Traditional Chinese Medicine For Covid19 Pandemic

Traditional Chinese Medicine For Covid19 Pandemic

Traditional Chinese Medicine For Covid19 Pandemic. New Observation of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Global Epidemic] Zou Xu: Bai Yi Bing Dan Xin Acupuncture and Medicine Fighting Plague God

2020-05-18 12:51:28 Source: Xinhuanet

Xinhuanet, Guangzhou, May 18 (Huang Mei and Chen Kaihao) Traditional Chinese medicine is a powerful weapon for the children of China to fight diseases. In the face of the new crown pneumonia virus, the intensity and breadth of TCM participation is unprecedented. Nearly 800 TCM experts and nearly 5,000 TCM medical staff have participated in the first-line treatment.

The fourth batch of National Aid Hubei Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Team Guangdong Team Leader and Director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Zou Xu led the team to undertake the medical treatment task of the C6 Ward of the Third Department of Infection in Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital, receiving patients since February 20 As of March 29, the ward was closed. A total of 99 patients were admitted to the ward, 95 were discharged, and 68 were treated with pure Chinese medicine. The coverage rate of Chinese medicine treatment was 100%, and the comprehensive symptom improvement rate reached 95.9%. In this issue of Xinhuanet’s “New Observation of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Global Epidemic” series of interviews, he invited him to review his anti-epidemic experience in assisting Wuhan and discuss the diagnosis and treatment strategies of Chinese medicine in fighting infectious diseases.

The fourth batch of National Aid Hubei Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Team Guangdong Team leader, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Critical Care Department Director Zou Xu. Xinhuanet Wu Jiawei

Twisting to replenish and reduce a silver needle can do meritorious work

Traditional Chinese Medicine For Covid19 Pandemic

Seventeen years ago, Zou Xu, who worked at the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, welcomed a “special” patient.

Deng Qiuying, the wife of the head nurse of the emergency department of the hospital, was diagnosed with atypical pneumonia. “At that time, everyone lacked knowledge of SARS. His wife had just been hospitalized with antibiotics for 2 days, and she experienced fatigue, dizziness and other reactions, but her fever did not subside.” Zou Xu, a disciple of Deng Tietao, a master of Chinese medicine, reported his wife’s condition to the teacher. “After listening to my wife’s condition, the teacher analyzed that his wife was infected and infected because of lack of righteousness, and the evil is doing it. He suggested that I stop antibiotics and take Chinese medicine for treatment.” Zou Xu is in the Chinese medicine master Deng Tietao Under his guidance, he prescribed Chinese medicine for his wife. After 6 days, the wife’s fever and other symptoms improved. After a series of soups and meals to invigorate the spleen and dispel dampness, clear away heat and detoxify, a week after being discharged from the hospital, his wife returned to work.

With firm confidence, after 17 years of growth, Zou Xu has gradually developed a clear “spectrum” of Chinese medicine.

“In late January, after learning about the outbreak in Wuhan, I soon asked the dean for instructions, hoping to have the opportunity to go to the front line in Wuhan. I believe traditional Chinese medicine can definitely play a role.” Zou Xu at the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in early May Talking about Wuhan’s anti-epidemic experience to Xinhuanet, the voice is like a bell, and the expression is bright.

On February 9, Zou Xu and two other TCM experts rushed to help Wuhan. On February 15, he and his colleagues consulted a critically ill patient with new coronary pneumonia in Wuhan Hankou Hospital. At that time, the patient’s heartbeat, breathing, and blood oxygen levels were severe, and the whole person was restless and dying.

“I chose to use acupuncture and moxibustion for first aid. This is based on my knowledge of the disease. The famous doctor Ye Tianshi of the Qing Dynasty believed that a severe infectious disease entered from the nose and mouth, which was called warming up the evil, and first attacking the lungs. If it becomes severe, it is called’inverse’. Passing the pericardium’. The retrograde patient was irritable, or sweating profusely, or even coma.” As Zou Xu twisted the silver needle, the patient’s breathing no longer was rapid and his heartbeat slowed down.

In about half an hour, the patient’s breathing and heartbeat improved and gradually calmed down. The next day, the critically ill patient’s vital indicators returned to normal. The effect of acupuncture in helping patients relieve dyspnea has changed the impression of on-site medical staff of the “slow doctor” of traditional Chinese medicine. Afterwards, Zou Xu’s consultation at Hankou Hospital became more and more busy.

