Magnesium Protect DNA From EMF ?

Magnesium Protect DNA From EMF ? Can Magnesium protect DNA against EMF’s? I’m writing about this because of the interest it garnered during the Telegram talk I gave on September ’21 and again on November ’21.

Magnesium Protect DNA From EMF ?

Many professors in physics and engineers have been arguing that EMF’s from Wifi, Bluetooth gadgets and cell phones cannot possibly damage the human body or harm its DNA.

Why would they say that? Mainly, because its true that this low-level radiation emits energy with a power density that’s orders of magnitude LOWER than dangerous x-rays or nuclear radiation.
But all these PhDs got it COMPLETELY WRONG. Researchers have now identified the mechanism of harm from EMF’s.

In 2013 Dr. Martin Pall from Washington State University published a groundbreaking paper on the mechanisms that could explain how EMF’s are able to stress every single cell in your body.

Pall argues that these EMF’s do not directly damage your DNA , but disrupt the Calcium Channels in your cells (Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels/VGCCs, to be exact)… letting excess calcium flow in 24/7, and creating a ton of downstream side effects.

In other words….the more you’re exposed to WiFi, cell phones signals and other kinds of wireless devices…the more your cells get filled with abnormally elevated amounts of calcium.

So now, you may ask , how’s that a problem? Calcium is an essential mineral after all!

Here’s the problem. Every single part of your body can seriously suffer from excess calcium.

Excess calcium in your brain = link to Dementia & Alzheimer’s.

Excess calcium in your heart = arterial plaque & increased heart attacks.

Excess calcium in your nervous system = nervous system disorders and multiple sclerosis.

Most of all, excess calcium IN YOUR CELLS leads to the generation of peroxynitrite, a reactive nitrogen species which could lead to serious DNA damage and risk of cancer.

There is good news though. Dr.Pall has also found ( in animal models) that using a calcium-blocking drug ( like the ones commonly prescribed for heart disease and high blood pressure) can cancel out some or all of this damage, depending on the situation.

In fact, he identified not one, not two, BUT 26 studies which prove that these meds can nullify or at least greatly reduce the harmful side effects of EMF’s and that is the mineral – MAGNESIUM.

Magnesium might just be Mother Nature’s all-natural calcium channel blocker/regulator, but 80% of the world’s population is deficient in it — which is definitely a concern in our electro-polluted world.

So go search for Magnesium rich foods and STAY SAFE.

JESSE signing out. (26/11/2021)

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