Muda Will Compete In Melaka State Election

Muda Will Compete In Melaka State Election


1. I came to Melaka today because this country has been controlled for too long by the politics of power, rank and position.

2. We all know that last October 5, the State Legislative Assembly was dissolved. The reason is that there are 4 Melaka ADUNs who have jumped and pulled support from supporting the Melaka State Government. While this is also a government built on the basis of betrayal of the mandate of the people.

3. I call these 4 Melaka ADUNs the Political Frog. There is no other way to address them.

4. These people jump from place to place on the basis of power politics just to follow their tastes.

5. No asking the people, no negotiation, no direct intention to put the people of Melaka first when jumping. All they know is, make an election, an election, an election. When COVID wants to hold an election.

6. Let’s be honest. We all know that Malaysians are tired of the political crisis. What happened in Melaka has happened a lot in other states since the Sheraton Move. The mandate of the people is thrown out just to gain power.

7. Melaka, until RM46 million of the people’s money has to be spent to run the election. Isn’t this nonsense?

8. I believe that the people of Melaka are smart, there is a sense of love for the state, there is a stake in the development of Melaka.

9. For a long time, the people of Melaka have been threatened by politicians who are jumping for power, fighting in the Melaka State Legislative Assembly. Until it became a meme and joke material for all Malaysians when they saw Katak in the Melaka DUN.

10. Fighting day and night. After the trial, do not go down to the field.

11. I believe the people of Melaka deserve something new. They deserve better.


UMNO and PPBM are urged to strengthen the mutual consensus to ensure that the unity of the Malay party is stronger which gives an advantage especially to the people and the Melaka State Election (PRN) which will be held in the near future. This is because the unification of the Malay party is a basic matter that needs to be emphasized to ensure the continued prosperity and well -being of the country, especially in a multi -religious, multi -racial and multi -cultural Malaysian society.

In this regard, it is time for the Malay party to think more seriously about the unity and spirit of the Malaysian Family so as not to be divided to the detriment of the people. As the Malay proverb says ‘Bersatu Kita Teguh Bercerai Kita Roboh’. Therefore, unity among Malay parties is the earliest action that should be done to fight for the agenda and rights of the Malays as enshrined in the Constitution of each party and ensure that all national goals are achieved for the good of the Malays.

It is clear that the fate and interests of the Malays are in the hands of the Malay party itself. As a nation that went through challenges in the pre -independence era, the Malays are going through a similar era at this time. Therefore, unity and unification of Malay parties must be the main agenda of the Malays themselves. Like the saying goes back to the deepest horizon of national life, which is consensus. As the poet says, agreement brings blessings; round water because of sewers, round man because of consensus equally melting, equally perishable; United firmly divided we fall.
Therefore, it is important to unite the Malay parties in finding equality and forget the political disputes for the sake of Malay strength and the dignity of Islam which is precise and superior.

Efforts to foster closer and more transparent unity must continue to be translated with one goal to face the Melaka PRN. The wisdom of unity is very valuable and the angle of understanding the meaning of unity and brotherhood among Muslims that can contribute to the greater unity of the ummah in line with the demands of Islam and the Shariah.


Recently, I and YB Datuk Wira Hajah Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, Vice Chief of SRIKANDI had a meeting with the SRIKANDI BERSATU Melaka machinery to review the readiness to face any possible Melaka State Election.

SRIKANDI BERSATU remains steadfast in its opinion that state elections should not be held because the main focus at this time should be given to efforts to recover the country and the State of Melaka, especially from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, SRIKANDI BERSATU has been prepared to face any possibility of the Melaka State Election by following strict and appropriate SOPs.

As we all know, the election will be held in Melaka at the end of November.

There is no need for an election at this time. The situation of Covid-19 in Malaysia has not yet recovered but is declining little by little and we all want to breathe a sigh of relief and start a normal life again.
If this election takes place, what impact will he have on the State, the people of the State and our country ?? Does the government study in advance what risks we will all face .. ?? Should this election be in our situation which has just recovered from the Covid19 epidemic .. ??

Try to recall the fall of the Pakatan Harapan Government in Melaka in early March 2020. Was there a by -election to determine the new government in the state?
It seems then who has the majority that takes over the state government.
While Covid-19 is not completely gone, I think there is no need for this Melaka state election. I think the current Malaysian government is still not learning from the previous failed government led by Mahiaddin.

We do not take into account the impact of the by -elections in Sabah. All Malaysians witnessed what had happened in Malaysia at that time. The date of the election in Sabah at that time was 26 September 2020 and at that time the Covid19 case in Malaysia was 10769 cases. After a week of elections in Sabah, cases rose to 11771 and continued to rise. You can retrieve data on the number of cases increased dramatically in Sabah and at the same time throughout Malaysia.

If we are still stubborn and still want to hold elections, then all Malaysians must be prepared to bear the risks that we will all face together.
Another thing about the election candidates in Melaka. I personally and in my view, Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Pakatan Harapan should not take on candidates who have jumped the party before to represent PH. This will tarnish the image of PH from the people going out to vote. I am of the view that there is no need to elevate the Traitors and Frogs in Melaka to be HEROES in the upcoming elections. We should reject them completely and not give space to them in the PH.

Enough is enough PH has been played before. We must stand up for the principle of rejecting the FROGS who have betrayed and destroyed trust. Not because of these frogs, the people reject PH. Lots of credit to PH for winning if the Election in Melaka is held at this time. Don’t let the people hate PH because they are unprincipled.

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