Personal Loan Flirting


Personal Loan Flirting. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF LOAN PERSONAL? I really hate personal loan. Because it brings more harm. I have seen many people who make personal loans only love because banks are ‘flirting’ and ‘making it easy’ for them to take personal loans.

Personal loans

Take out a personal loan.
To renovate the house.
Take out a personal loan.
Want to move furniture into a new home.
Take out a personal loan.
Let’s start MLM.
Take out a personal loan.
Do try business.
Take out a personal loan.
I want to be a founder.
Take out a personal loan.
To try and try out the franchise business.
Take out a personal loan.
I want to help a friend get stuck.
Take out a personal loan.
What about we ????
(Situation above all true story yea)

Guys, please.
Loans are plentiful,
home loan car loan,
PTPTN study loan,
you can still take that personal loan.

#PERSONAL_LOAN is an instrument that kills our people. The worse, the worse the good. That’s great.

It’s hard, you’re looking for a part time job.

It’s hard, you do business with what you have (don’t itch to make a personal loan).

You are hard-pressed, not so lucky to be living in luxury shopping branded, here and there, every week at the shopping mall.

You’re tough, you don’t have to buy a ton of clothes.

You have a hard time, a free weekend getaway, get the kids to go to the free flower garden (don’t want to go to the movies).

You are hard pressed, family outing time bring your own lunch, cold water sweet nugget fried rice sandwich to eat in the car (no entry to kcc mcd).

It’s hard, don’t be shy to live in a flat house or stay at my dad’s house.

It’s hard, don’t be ashamed to ride a motorcycle or a second hand car.

Because seeing friends who are living more and more difficult because of getting caught in a personal loan.

Greetings salute from the blows of shy lightning sitting squat & flat living hard times, shameless part-time jobs at RM10 an hour, shamelessly bring your own family outing time. https://smâlâ

That’s it.

Scam Camera ATM

Copy n paste

Passing by a building today, there is an ATM at the door. There was an old man who kept looking at me, walked by him, and suddenly stopped me. He said he was illiterate, took a bank card, and asked me to help him withdraw money from the ATM at the entrance of the building.

I answer-I can’t get it for you, ask the guard to help you.
As a result, he replied that it was not necessary and continued to find other passers-by to help him withdraw money.

Friends should remember-the cash machine has a camera. If he said that I robbed him or stole his ATM card, or even his card was stolen, helping him with the money will leave an image on the ATM, which will definitely make you undisputed!

Colleagues have been fooled, and they are still in lawsuits.
This is obviously a scam group looking for a substitute! Please inform your relatives and friends immediately.

Be sure to remember! Don’t think that it’s a matter of raising your hand, helping others is the foundation of happiness
Liars are everywhere now!

Don’t be Greedy, Not Easy Sacrifice

“In order to live free and happily you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice.” Richard Bach

Getting rid of a career at peak time is not an easy task. Many times ask themselves, “what do I want to do?”

If my determination continues and today is 5 years old I’ll resign as an engineer

In life we cannot be greedy. There are times when we lose to get what we want most.

Thankfully there is a flexible time for the family. Even more tired but satisfied to see the person we love smiling

In conjunction with the Holidays. What are we victims of? Make sure it is worth it sooner or later but it is possible because it will come at the right time

Want more income? Sacrifice your bedtime, lost time by doing business. Business that is high demand, high profit, low capital

Want to know? Call Me Now !!!

3 tips for managing our monthly income

1- Save before shopping
Get your paycheck, keep it ready before you spend. This includes paying off your debt. Why? Because when we wait for new money to save, there will usually be no more. If not a lot. Try saving 10% first. If it’s 10% too hard, try saving 5% of your paycheck. Make it a habit.

2- Get your budget ready
Draft a simple budget for your monthly budget. It’s important that you include your regular monthly benefits, such as car debt, rent and kitchen expenses. So, with this you can spend some of your gross expenses. If you have a positive balance, that’s better. This means that you have more money to spend or save.

3- Separate covers (4 covers for 4 weeks)
These tips I have read, but never did. Not used to. You can also try splitting your weekly spend on 4 different covers. This means that every week you can’t spend more than what is set aside in that cover. With this, you don’t want to overdo it.

3 Tips To Make Money In Short Time

I think getting older is not enough. Work is more busy, kids are growing.

So a little time should be used to make money. Especially for those who make side income.

Here are 3 tips I can share how to maximize the amount of time you have to make money:

1) Identify high impact activities for short and long term. It may be a little difficult but with the results, it is worth it.

2) Consult your mentor for business activity techniques. The right activity must be done in the right way.

3) Don’t be smart. Remember, there must be room for improvement. Keep learning, doing, and improving.


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