Mossad In Malaysia ?

Mossad In Malaysia ?

Apparently Mossad is hot for work in Malaysia! Last September 28, two Palestinians stopped by Avenue K Mall to have dinner. Finished, they walk back.

They parked at Star Residences Two. Here, suddenly four Malaysians came to attack. Why do Malaysians want to attack? Not a robbery you know. These four Malaysians are believed to be Mossad assets.

Because Mossad suspects these two Palestinians are al-Qas.sam agents. The attacker managed to kidnap a person. Another person managed to run to Ascott Star Hotel for help.

Already. I think it has failed because Mossad has a job to ‘clean with no foul up’. Apart from one person, the office is the answer. And it was missed, because the Palestinian who survived went to make a police report at Dang Wangi Station.

The kidnapped victim had to be transported to Hulu Langat. It is also bad to be beaten. Four Malaysians made a video call using secure line directly to Israel. All kinds of questions. If the answer does not meet Mossad’s taste, what else – you have to hit again.

There is another thing they foul up. They do not cover their faces. The car registration number is also exposed. And the Malaysian police are not chicken stamps. The police managed to track the car to a chalet. They attacked and rescued the kidnapped victim.

Following their investigation, the last question asked by Team Israel was, “Who is the highest person of Ham-s who met you?”

The investigation found that the four Malaysians made the third mess up. Not two (not covering the face and number plate) just. Three. Do you know what the third one is? The Israeli team wants two Palestinians to compete. Not just to clean operation. But there is a possibility that the safe citizens are far more important (high value) than the kidnap victims.

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