Tips Before Buying House

Tips Before Buying House

Before Buying a House

When we buy this house, we generally buy it for 2 purposes,

1. Investment
2. Sit down

The selection criteria for these two of course… there must be lists of criteria so that we don’t REGRET LATER.

In this chapter of planning, Muslims have to face because as Saidina Ali said, “False with a strategy can defeat the truth without a strategy”. So we have to have a proper plan, not play around with the ticket “There will be sustenance later…”

In terms of owning a house, according to research from the Khazanah Research Institute, houses in Malaysia have been in the category of UNAFFORDABLE for the past 20 years. When people say “The house can see”, it really can see… Now the percentage of owning a house is 70% & it is expected to drop to 50% in a little while. This means that in 100 houses, 50 are owned by residents and 50 are rented.

Even so, not everyone who rents can’t afford it. Some people deliberately want to rent, maybe there are other targets.

For those who want to own a house, either to rent or live in, must understand the criteria for the houses we want to buy. Buying a house is not like buying clothes… you don’t want to change or buy a new one. Unless you are a billionaire. If the general public is like this sis, before being bound by long-term regret, make the right decision.

– don’t take location lightly. Before moving, we may be attracted by various sweet words.. but when we are sitting there, what is the use if we want to go out from the house area to the main road, even after hours. Unless we work in that area too.

– schools, mosques, shops, clinics, etc. that make matters easier. School especially, it is our main criteria before buying a house. School is where children make friends & build their identity. Likewise the environment, neighbors… a conducive environment helps our children develop themselves towards adulthood.

– The design is strange, then when you want to place the furniture, everything will go wrong.

New or old house, subsale or newly completed… all have their own advantages and disadvantages. But take into account the 3 points I shared above. For example, if you buy a subsale house, you may have to spend a lot of money to renovate, change here and there, but we can get a mature neighborhood. A new house might be able to save in terms of renovation, but we don’t know about the neighbors and the wife there.

Before buying a house, consider many things,
– the distance to where we earn a living
– distance from where the child studies
– facilities for religious life
– facilities for recreation

To those who are looking for their dream home, may they find a blessed home.

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