Long Covid Homeopathy

Long Covid Homeopathy

As with any virus, there can be lingering effects. Post viral syndrome has been with us for a very long time (probably long before it had a name). My experience has been that mainstream medicine is brilliant, brilliant at dealing with acute situations, issues requiring surgery and much, much more. But post viral issues I’ve not seen so much success there myself.

Which, for me, is one area where homeopathy comes into its own. We are looking at who the person is who is experiencing the symptoms as well as the symptoms themselves. Which is, like post viral issues, not a new phenomena. Hippocrates is reported to have said “it is more important to know the person that the disease has, than the disease the person has.”

I am fascinated in people, which for me dates at least as far back as being 17, switching from my mission to study veterinary medicine to studying psychology and neuroscience. Getting to know who the person is that has the disease is a great part of my job. And helps me massively in finding a homeopathic medicine, or a remedy, to help them move forwards from a place of stuckness. Whether that be a post viral thing, persistent headaches or emotional issues.

Homeopathy, in my opinion, comes into its own beautifully in the post viral world, and I’ve seen some great shifts using well prescribed, individualised remedies for people in our current times.


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