Hi everyone, have your lunch already ? or today you in detox mood, or your fasting for last season of Ramadan ? Its me again want to share with you about critical subjects in health, especially about weight loss. Metabolism has been talking point for long long time until now. Its that true that Metabolism is the key factor to weight loss ? If that true, how can your speed up your metabolic rate ? to the point that all foods you eat are totally converting to energy.

Energy Conversion ?

Metabolism is easily described as energy conversion, that is, what you eat, can be converted to energy. Why your cell need this energy ? Its is because all the chemical processes that goes continuosly , so that you still alive . What type of process ? for example like breathing, repairing cells, and digesting foods. All this chemicals need energy ? Where to get it ? from your foods that you eat.

The requirement of energy to complete this biochemical processes is called Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). BMR accounts for 40% to 70% of your energy requirement needs to do the basic function to keep you alive, while you at rest. Based on BMR, how many calories that your body needs will effect your appearances, whether you can be thin or fat, its all depends how your body burn calories.

10 Factors That Affect Your Metabolism

Everyone has different BMR, yes, you can look at some people, always eat 2 plate of rices, but still maintain thin and slim. Other people, with slow metabolism, cannot enjoy eating, end up with fat at their stomach. List below are common factors for your BMR.

  1. Muscles Mass – its was shown that people with higher lean body mass, with muscles like “Malek Nor” require more calories, rather than people with fat body mass. Muscles need more energies to function, that why people with more muscle have higher BMR. Strength and resistance training are the best way to build up your muscle, so everyone call you “ABAM SADO”. Fat in your body require less calories to function, that make your BMR go slowly.
  2. Age – simple theory, with proven records, people tense to get slow BMR when age increase. Older people experiences muscle tissue loss, and make it their metabolism getting slower. Meanwhile, babies and kids have higher metabolism when their go through the growth period.
  3. Body Size – people with taller, bigger bodies need more calories to function all their internal organs properly.
  4. Gender – usually Men have faster metabolism than women. But I always some women, very thin, eat many many plates, but still got shape and thin.
  5. Genetics – some people with genetic disorder will experiences slow BMR.
  6. Physical Activity – regular exercise keep your body build muscle mass, and burn more calories, while you at resting period.
  7. Hormonal Factors – hormonal imbalanced caused by certain factors like hypo or hyperthyroidism can affect your metabolism. Some says men after marriage will get fatter and fatter, oh nooo.
  8. Enviromental Factors – whether you work on cold or hot condition, or maybe your work at Iceland got different metabolism, or you work at Arab Dessert, with higher temperature. Maintaining your body to normal temperature requires a lot of energy, and that increases your metabolism
  9. Drugs – some drugs like nicotine and caffeine increase your metabolic rate.
  10. Diets – a good news is, by taking proper diets, you can trick your body to increase the BMR level.

4 Ways To Speed Up

Metabolism shows the key factor to weight loss, its mean you burn calories while in resting period. This metabolism factors help you to keep loosing weight and get your beautiful shape. To speed up your metabolism, please consider below.

  1. Exercise – the right exercise, which are strength and resistance training can build up your muscle, which increase your metabolism. You can go to gym, three times a week, start weight-lifting exercise.
  2. Diets – you know that, eat little little, 4 to 6 times per day are crucial to get higher metabolism. Some peoples suggest to eat rich omega-3 foods, using smaller plates. Drink coffee is okay, but please make sure your sugar intake. Others says green tea can boost up your metabolism.
  3. Drink Water – before this I said drinks water is good for our health. Same goes to metabolism, you should drink water , 2-3 liters per day to fuel up your BMR. And remember that drinking water helps you to lose weight slowly-slowly.
  4. Sleep – a good quality sleep, some says 8 hours per day, lack of sleep signal your body to slow down your metabolism. That not good. But remember, a very good quality sleep is important, you can add up calcium to help you get sleep better. But please don’t sleep in front your boss, or you will be fired.

Boost Up NOW !!!

My advice to you and myself, lets go workout, control your diet, so that you can speed up your metabolic rate. Make your body age younger, that mean your metabolism is higher. How to make your body age lower ? By loosing weight, shed all unnecessary fats from your body. Give your body some resistance training, no pain, no muscle gain, no increasing metabolism.

Coffee Calorie

You have to know about your coffee that how much calories a single cup of coffee contains. If you want to loose weight then consume black coffee:
Low in calories
Fat burner
Fastens your metabolic rate by 50%
Burning your fat cells which release energy
Stress reliever
So consume healthy drinks and stay healthy


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