Liverpool Salary Structure

Liverpool Salary Structure

Liverpool Salary Structure. Honestly, my analysis is: FSG and Klopp’s salary structure is saving us from a massive money trap. The structure is smartly designed and fairer than most people think. I support it.

The trap works like this – Some clubs made it normal to pay every player as if they were Pele and Maradonna. Grealish takes 300k/week and sits on the bench. 45 million on Kalvin Phillips to sit next to him. Neymar buys a helicopter. Then Mbappe gets paid 960k/week. And then Bayern offers Mane 390k/week to play in league that they have won 10 times in a row.

If you chase these prices and start paying at these levels, you fall in the whirlpool. Because next year they will pay 400k/week to Declan Rice…and then 500k/week to Nkunku. And you will be bankrupt long before their bank balance even breaks a sweat.

Barcelona and Man United fell in this exact trap. In 5 years, they went from UCL contenders to Europa League. And in the same time we went from Europa League to UCL contenders with less than half their budget. Just trust your Football heritage, buy smart, nurture and coach your young talent and play hard…that’s the smart way. The Liverpool way.

Sadio Mane Leave Liverpoool

The way Sadio is leaving is truly professional and sets a great example in this degrading transfer atmosphere of today…
He was completely focused on that massive end of season run-up, scored the winner at Villa, equalizer against Wolves, full effort vs Madrid. And at the end of the season, he is quickly moving on without creating a lengthy, fussy salary negotiation drama. Because of that, we have already secured Nunez who will now get a break and full pre-season. Mane will also get a full pre-season and break. And that is perfect for Mane, Nunez, LFC and Bayern.

We saw the ugly departures of Mascherano, Torres, Suarez and Coutinho. We recently saw the ridiculous Mbappe-Madrid saga. We see players haggling over few dollars for months to sign a contract extension. And Mane is breath of fresh air in all this.
Just class and professionalism all the way.

Liverpool Salary Structure

Roberston Satisfaction

In 2017, Klopp signed Robertson from a relegated Hull City team for just £8 million and the salary was just 50k/week. 310 days later, he was playing in a Champions League Final.
For 4 years he kept playing for 50k/week. In 2021, his salary went up to 100k/week. He is easily the best and most tirelessly hardworking left back in the world today. And still he is not raising one peep about increasing his salary. The man just wants to play Football for us and leave everything on the pitch. This is the same Robertson who just 10 years ago was pleading for a job on Twitter to make some money. And for somone to come from that situation and be so content with what he is getting and so focused on what he is doing is absolutely remarkable. Specially in today’s environment where people are making insane salaries.

For reference, Cancelo will is reportedly paid 250k/week. Robertson doesn’t get even half of that but is the most energetic and jolly person on any pitch by a mile.
Happiness is truly a choice. Because satisfaction is a choice and satisfaction brings happiness. YNWA Robbo

Robbie Fowler giving us his take on the Salah debacle in The Mirror

He seems to think Liverpool are holding off to see if Mo’s perceived dip in form is him starting to wane or whether it’s just temporary due to his exertions for both club and country this past season. Interested to hear your thoughts Reds!

“I won’t pretend to know what’s going on with his contract, but clearly the answer is: nothing much. And that leaves so many questions unanswered. One thing is obvious, the club has done some very clear, precise and unemotional calculations with Mane. He’s 31 in April, has a huge amount of running in his legs, and wanted a huge contract as one of the best players in the world.
“I don’t blame him for that. Mane is the equal of virtually every world class star at the moment, and rightly wanted that recognition with the going rate for the last big contract of his career. What Liverpool so obviously did though, was run their analytics – which to their credit they do so well – and decided selling him to buy Darwin Nunez and keep their wage structure in place was the right thing for the club. It begs the question, what calculations have they run on Salah?
“Again, I don’t know all the answers, but what screams out to me so clearly, is they won’t be breaking their wage structure to keep him. If they were prepared to do that, it would have happened by now. But look, I can’t blame Salah for wanting the going rate, just like Mane did. He’s the Premier League Golden Boot winner, he’s the Footballer of the Year and in with a great shout of the Ballon d’Or top three.

“What salary does a player in the top three in the world command? He obviously believes it’s more than Liverpool are offering. But if my old club are running complex calculations, then so too is Salah – and it can never be a precise science. I think him saying no matter what happens with his contract, he’ll be at Anfield next year was clearly a threat.
“His calculation is that if he gets to leave Liverpool next summer on a free, with his salary and with a big bonus because there’s no fee, he’ll get that level of wages. That can work, often does. But there’s another calculation, which I’m inclined to believe Liverpool are currently running. Will he still be the same player next summer? Look, he’s been one of the best in the world for a long time now. But since the turn of the year, he’s been – by his standards – pretty average.

“Look at his goals record. Six from open play in the whole of 2022, a lot of missed chances, some heartache in the Champions League final when he could have won it – and probably the Ballon d’Or along with it. So he and Liverpool must ask: is that temporary because of the punishing schedule and his exertions for Egypt? Or is time catching up with him? That’s the question other potential suitors must ask too, if and when he becomes available. Can he stay at the summit of world football well into his 30s, or will he begin to fade?
“I have to confess that I’m beginning to believe Liverpool are concerned it will be the latter, otherwise they’d have done more over a new deal. And maybe they’re waiting now to see how he starts next season.”


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