Laba Garlic With Green Chilies

Laba Garlic With Green Chilies

A smile is not a sign of character…
Being angry does not mean losing dignity.

Because staying silent sometimes brings revenge…
If you speak up, sometimes you open a dispute.

That’s why just walk, bow your face and head, nod if you are greeted.
The important thing is not to pretend..
and just do our work!

You guys….

Life is too short for us to forget to appreciate each other.

Too short to get angry and hold grudges or hate.

Even too short to be too happy and continue to be sad.

If there is still time and time, clean your heart and learn to appreciate each other.

…because we don’t know when we will all go to the eternal land.

Still have fever and loss of appetite.
Try to get up and do something.
Here is my appetizer paberet. May be able to reduce my lingering cold, cough and fever.

Only this time I put the two together.

• Garlic profit
• Orange Chili Green

The ingredients are simple:
A cup of rice vinegar @ eat
1 tablespoon of rock sugar
Soak until submerged.

You can eat the chili orange tomorrow.
The garlic wait 4.5 days until it changes color to emerald green.
Alaaa..that’s like the Mukbang of China eating that.

It has many benefits, inshaAllah.
Like you, when you’re friends with me.

Ehhh… that’s it!

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