Treatment After AstraZeneca Jabs

mRNA Vaccine Detox Protocol

Treatment After AstraZeneca Jabs. The Health Ministry (MOH) will constantly monitor the incidence of blood clots with the administration of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine and assures the public that immediate treatment will be given should such an incident occur.

MOH: Prompt treatment if blood clots occur after AstraZeneca jabs.

“The occurrence of blood clots is very rare, and the administration of this vaccine has taken into account its benefits in preventing Covid-19 infection, which outweighs the risks from vaccination, ” said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba in a statement.

Malaysia received 268,800 doses of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine through the Covax facility on April 24, and the vaccine will be administered to the public from today.

The AstraZeneca vaccination is open to 268,000 individuals on a first-come first-served basis for Kuala Lumpur and Selangor residents, and the first appointment slot for the vaccination will be held today at the designated vaccination centres (PPVs).

The PPVs are Universiti Malaya, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur World Trade Centre and Shah Alam Ideal Convention Centre.

Dr Adham said AstraZeneca vaccine recipients were advised to constantly monitor their health, and seek immediate treatment if they experienced symptoms within four days to four weeks after being inoculated.

He said immediate treatment should be sought if there were symptoms such as a severe headache that did not go away with painkillers or became worse, and headache worsened when lying down or bending.

Other symptoms are unusual headaches accompanied by blurred vision, nausea and vomiting, difficulty in speaking, weakness, drowsiness or seizures, small spots on the skin, bruising or bleeding and difficulty breathing, chest pain, swelling in the legs or persistent abdominal pain, he said.

Dr Adham said medical practitioners treating AstraZeneca vaccine recipients’ cases should investigate whether the individual had received the vaccine within 30 days before symptoms began.

The medical practitioner will also need to do a further examination to confirm whether the symptoms shown are due to blood clots.

“Relevant examinations including blood and radiology examinations should be carried out as soon as possible.

“Immediate treatment should be given if the test results show that blood clotting has actually occurred, ” he said. — Bernama

Eastern white pine needle *tea*

It has been used for ages by native tribes for it’s a medicinal effect but there has been trials by doctors that have shown effective against the mrna vaccine/ against blood clots and heavy menstrual cycles and autism.

Fasting/detox/ disease free/ healthy.

Using fruit juices/vegetables.
Noon- 8pm/night.
Morning- your body naturally detoxes.
Wake up- stretch- water- coffee- exercise.
In the AM, help the process of detoxing the body when noon or before eat fruits/veggies/ nuts throughout the afternoon.

Detoxing for just 3 days on just water will reset your immune system.

Juicing/with veggies/fruits is alot easier which is more potent and easy to do which will detox ya even if you think you are healthy and it will make you lose healthy weight with all additional vitamins. There are fruits/veggies that look just like body parts within your body that have real scientific research that it helps those certain organs.
Water or structured magnetic water.
Water is life.

There has been one tribe. Okinwana tribe. Everyone who has ever lived was disease free and lived to be atleast 120 if not more. Their diet was sweet potatoes and some plants and lil bit of fish, but mostly sweet potatoes.

Do your own research.
Be the example you want to see in the world.
Follow your passion
Love thyself.

Youtube Censored Covid Vaccine ?

Are you thinking of getting a COVID shot?
Is your teenager being forced to take a shot in order to return to college?
Do you have friends on the fence about vaccines?
Are you concerned about their possible side effects?
If you go online and do simple research on the term “COVID Vaccine Side Effects” you are presented with a gaggle of links that are strangely similar. “Side effects are minor and common.” “Side effects are a sign that your vaccine is working properly.”

When you visit YouTube and do the same search, again, the videos have a consistent theme. “The risk from the vaccines are less than the risks from COVID” and “vaccine side effects are actually a good thing.” If you post a comment or video on Facebook about vaccine side effects your post is deleted and your account may be closed.

But when you go to an uncensored website like or and do the same search, you see hundreds of videos from real people who have had horrific side effects from their injections.

This website is dedicated to sharing the truth about these people and their testimonials.

Watch for yourself and make up your own mind. Is it worth it to risk life-changing and even fatal side effects from a vaccine for a disease that is survived by 99.98% of people under 70?

Below, you will find countless stories of side effects directly from those involved, or sadly, if they died, from their relatives.

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Vaccines may contain many animal parts, human parts and known poisonous substances that are linked to a long list of Vaccine Induced Diseases (VIDS), Cancers and Death. Many substances may be strictly forbidden to Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians, Vegetarians and Vegans, but these substances may be hidden or disguised in various ways.

You can check out the “official” CDC lists for Vaccine Ingredients & Excipients on the internet….But be warned… Even these lists fail to list all known substances, let alone unknown substances.

Be sure to compare the complicated CDC lists above to the simple list below. Complicated chemical names and trade names may easily confuse the public (even many chemists and doctors), but the simple lists below show their true origin.

*Animal & Human Substances:*

Baby Foreskin (Human Neonatal Fibroblasts) (Human).
Calf skin (Animal).
Cancer cells (Human).
Chick kidney & embryo (Animal).
Cows blood & serum. (May be linked to BSE, Mad cow disease, and the human form, CJD. Used in millions of vaccines worldwide) (Animal).
Dog kidney (Animal).
Faecal matter.
Foetal cells from dead aborted babies (Supporting the abortion industry) (Human).
Gelatine (Gelatin). From pigs & cows. Stabiliser & solvent. Known neurotoxin (Destroys brain cells) (Animal).
Horse blood & serum. (Animal).
Human & animal blood, serum, DNA & RNA (Human & Animal).
Blood (Human & Animal).
Monkey kidney (With SV40 virus & unknown viruses) (Animal).
Mouse brain (Animal).
Pig blood & serum. (Animal).
Pus from sores of diseased animals. (Animal).
Sweepings from diseased children (Human).
Growth mediums & viruses. (Too many to list) (Animal & Human).

Unfortunately Many doctors, scientists, politicians and ministers may have vested interests in promoting the vaccines as halaal, from cash rewards, lifestyle bonuses and sponsorships. So bear this in mind when reading information and propaganda that seems to support the vaccine programs.

It is imperative for Muslims to exercise greater caution regarding the food and the medicines that they ingest, sniff or inject.


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