National Nanotechnology Initiative

National Nanotechnology Initiative

National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) .  “there are no internationally accepted toxicity tests or validated protocols available for safety evaluation of nanomaterials” ( – 2017) –  “Most nanotechnology risks remain effectively unregulated.” (International POPs Elimination Network’s Nanotechnology Working Group) “nanotechnology is unregulated” (

National Nanotechnology Initiative

“FDA is a member agency in the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), a federal research and development program established to coordinate the multi-agency efforts in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology.” (  “FDA does not have a legal definition for nanotechnology.” ( Who appointed FDA commissioners during his four years like every other President? Who continues to allow nanomaterials onto the food market? The FDA. Okay then…. ?

George Soros

George Soros made it his life’s mission to destroy countries & buy everything up for pennies on the dollar. It was his life’s mission to completely decimate the United States using Social Unrest & funding Ant-eepha. He owned/held stock in nearly every pharmacy, elderly health care facilities, auto parts stores, real estates companies, nanotechnology, exotic metals, robotics, 200 social unrest groups, vaccinations, patents & was buddies with Gates & Fauci. The list goes on & on. Quite an Evil Man. His son now is in charge of everything he has done.

Jab Depopulation

The only thing the jab is effective at doing is Depopulation, neurological disorders, adverse reactions and mass murder. Don’t listen to a single word from Anyone you see on mainstream media or the tell-lie-vision. They are all Demons sent to deceive you into selling your soul for a life of hell.

Remember once you take the bio weapon (jab) you cannot reverse the damage, deadly chemical toxins like mRNA gene therapy, graphene oxide nanotechnology, luciferise, HIV and over 47 pathogens, fetal tissue, human & animal DNA, liquid Mercury, etc are there to stay.

Don’t be a clown, if they are Mandating at your place of work, walk away from your job, if you “need” it to travel then simply don’t travel. If you partner has had the jab then we recommend not to have sexual intercourse with them. You cannot catch a virus from fresh air, but it can be injected or passed on via sex, or EMFs. For more truth, raw knowledge, guidance and wisdom follow our telegram messenger group.

5G was never for phones! Wake Up People!!

“Every person who has been inoculated with this graphene oxide nanotechnology now has a fuse, dynamite, a time bomb that is ready to explode by the activation of a microwave.”

Graphene powder having a size of 0.2 nm or less is dispersed in a means used as an injection solution such as injection solution, Ringer solution, physiological saline solution, and glucose solution used in conventional hospitals and used as a therapeutic agent.

Ringer’s solution, in which graphene powder is dispersed, is injected into the human body where the virus has penetrated and spreads evenly throughout the body. When the virus and graphene powder meet, the graphene powder and the virus are attracted and adhered to each other with nano-cohesive force. If graphene powder adheres to the body and spikes of the virus, the virus does not function properly and cannot multiply and eventually dies.

In the present invention, by mixing the coronavirus cultured in physiological saline containing graphene dispersed and repeating the dispersion process, the graphene nanopowder infiltrates into each microscopic organ of the corona virus’s spike protrusion to reduce the function of the corona virus, or It stops functioning or kills some coronaviruses, resulting in a coronavirus vaccine.


I’ve been following tech my entire life and biotech. The developments are even hard for me to keep up with and believe.The biggest battle we have with people understanding what is happening is their inability to realize that tech & biotech are ALREADY 30 years beyond anything they’re telling us.

Why don’t they have to tell us? Simply put: it’s proprietary! Not to mention they DO TELL you a lot of it. Now, do you really think 5G towers have been going up all over the world to give you faster Internet ???LOL Nope.It’s to run robot dogs and robot soldiers on. (Robot dogs were put on the streets of Liverpool & Singapore & even NYC DURING COVID when no one was paying attention to police people).

Boston Dynamics has made robot super soldiers. Think it’s all CGI? Lol. Of course it’s not. We have drone bombers and all kinds of other devices.Now, you think this technology is going to be used to protect YOU? Or enslave you?Let me assure you, none of this is for your protection.After all, aren’t we in the middle of our own genocide here? Which brings me to these vials .

You’ve already seen the nanotechnology in them, correct? Okay. What’s it for? It’s to control your location, activities and your brain completely. Guess what that graphene responds to? If you guessed 5G, you win a prize. That prize is to be controlled forever in the Matrix by the Cabal’s version of Skynet. 5G controls the world. So, don’t update your phones, keep the vials out of your bodies…and fight back.

Ps…ever watch the Black Mirror episode with the robot dogs? It’s like that.


I’m gonna do graphene oxide one . A rather extensive collection of promising remedies from doctors. scientists and other sources; many were found by listening to interviews with doctors.

These remedies are not only intended for those who have taken the shot, but also for people who may have been infected by those who have taken the shot, which is now under discussion; as well as for those who understand the importance of immune strengthening through the use of simple though essential substances such as certain vitamins.

Many means and methods applied to the virus can be used for the vaccine injured as well;
Keeping your immune system strong is always crucial and the issue of spike proteins applies to them both.

Although Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are mentioned often and are preferred, these are not always available, so we may need to resort to other means.

It is also wise to use some of these remedies preventively and not only when problems or symptoms present themselves, because there may be some unnoticed though serious underlying issues.
The more you delve into this matter the more these dark factors are brought to light.

The order in which presented is by choice and isn’t intended to mean that the last ones are less effective…

Spike Detox and General Health

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Important Proven Solutions to keep from getting sick even if you received the mRNA shot

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Glycine and N‐acetylcysteine (GlyNAC) supplementation

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