Save Money For Childbirth ?

Save Money For Childbirth ?


This is how,

The man recently collected RM15k remittance money to do all kinds of work to pay it off immediately.

When it rains, stop and sit under the bridge, wait for the rain to stop. In order to save enough wedding money.

enough money,

Alhamdulilah, the wedding ceremony is over. RM15k spent within 5 hours of the wedding ceremony.

Men have to prepare a rental house for their beloved wife.

Rental house deposit, thin mattress, washing machine and refrigerator, small TV one door to start a new life. All that needs capital.

The deposit alone usually needs close to RM3k.

If a man’s salary is only RM2200 per month. In order to save as much as RM18k with an estimate of RM1000 a month, they need 18 months to struggle with a belly band with curves like after giving birth.

Yes, we used bentkung again early before my wife gave birth.

After marriage, shopping will be bigger every month.

In order to collect RM5k to give birth in a private hospital, the husband needs to set aside a salary of RM555 per month for 9 months for his wife to give birth.

Tie your stomach again.

RM200-RM300 for a wife’s check up is normal.

If birth by surgery is not expensive, around RM10k-RM12k usually.

Already booked the hospital, the date is all beautiful. The wife has started to throb for the birth of her first child.

The long awaited day arrived, the wife’s amniotic fluid and fluid came out quickly.

Immediately took my wife to the hospital because she looked very sick. More painful than those of us who were circumcised with the tok mudin of Kampung Pisang.

Arriving at a private hospital,

“Mr Baharom Denial, Dr Musalmah has an emergency tonight. Dr Mogan who is on duty will help celebrate the birth of Mr Baharom’s son.

“But I have booked him as a nurse?”

“If you want a female doctor as well, you have to wait another 3 hours on her call”.

The wife has scratched all her clothes, the pain is unbearable.

The husband who keeps his wife company, can no longer let his wife moan in pain. I want to finish this test immediately.

Later accused of cheating by the social media ustazah.

The wife moaned in pain and begged for the birth to be hastened.

At this time, saving lives is more important.

Pay attention to the expression of dayus that is blown in the ear.

“Mr Baharon Deniel has to come in with his wife.”

“It’s okay, nurse, I’m afraid of blood. I’ll be the one who spills the blood later”.

“Brother….” The long wife shouted.

That’s just dayus bro, I can’t get my wife to give birth because she’s afraid of blood!

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