settle will be disrupted.
I started by trying to take care of nutrition.
80% take care of food quality and meal times.
I haven’t eaten in the night.

I rarely do exercise. If you want to jog on the treadmill for 2km, just do it. So push all out.
Try to get over 6,000 steps to 10,000 a day.
When going to a store or shopping mall will try to park the car far away and walk to complete the steps.

Do not eat any supplements or medicine to lose weight.
Don’t be disciplined.
In 3 months can drop close to 10kg.
It used to be the fattest near 83kg.
Now the average is 69kg-71kg.
Look at the mood for nasi lemak that week .

InsyaAllah, in the 8th month, I want to do another medical check-up to see if there is less of my problem.
If you are not very fat, snoring is not bad.
The body will feel fitter and less tired.

When you can maintain your weight, you just want to start work-out to be more active and burn all the fats that are clogged in the bloodstream.
Let’s be healthy together.


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