Ukraine Russia Conflict


Ukraine Russia Conflict ? Ukrainian-Russian soap operas:

1. Ukraine used to be a Russian wife but is divorced.

2. Russia gives up all assets and settles all debts of her ex-wife.

3. Russia also gave his ex-wife rights over their children, which is now called the breakaway territories.

3. The Ukrainian is indeed a prostitute and toxic and still has a grudge with her ex-husband, so she began to get acquainted with the world’s gangsters, namely the US.

4. The US pretends to be in a romance with Ukraine because it aims to surround and bully Russia. Who knows, can control and later steal the wealth of the ex-husband-oil, gas and all mcm.

5. The Ukrainian whore started up the ante by using the children under her care to threaten their father.

6. The children must hold back and complain to the father who acted to plan to free them from the clutches of a cruel and irresponsible mother.

7. Not enough with the world’s gangsters, Ukraine is trying to attract attention and ask for the support of street thugs, that is, Western European countries who really like to bully the US.

8. After a long time of patience, Russia finally lost control and betul2 opponent ex-wife and managed to save his beloved children.

9. The world’s gangsters and street thugs seem to shrink when confronted with a great warrior, and can only “pung pang, pung pang” nonsense.

10. The Ukrainian whore now understands the saying “don’t touch a wasp’s nest”.

Russia-Ukraine Mini War

World attention is now focused on the eastern borders of Ukraine and southwestern Russia. Russia had already seized Ukraine’s Crimea in 2014 and ‘controlled’ the donetsk and luhansk regions (See map). Why does Russia want to ‘invade’ and fight so much with Ukraine?

(1) Identities
Russia and Ukraine share a common ancestral history. In the 17th century Moscow and Kyiv merged to form the Russian empire in 1721. As a result, Russia and Ukraine also shared a similar allied identity through the Orthodox Christian faith. Today, about 13% of Ukrainians are of Russian descent and and almost 1/3 of Ukrainians speak Russian. The clash of Ukrainian ‘identities’ will continue to shape Ukrainian-Russian geopolitics now and in the future.

(2) Geography
Russia’s geography is so close to the North Pole that half of Russia is covered in ice all the time and the other half will experience extreme winters for at least 3 months. So Russia does not have a suitable warm water port because the water in its waters will freeze for at least 3 months. This will affect the Russian economy as it does not have a single port that can function all year round. Safety issues will also arise as it is not possible to use warships.
Crimea which belonged to independent Ukraine after the dissolution of the Soviets has leased the port of Sevastopol in Crimea to Russia. And after the fall of the Pro-Russian government in 2014, which indirectly raised the anti-Russian government, Russia was already worried and acted swiftly to seize Crimea. The world condemns it in any way, but the deck because of the geographical situation of Russia, Crimea is important to them. And the geography of Ukraine leads to the next factor, power.

(3) Power
Ukraine is caught between two influences, in the west and NATO and Russian military cooperation in the east. Putin is trying to keep Ukraine within the sphere of his influence. Russia has also formed a NATO -style military alliance, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which includes Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. Putin does not want Ukraine to join the NATO alliance because it is antagonistic to Russia. In addition, Russia is very concerned about the buffer zone (buffer zone) that is Ukraine itself because of the trauma with the attack by Germany (1941) which made Russia really need a buffer zone. After seizing Crimea, Russia turned its back on pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass (Luhansk and Donetsk) to pressure Ukraine.
After looking at the above factors, the war may not have erupted for long. The attack on Ukraine did not really benefit Russia. It is just a Russian tactic to blackmail Ukraine not to join NATO which in turn will threaten Russia right away. WW3 will most likely not happen. Ukraine has not yet joined NATO, so major powers such as the US, UK, Germany and France are not obliged to defend Ukraine because Ukraine is not a member of NATO.


The president of Ukraine was originally a comedian and comedian. But through social media campaigns he can draw votes to win the election and become President.
The Ukraine-Russia war showed that he was a bit naive and slow to act in diplomacy with all parties.

In the end, he has to play with NATO in the conflict with Russia, and Putin is at odds with Ukraine because he doesn’t know people’s demands.
As a former KGB Spymaster, Putin is well versed in the intricacies of politics.

The lesson for all of us Malaysians from this conflict is …. If you want to choose a leader, choose one who is wise and knowledgeable.
Not just popular on social media alone.
Running a country is no joke.

Ukraine-Russia War

The Ukraine-Russia war is one of the news that always comes out is how Germany and Europe are afraid to speak out because Russia supplies 41% of Europe’s gas needs, especially Germany. And Europe is the world’s largest importer of natural gas.

But don’t forget that Europe uses natural gas only for electricity. But among the main uses of natural gas there is to heat homes, especially in winter.
Half of homes in Europe use hot gas to heat homes during the winter. The picture below is a common type of heating radiator that is always present in homes in Europe.
And don’t you remember the country of 4 seasons, each season is divided equally. In fact, the longest major seasons in Europe are summer and winter. This spring and autumn are just a temporary transition season.

And usually this transition season is still cold and needs heat to live. Because this transition season is a lot of rain. If it is autumn, the leaves of the tree start to fall because we want to prepare for winter. Spring is coming because the weather is getting wetter and suitable for trees to grow back.
But winters like in Germany can be up to 4-5 months. The only extreme is the end and beginning of the year. But other times it’s still cold. In October, the temperature can still reach as low as 10 degrees Celsius at night. So you won’t use the heater, will you?

This kind of residential radiator is indeed the best. It’s hot. If it’s time to come back from college with a snow full face, being able to relax by the radiator is really delicious. But realize ² later the skin is crazy dry. Hahah.
Damp socks stepping on snow? Measles is on the radiator.
Wet snowcap? No problem.
Clothes didn’t dry? Shift the hanger next to the heater.
In the early days, when I got there, I went to college and never turned off the heater. Because I want a warm room when it’s cold. If so, the room is like a refrigerator. Kid waiting for the heat to slow la sket.

But when you want to pay the gas bill, you get angry. Had to fast to eat döner kebab for a month. Hahah.
I remember the experience of being ‘messed up’ with a Malay -speaking German ghost. In the middle of a snowstorm there, you can also get a message on your mobile phone that reads “Please open the window in the kitchen, I’m cold outside.”


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