Skin Reaction When You Cut Sugar

skin reaction

Skin Reaction When You Cut Sugar, Cebok image from google but related to the topic I want to share.

On average, there are many lovers of sweets or ‘sweeth tooth’? In fact, the intake of sugar in food and beverages is very closely related to our skin issues, especially those of the intermittent type, do you want to get acne?

I read a lot about sugar intake from bloggers and youtubers

People make a 2weeks challenge where people will cut sugar for 2 weeks to monitor the condition of the skin. So I’m also interested in trying so now I’m in my 4th week for this challenge and so far it makes my skin look different. Here is an example of the picture below where people cut sugar for 2 weeks and suprisingly my skin reacted the same thing. Already less oily, acne, blemish. My skin is the type that must have redness and acne for a day or two. But when you cut off sugar in food and drinks, it is rare for it to get those cute pimples. So koramg, if you’re stuck with everything, but still get acne/blemish, try to do it like this, maybe the skin will react the same way, I have less and less acne

Addition: before you want to start a healthy lifestyle, drink white water, right, hehe, you have to check how much water you have to drink per day. Don’t be too nnti kesian cik kidney each want to get OT for work it’s not good either ye drink too much water does not match our weight. So here I include a link to the newspaper to check how many liters of water our body needs to drink daily

+ if you want to start drinking white water, don’t continue to jump to a large amount. Especially you who rarely drink white water, then continue to want to swallow a lot of white water. Drink a little then every day add the amount of water until it is enough so the body is “ready” with our water intake

Not Eating Sugar But Blood Sugar Levels Are Still High?

Already made IF and keto, blood sugar levels should be lowered, right. Do you find your blood sugar levels are still high even though you don’t eat sugar? Why can this happen?
In this case, the sugar actually comes from your liver and kidneys. There is a process called ‘gluconeogenesis’, which is the process of formation of new sugars. Your body always needs a little bit of sugar, your body can’t use 100% energy from ketones because there are a few percent of cell tissue that works using glucose. But your body can produce this sugar from non -carbohydrate sources. It can be made from fats, proteins, and even ketones. Insulin controls this process. It is supposed to turn off this function of gluconeogenesis.

When you have high blood sugar, but you are not consuming any sugar, this means that you have a very low amount of insulin in your body. Your insulin may actually be too low. What conditions are causing your situation of not having enough insulin? Insulin resistance is a condition that can cause you to not have enough insulin.

With insulin resistance, you have high levels of insulin, but at the same time, the insulin does not work in the body, and it does not provide the function to stop gluconeogenesis. All of this is caused by receptors. The receptors in the cells do not receive insulin and your body will receive a signal that glucose is low. So basically, your insulin is not working. What do you need to do? It may be more focused on improving insulin resistance.
How to help improve insulin resistance:
• Exercise more – to burn off excess sugar. Refer to this article related to exercise and IF
• Increase the duration, frequency and quality of IF fasting
• Increase fiber intake (vegetable fiber)
• Practice ACV intake – refer here for recipes and benefits of ACV
• Practice intake of vitamin D, Chromium, Zinc, Vitamin B, Potassium, Magnesium – most of which can be obtained from vegetables and foods. Refer here to see vegetable sources:
• Get more adequate and quality sleep
• Reduce inflammation
• Give your body time to recover – changes and recovery will not happen in a day or two, it may take weeks, months or even years
• Focus on other improvements – for example more energy, less hunger, less craving, give time for this situation to get better, it is important not to go back to a high carb/sugar diet.

Ways to cut extra calories to assist in weight loss goal

Other common calorie-cutting cooking substitutions include:

Nonfat milk instead of whole milk (60 calories per cup)
Broth to sauté instead of butter (104 calories per tablespoon)
Plain nonfat yogurt instead of cream (720 calories per cup)
No-calorie sweetener instead of sugar (45 calories per tablespoon)
Cooking spray or oil mister instead of oil (about 120 calories per tablespoon)

When was the last time we Mat Ikan drank gas water? 2019 as

Because the time of the festival can be a celebration of people’s homes.
It used to be a ghost too, but when I tried to throw it away for a long time, I didn’t drink it. No wonder.
Once last year I bought a Dominos set to get 1 large bottle of Pepsi water. Back to the alms guard at the front door
One of our motivations for not drinking is that Maryam is allergic to bottled water, gas water. He is allergic to the point of triggering asthma.
Grateful for every test of God because God loves us to be better and like this case we want to be healthier.
Those who have a habit of drinking gas water, let’s reduce the sweet water. Azam 2022 is. Raya can drink later but control it. So to control it, you have to start from today.


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