Netflix FRONTLINER Review

Netflix FRONTLINER Review


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HOW DOCTOR, THE POLICE ARE ON DUTY … OK PART people dont HEAR THAT WORD AND DOESN’T UNDERSTAND THE WORK OF THE very real. Although there is some part mcm not so good.
Like  the emergency situation, it’s packed again .. who doesn’t want medical attention, police .. if I compare  it’s a lot different but at least Malaysia already did a bit another step. Personal Rating: 7/10

Movie: Frontliner,

Genre: #drama #emotions
Platform: Netflix

It’s an emotional story , so don’t get emotional .. it’s not as bad as it looks .. the director said their team has restrictions to produce this movie .. so don’t expect it to be exactly like in a real life situation. We understand why we can’t get cooperation from PDRM, KKM .. the timing of this movie was made incorrectly ..

KKM and PDRM’s time is chaotic with the pendemic, with not enough assets .. with tired frontliners working lack of rest .. these agencies don’t serve it if you want to make a movie to use the hospital and the assets of the hospital .. the additional hospital plaque is the red zone .. I want to visit relatives also cannot .. here is the plaque to shoot a movie ..

We understand why Astro reject this movie, maybe because there is no involvement of the agencies that should be .. there are no assets that should be on display cam like police story movie. What a pound .. it’s a good effort .. from an asset point of view .. there are many shortcomings .. in the story, there are still potholes that can be repaired .. but from an emotional point of view .. they deliver ..

So for those who don’t .. try to grab the content you want to convey .. and push aside the asset .. assume that this quote applies to Zimbabwe which does not have PDRM and KKM .. and btw .. next time you don’t. .there is a part you will taste .. eh .. he took a pound of soup .. haha ​​.

Netflix FRONTLINER Review

Have you seen this new movie on Netflix?

Actor² A class.
Beto, Azhan Rani, Wan Maimunah, Farah Ahmad, Emma Maembong.
Before that, I want to order ready².
To anyone² who still can’t go back to the village to see mom and dad..PLEASE DON’T LOOK!
New movie intro..tears start to flow.
After a few scenes, I felt a rock stuck in my throat.
I had to stop many times because I was afraid of crying.

Okay, I’m done looking.
The last part is a little bit of me.
Was expecting something more umphh.
Impact not reached.

This story conveys her message. If the spe is not perfect, he writes “they are also human”. The message of this story is that all this time I’ve been insulting the police for making RB, I’ve been insulting the police for breaking my back, I’ve been insulting the KKM officer for acting, there’s a family, there’s a mother who misses her children he, there are children who miss his parents,

there are wives who need the support of their husbands when they are depressed, husbands and wives have to separate for the safety of the unborn child, the sacrifice of a child who has to choose between taking care of an elderly mother, or having to work for country.

So many message in this story, only if not with the eyes of the heart, message deliverd in the story. My 5 -year -old son, I asked him not once, explain to him, he can understand any covid situation. The name of the story is Frontliners, it must show the life of Frontliners when covid. Criticism is possible, but there are good things, we have credit as well.

I just finished serving “FRONTLINER” on this netflix.

Honestly, I am not a fan of Malaysian movies.Ye because entahla, many are bored. The service is also just because it was originally while having breakfast earlier. Oops! This movie plays a lot with the emotions of rupees.

If you want to know how difficult it is when you have anxiety, panic attack, look at Nadia
The character of the wife of the frontliner played by Emma Maembong, is really very good to be emulated.
Want to see a child who is trying to understand his mother, want to calm his own soul, see Nasir acting achey
This doctor is always great, right, when to give advice? Meh looked at the other life of a man named Dr. Azhan Pulak when he was with his wife. Until he questioned his wife’s honesty.
Other actors are on track, they are characters.

Masya Allah, thank you for this movie. A year is also a heavy phase that I went through, seeing Nadia made me smile to myself. Struggle is real. Want people to understand us, uish! I went through this nadia phase. If I wasn’t helped by the people closest to me, maybe I would have done something like that.Oh hi.

Don’t imagine this movie as great as a Korean story, a western story full of action. But, the situation in this movie, people like me must be touched. Because I went through almost all these situations. Thank God, good morning. Support malaysian movies

Frontliner – Netflix

The promotion of this film can also be held on social media before the official screening on Netflix. There are some reviews from Youtuber and the author has already come out.
I also watched this movie with low-expectations. In the first 20 minutes only and I don’t want to continue looking. But I’m brave enough to look until finish.
My first reaction when I saw the initial poster was probably documentary as shown by Magazine 3 on TV3. That’s right.
Okay, this is a whole lot of reviews and views from regular viewers after finishing watching and there may be spoilers

1. This is not a documentary but is a story based on the story of a frontliner, which I noticed 3 frontliner characters that are heavily featured. The cast for me is A-lister.

2. Although the actor for me is in the A-list category but given a weak script and as people say now ‘cringe’. He looks like you have the best equipment but used it for mediocre results.

3. The storyline and the transition of the scenes are a bit chaotic, here and there for a while. The storyline for me is not neat to show the challenges in this pandemic era.

4. The director wants the audience to learn from and appreciate Frontliner but the message of ‘Public Service Awareness/ Announcement (PSA)’ is not quite there. Magazine 3’s documentary did arrive and was felt in my heart. That’s why scripts play a major role.

5. I suspect the filming was done last year and yes I understand there are some constraints from the authorities and Frontliner in terms of props and so on. But, please make it believable, research more and design better.

6. Matters involving Covid’s current SOPs are not well refined and emphasized. Its very strange, the story is about Covid but there is a frontliner character who doesn’t follow the SOP? Put on the mask for a while and open the mask for a while.

7. The ‘double-standard’ issues of SOP compliance are not touched on directly which I feel can be made without requiring the permission of the authorities, correct if I am wrong.

8. Mental health issues and internal family conflicts are highlighted. This is good for me, just a more subtle work in terms of how to overcome or what needs to be done.

9. An actor who has a character who doesn’t like it right or is rubbish with Covid’s situation for me is treated well like Wan Maimunah and the son of Beto’s character, it’s like I want to be lazy hahaha.

10. Black sings in the rain to the credit of the story’s finisher is not necessary.

Depends on how close you want to look. I don’t really enjoy it because I get a lot of criticism for 1 hour and 30 minutes.However, I deeply respect and appreciate all the sacrifices of the Frontliners during this pandemic. Greetings to all


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