On February 17, the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine System formed a 61-member TCM medical team to assist Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital. They were responsible for a brand-new TCM ward. “The medical experience accumulated for so many years hopes to play a greater role. I was only involved in consultations at Hankou Hospital before, and I especially wanted to provoke a ward and exert greater strength.” Zou Xu asked Ying to join the team and become The head of the C6 Ward of the Third Infection Department of Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital.

“From the beginning of the admission of patients on February 20 to the closing of the cabin on March 29, a total of 99 patients were admitted to the ward, 95 were discharged, 68 were treated with pure Chinese medicine, the coverage rate of Chinese medicine treatment was 100%, and the comprehensive symptom improvement rate reached 95.9. %. We have achieved 0 deaths of patients and 0 infections of medical care.” Zou Xu said.

“Four Gods and One” Strengthen the Righteousness and Eliminate Evil to Save the Lung

Which patients are suitable for the treatment of pure Chinese medicine? Zou Xu said: “As a doctor, treating patients does not say that pure Chinese medicine or Western medicine is necessary. We are closely observing the patients and thinking about what treatments can make the patients better. According to regulations, we adopt pure Chinese medicine. Treating patients must be reported to the expert group.”

“In the beginning, some patients were worried that the effect of Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment was not good, we did not reluctantly. A few days later, during the rounds, many patients treated with Chinese medicine acupuncture and medicine told us that their body was more comfortable than yesterday. Others Seeing the effect of the treatment, the patients also agreed to accept the treatment of Chinese medicine. We will advance the treatment of Chinese medicine step by step.” Zou Xu said.

Speaking of the experience of treating patients with new coronary pneumonia in the ward, Zou Xu called the “four gods and one”. “The so-called’four gods reach one’ is the magical effect of the’four gods’ before’reaching one’. That is, the organic combination of the medical team, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and oxygen therapy, etc., can achieve the purpose of strengthening the body and removing the evil spirits. The purpose of lungs.” Zou Xu said.

The leader of the Xinglin Forest, one after the other, goes to the dying river city, seeing the disease as a child. The new crown pneumonia epidemic is raging, and the medical team must be experienced and be able to use the “combined boxing” of traditional Chinese medicine to treat it according to symptoms. As the saying goes, “three points of treatment, seven points of care”. Zou Xu believes that “it should be one point of treatment and nine points of care.” There are more patients who cannot take care of themselves in the C6 ward. Nursing staff play an important role in caring for such patients. They not only have to complete daily clinical nursing work, but also take care of the patients’ diet and daily life, and even provide psychological care for the patients’ anxiety, anxiety, panic and other phenomena.

The original decoction is prescribed by the person. For patients with new coronary pneumonia, Zou Xu suggested to use Fuyang Gutuo decoction as soon as possible. Even if there are symptoms such as fever and gastrointestinal discomfort at the beginning of the onset, attention should be paid to consolidating the foundation and strengthening the vitality of the patient. He said: “The advantage of traditional Chinese medicine is syndrome differentiation and treatment, which is a kind of individualized treatment. Everyone’s physique is different. We can use the’three prescriptions and three medicines’ as soon as possible, and we must pay attention to the addition and subtraction according to the different physiques of people.”

Acupuncture and moxibustion eliminates pathogens and regulates emotions. For patients with insomnia, anxiety and no treatment contraindications, acupuncture can have a better effect. “It may take several hours to drink traditional Chinese medicine, but acupuncture and moxibustion can take effect quickly.” Zou Xu believes that the lung inflammation of patients with new coronary pneumonia leads to poor oxygenation. In addition to increasing oxygen supply through external forces, it can also be used. Acupuncture reduces the patient’s oxygen consumption, so that their oxygen supply and oxygen consumption reach a dynamic balance, and the patient’s condition is not easy to develop into a critical illness.

