Pfizer Power Over Government


Pfizer Power Over Government ? Below are the 6 key points on the Pfizer contracts that were revealed.

1 Pfizer Reserves the Right to Silence Governments – Pfizer is silencing the governments through its contracts. It has forced countries not to talk about the deals they strike for shots.
2 Pfizer Controls Distribution of Shots – Pfizer controls the donations of the shots, not the country that buys them. Pfizer will decide where the shots go.
3 Pfizer Secured an “IP Waiver” for Itself – If Pfizer is accused of intellectual property theft, governments will pay not the company.
4 Private Arbitrators, not Public Courts, Decide Disputes in Secret – If there are disputes, private arbitrators and not public courts will decide on them
5 Pfizer Can Go After State Assets – Pfizer can go after state assets to secure its compensation.
6 Pfizer Calls the Shots on Key Decisions – Pfizer decides delivery timeline and more.

Seven teenagers died after vaccination. Noor Azmi: not a vaccine that causes death

First Deputy Health Minister Datuk Noor Azmi Ghazali, stressed that there are 7 cases of death among young people after vaccination were reported in the country, namely 2 cases each in Kelantan, Johor and Perak, and 1 case in Kedah. Authorities are investigating the matter.

“The autopsy report is still under study. This is a case of death after vaccination. But the death was not due to vaccination. The cause of death is still waiting for the autopsy results to be released.” He mentioned that a family member of the deceased did not allow the authorities to dissect the body, and the authorities failed to investigate the cause of death.

“Until the 12th of this month, the Ministry has received reports of 951 teenagers suffering from side effects after vaccination. 49 of them had serious side effects, including 13 cases of myocarditis, 9 cases of allergic reactions, and other cases of inflammation of the lining of the heart (pericarditis). This is only 0.009% for every 1,000 doses. ”

In addition, there are reports that US Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is “bullying” Brazil and Argentina, requiring the countries concerned to sign agreements on vaccine supply contracts, including requirements for mortgage bank reserves, military bases and embassy buildings.

Noor Azmi criticized this behavior and said that our country has not experienced such an agreement, but he urged the Chinese government to be more careful, speed up the development of local vaccines, and avoid being bullied by pharmaceutical giants. @Muntazirun2027 China Press Online (Malaysian Newspaper)

How a weapon of eugenics, mass murder, and genocide was made.

1 In 1999, Anthony Fauci (Director of NIAID), in partnership with Ralph Baric and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill constructed an “infectious, replication defective” recombinant coronavirus to infect human cells;

2 In 2002, NIAID and UNC filed for patent protection securing the rights to the spike protein chimeric bioweapon now modified for use in the gene therapy represented to be a “vaccine”;

3 In 2003, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention patented the genome of the SARS coronavirus securing all commercial use of SARS;

4 In 2013 to 2016, NIAID, UNC Chapel Hill, EcoHealthAlliance (led by Peter Daszak), and the Wuhan Institute of Virology violated 18 USC §175 enabling the construction and chimeric manipulation of a pathogen known to be lethal to humans (the S1 Spike Protein) in repeated and habitual felonious acts;

5 In 2015, Peter Daszak stated to the National Academy of Sciences that, “…until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process, Daszak stated.”  2016 Feb 12. 6, Developing MCMs for Coronaviruses. Available from:;

6 And beginning in September of 2019, NIAID, UNC Chapel Hill, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Chinese Centers for Disease Control conspired to conduct a global operation in the release of a respiratory pathogen to force nations into developing and deploying a global vaccine program including having President Trump sign an Executive Order (Executive Order 13887) mandating the production of mRNA vaccines months before any reported SARS outbreak; and,

7 In 2020, two companies who had never safely produced any vaccine before were selected to manufacture an untested and unsafe product to unleash on the population;

Thank You United States Government
Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

Make friends who want to run a business, here’s something you’ll go through in 1 to 3 years (read maybe 10 years or maybe more)

1. Not enough time with family.

2. A lot of time is spent on business, but the money in the pocket is enough to eat.

3. Wife, husband, mother, father, father -in -law start arguing. Busy not playing, not successful either.

4. Every time the end of the month arrives, you will be worried, afraid that the company’s money is not enough to pay staff salaries.

5. You are still doing business alone or just with a small team. The staff is hard to stay long.

6. Many dramas guard the heart. Want to take care of the family, take care of the staff and people around. Even the heart itself is not awake.

7. Crying often on the prayer mat, bathroom and in the car. The pressure is inexpressible.

8. Sales are not much, he feels tired to the point of losing his life.

9. Always talk alone.

10. When you see other people succeed in a period much earlier than us, you feel down, you feel that this business is not right, you feel like you want to quit, you feel why am I not successful anymore?

These are some of the things you will go through. Actually there are many more, but let me share this first.

So, you can decide whether to start or not. If you can’t, it’s better not to start. The world is hard and cruel. It’s not as beautiful as you might think.

It’s not like in the drama of wearing a secretary’s blazer and bringing coffee water. It didn’t come as fast as expected or seen on Instagram. People wearing luxury cars eat fancy places, vacation here and there.

It was a long and painful journey.


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