Lionel Messi Lying Wall Freekick

Lionel Messi Lying Wall Freekick. Lionel Messi proves teammates comments are true despite “disrespectful” claims. Lionel Messi scored his first goal for Paris Saint-Germain in a 2-0 win over Manchester City in the Champions League after a sensational strike to leave Ederson rooted

As some football fans pointed out, Messi is probably the main reason why so many teams defend free-kicks with a player lying down behind walls these days.Just as capable of scoring over or under a wall, teams had to come up with an innovative way to try and prevent the free-kick maestro from scoring.

But one moment has got people talking when City had a free-kick on the outskirts of the box and as PSG lined up a wall – it was Messi who took up the role as ‘plank’ – laying on the floor to prevent an unlikely pea-roller from squirming underneath.

Ferdinand was having none of it, jovially insisting that it was disrespectful to ask a man of Messi’s prowess to perform such a task. He said: “The moment Pochettino asked him to do that on the training ground, someone should have said: ‘No, no, no, no, no. This doesn’t happen to Leo Messi.’

Commment from Facebook Messi Wall

Zaineb Kn me too I saw it as disrespectful for a great player to lie at his teammates’ feet. They shouldn’t have allowed it, but he proves to be a modest superstar.

Messi doesn’t care or listen to what other people say , he does things according to his mind

He was still on the pitch playing football. It is all part of the game. I am sure he didn’t think like others, disrespectful and all that silly stuff.

I saw it as a sign of LEADERSHIP. Great leaders are great servants. I actually have more respect for Messi after this than before because he showed he is willing to lay down his pride for his friends/team! Great job!

Looked odd seeing Messi take that role. But he’s a general of the game who seem to have no issues stooping low for his team. I would do it having accomplished it all. If he willingly did that, while I appreciate Ferdinand’s feelings, it should be commended as an act of selfless service. Provided Pochettino didn’t force him to do it.

The thing is King Messi, I mean the G.O.A.T in Messi understands all the tactics in the soccer game. If you all had actually been following the game up to present, you will realize that it is bcuz of Messi and CR7 many guys lie down behind the wall whenever they stand on a free kick around the 18 yd. Those are secret places they normally place the ball cuz they know that the wall would definitely jump. CR7 did it again Bayern Munich and King Messi did it to many Spanish teams. So there was nothing strange or wrong with the King for him to had lain down behind the wall.

The rules for laying down when a freekick is being taken are still being reviewed as of now its still legal its not a foul remember Messi did pass a penalty to Luis Suarez to assist him win a golden boot the last person to have pass a penalty is Johan Cryf in 1982 again there is no such rule which prevents that.

The Barcelona supporters are now supporting Psg. Does Barcelona still exists or changed name to psg advise please i wasn’t watching soccer for some time

Don’t matter eventually they all gon’ respect messi, messi himself will make them respect him without flexing drama or any kind of attention but with his pure talent the whole psg will respect him! Wait and watch…

And that’s where the problem lies when a player thinks he is bigger than the club itself, I always said psg will struggle because of that, however this shows that they are willing to put their egos aside and all do the 1%ers and put in for each other that’s the only way it will work…

That was why football is just a game anything can happen but did Messi really care about what people are saying about him do you people now if he has a reason for that

Messi is a humble person and I don’t see any problem with it…he humble, he is not pride, victory is what matter most to him….a true footballer will do all in his reach to obtain the best result. Messi is truly humble…

Comment on Rio Ferdinand

Why Rio and some people’s think that lying Messi is disrespectful? I think they are all player playing the same ball on the same pitch.As soon as they are in the game I think they are all equal and any players can play that same role.Is there any team in the world that have specific player to lying down for the free kick???

This guy isn’t a journalist but a Ronaldo’s fan. On the pitch all the players are the same and each of them has a role to play. We don’t really pay attention to a double-faced’s opinions!!

Messi is not humble… All of you saying “humble should keep quiet.. You can say he is being a team player but humility is off it please. Do you think we have forgotten Messi and Pochettino hand shake snub which lead to Messi missing two matches until this match? A humble player doesn’t snub his coach.

This is absolute rubbish! So those other players that have been lying on the floor were being disrespected? Messi isn’t tall to stand in the wall and if he is asked to do a defensive job for the sake of the team, I don’t see anything wrong in that. If Messi isn’t complaining, why is Rio the one to complain. Messi is the greatest player of all time and he has always proved time and time again that he is also one of the most humble players in history.

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