LHDN Problems

lhdn problems

LHDN Problems

1. Nothing to lose ~ bankruptcy
2. Migrate to a foreign country.
3. Work for a mediocre salary (below the mean of the tax deed to declare).

I chat with the entrepreneurial community. These three points I keep data.

If the entrepreneur is fed up with wanting to serve because of bureaucracy, the LHDN system and stupid politics.
This is one of the actions that business partners will take, including me.

No. 1.
This person doesn’t care about bankruptcy.
No bank account or can’t covers travel abroad, confiscate all kinds of assets.
Because sometimes having to go into debt in order to pay taxes and penalties is irrelevant.

The bankrupt friend is ready to talk again, he is happy to live like now.
Probably not as free as before but not stressed to work and trade half -dead tired 16 hours a day ago, the money was only spent on paying penalties and taxes.
People don’t hate paying taxes but the bureaucracy and the raking system fools the mind.
Kind of important letters are sent to the oldest address even though it has been updated in the system, eventually there is a penalty like a taik  visit.
A lot of money from work is spent on paying penalties.

2. This is a friend who is there for business and sees opportunities in foreign countries.
I myself am also a source of income from selling goods to other countries.
One of my worldwide reseller markets is in Dubai and the UK.
Euro countries voice taxpayers more cohesive than politicians.
Because we can overthrow by term.
Near here, old people are also party -goers here and there.
If I think this Malaysia is really difficult to change.
I switched businesses.

3. Many will do this and have already done it because of the economic pressure and the pressure of the LHDN’s paleolithic system. Pay first, discuss later.

What do you expect with the trader who struggled to pay first while the staff’s salary is only a throat -clearing?

Indeed, wrap up the business.

People on salaries like the IRB may not see a domino effect when business people and investors start migrating to other countries, or people downgrade to live until the government is responsible for more and more people declaring as poor instead of declaring as taxpayers.

What good is it for the country?
The economy is getting worse.
Inflation is rising.
Monopoly of one sector.
People will choose the short, forbidden path.

You as LHDN and related staff, if unemployment increases.
Who do you want to grab to get the funds to pay the annual bonus?
Are you a homeless person?

Really don’t like to see Malaysia harmonious and developing?

Your blind eyes do not see how many auction houses and empty buildings because the project/business is not working.
Is that going to a developed country?

I’ve been in business since I was little, I opened my teenage tax file again. But if people ask me.
All three points above I don’t care which one to choose because I’m really starting to get fed up with the ancient human system of defeating the owner of the Universe.

lhdn problems

Metaverse Problems

Facebook can change its name to Meta Platforms or anything else, but its current leadership cannot be trusted

When you watch a magician wave his right hand in a flourish, keep an eye on his left, because that’s usually where the real action is. This lesson is certainly true of Facebook’s own recent “magical” flourishes.

First, Facebook unveiled a new name — Meta Platforms FB, -1.12% — as part of its project to build the “metaverse,” a virtual world of the sort technologists and science-fiction writers have dreamed of for decades.

When reaction to the metaverse was underwhelming, for its next trick Facebook announced plans to delete a vast stockpile of facial-recognition training data. In each case, one hand produced a shiny bauble while the other hand was still up to its old tricks of power, greed, distraction and information-based manipulation.

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First we had fake meat with Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods next, will be lab grown breastmilk.

From CNBC:

Now, the pipeline of alt-food companies includes Biomilq, a North Carolina-based start-up that’s targeting infant nutrition by attempting to reproduce mother’s breast milk in a lab.
While that may seem like a moon shot, Biomilq has just earned the backing of the world’s top investors, raising $3.5 million in Series A funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures
Breakthough Ventures’ investing coalition includes Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Masayoshi Son, Jack Ma, Michael Bloomberg and Marc Benioff.

Biomilq co-founder and CEO Michelle Egger is a food scientist who worked on the Larabar at General Mills before moving onto business school and a stint at the Gates Foundation. She and her co-founder, CSO Leila Strickland, hope that the breast milk produced by Biomilq from culturing mammary epithelial cells will help reduce the carbon footprint from the global infant formula market, which Fortune Business Insights says will surpass $103 billion by 2026.

“Right now, by the estimations we have been able to make, at least 10% of the dairy market globally ends up in infant formula,” Eggers said. “That means per-infant-fed formula in the U.S., 5,700 metric tons of CO2 are produced, and 4,300 gallons of freshwater are consumed each year to feed a child. Parents want to do what’s best for their kids but shouldn’t have to decide between feeding their children and protecting the planet.”

I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

Yay or Nay?


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