1. You may be wondering why I am so interested in following Malaysian politics.

2. To be honest, that interest appeared when Pak Najib’s 1MDB Scandal erupted all over the world. I’ve been following INVOKE since the biggest scandal was disclosed by Rafizi and his fellow MP Tony Pua. Another is from Sarawak Report by Clare Brown.

3 Therefore, I am very happy when Rafizi Ramli makes a comeback because he is brave, smart and wise. A firm figure. Don’t talk carelessly without data or evidence in hand.

4. Pak Jokowi himself appointed 10 smart and professional young people to work at the Presidential Palace. Help him with new ideas to build a dignified, advanced Indonesian nation and be respected by the world.

5. I am definitely proud of Indonesia today even though there is still a lot to be improved and the Reforms will continue to be implemented. Can chronic cancer be cured immediately? Is that right?

6. Do you suspect that Malaysia’s cancer of corruption is worse than Indonesia’s during Pak Soeharto’s power? How dare the Malay party UMNO rob the country’s own petroleum company of more than RM1.5 trillion. Shocking!!! Former Petronas chairman, Tengku Razaleigh discloses that Petronas gives RM40 billion every year to UMNO since the 1970s.…/

7. It is unfortunate that the Malays are victims of the lies and deception of the UMNO leaders themselves. Malaysia is a country rich in natural products, but today it is already poor because of the corruption that robbed the country of its own wealth. What kind of leader is this?

8. My prayer is that the Malays can repent because it was their own mistake to allow UMNO to order so long ago. Over 6 decades. Therefore, UMNO leaders dare to rob because they believe that the Malays are easily deceived by false promises. You never want to learn from the suffering of us Indonesians for more than 30 years under the power of President Soeharto. Millions of people migrate abroad, especially Malaysia, looking for work.

9. The 15th election is the last chance for Malaysians to implement change. You all must vote Pakatan Harapan led by Anwar Ibrahim.

10. My prediction (based on data) is PH will dominate 115 Parliament seats in Peninsula.

11. Please save your country. Can BN or PN be allowed to return to power? You know the consequences. BANKRUPT!!!

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