Success Ownership Accountability

Success Ownership Accountability

Want Success?

Take Ownership & Accountability.

The pursuit of bodybuilding and everything inherent in it resonates with me because when you break it all down the onus is only on one person… me. No one else.

Whilst I am very fortunate to have an incredible support network around me, the reality is that the buck stops with me and I’m in complete control of all the variables inherent in my success. I only have myself to blame if I don’t get the results that I’m chasing (both inside the gym and out of it) and I think that owning that responsibility is incredibly empowering.

Personal accountability is the key to success if you are to truly realise your potential.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve allowed myself to play the victim on several occasions when circumstances I was confronted with became strenuous, problematic or confronting… unfortunately laying the blame on other people or external factors never really got me any further towards my goals.

However, the moment I began to take ownership of my situation and took proactive action on the variables I could control, the more empowered I became to adapt, change and progress.

To be honest the same could be said for your academics, your career or any other facet of your life. If you want to shift the outcome in your favour then you need to study the PROCESS, set a high STANDARD in line with the requirements inherent in that process and in line with your ambitions and then work tirelessly to uphold that standard until you get the results that you want. The journey will not always be a linear one. You’ll inevitably encounter setbacks and frustration but the one thing you can control is your accountability to the process and the standard with which you execute that standard.

Set your targets high, hold yourself accountable with every passing day and realise your personal potential!

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