The lack of sufficient oxygen, the accessibility of venting turbidity. Blood oxygen saturation is an important indicator for judging the severity of patients with new coronary pneumonia. Zou Xu believes that oxygen therapy must be emphasized. Medical staff must adjust the oxygen supply plan according to the patient’s condition, such as oxygen inhalation through nasal cannula, oxygen inhalation through mask, and oxygen inhalation through non-invasive ventilator. The introduction of advanced technology is an important way to improve the clinical efficacy of Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine For Covid19 Pandemic

Traditional Chinese Medicine For Covid19 Pandemic

During his stay in Wuhan, Zou Xu gave patients acupuncture and moxibustion. Xinhua Netfa

Legend has it that Huang Liang fights the plague with swords

Traditional Chinese medicine has been fighting the plague for thousands of years. Deng Tietao, a master of Chinese medicine, once told Zou Xu that every major plague is a test of Chinese medicine and an opportunity for the development of Chinese medicine in crisis. Traditional Chinese Medicine For Covid19 Pandemic

In May 2001, Zou Xu formally became a teacher of Deng Tietao, a master of traditional Chinese medicine. Zou Xu said: “I learned Chinese medicine in school, but facing Western medicine, I have doubts in my heart. How can I apply the theories learned to clinic? After learning with teachers, through theoretical training and clinical teaching, the thinking mode of Chinese medicine is gradually established. Confidence in Chinese medicine is like building a high platform, building up one block at a time.”

In the face of SARS, Deng Tietao, a master of Chinese medicine, told Zou Xu: “We have mastered the law of the occurrence of various pathogens in the human body for thousands of years. No matter how SARS changes, I am not afraid. My main goal is not the virus, but the human body. In Chinese medicine, there is a saying that righteous qi is inside, and evil cannot be done.”

There are three basic links in the epidemic of infectious diseases. The first is the source of infection, the second is the route of transmission, and the third is the susceptible population. Zou Xu said: “I think susceptible people are very important. How to improve the disease resistance of these people, that is, the immune status, Chinese medicine can play a unique role. Chinese medicine can use dietary conditioning, exercise conditioning, or psychological conditioning. Improve the immune status of the human body.”

Establish and break simultaneously, strengthen the righteousness and eliminate evil. Zou Xu said: “SARS and COVID-19 are similar to a certain extent. When I treat my wife, I boil Chinese medicine for her while boiling the broth for her, and I must drink it up. I usually have a cold and fever, and Chinese medicine doesn’t need it.’ Replenishment. But if you are faced with infectious diseases such as new coronary pneumonia, you must replenish it. This is “relief”. Because this disease progresses very fast, the human body relies on immunity to fight the virus.”

The running water does not rot, and the household pivot does not stalk. “The treatment of the disease must make the patient move. After the disease is cured, the patient can’t move, which affects the quality of life. Therefore, I often tell the patient to exercise more and exercise the strength of the limbs. This is actually a practice of’Yang Qi’. The mental state can be improved.” Zou Xu said that during the anti-epidemic period in Wuhan, he required medical staff and patients to maintain a certain level of exercise. He said: “You can practice more Ba Duan Jin, go back to the resident room every day to practice, with breathing guidance, the exercise effect is very good.”

According to Zou Xu, Baduanjin has a history of more than 800 years and has a synergistic effect on the recovery of righteousness in patients with chronic diseases, acute diseases, and severe diseases. Patients with pneumonia infected by the new type of coronavirus are mainly cold and damp. Traditional Chinese medicine “eliminates damp toxin” can regulate gastrointestinal function and maintain a good mental state through slight sweating. Zou Xu said: “Our team adapted the Baduan Jin into vertical, sitting and horizontal styles, which are very popular in Wuhan, and there are still many medical staff who want to learn it when they come back.”

Chinese medicine is also very important to the therapeutic effect of Chinese medicine. In the next step, it is recommended that traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine should open up the industrial chain and form a complete system. Zou Xu said: “We are based on syndrome differentiation and treatment. If I cut the pulse very well, but the effect of Chinese medicine is not good, it will affect the effect of Chinese medicine. Now Chinese medicine has been separated from Chinese medicine, but Chinese medicine is actually one family. Hope that after this epidemic, we Starting from the source, quality assurance is provided for the entire chain of cultivation and processing of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine must treat patients well, and Chinese medicine must also treat patients well. Medicine cannot be separated. Everyone must put the health of the people first.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine For Covid19 Pandemic


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