Laba Garlic Benefits

Laba Garlic Benefits

Laba Garlic Benefits. Really influenced by China’s viral mukbang, it seems that people eat small, crunchy green things like petai. Apparently orange garlic.

Garlic Laba (Laba Suan) is made on the 8th day (LaBa) of the 12th month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, which is considered to be the coldest day in Northern China. This traditional Chinese food is always served with meat or greasy foods.

Nutritional Benefits:
Garlic profit is believed to be able to improve the digestive system, anti-aging and anti-cancer.

Garlic Profit Recipe


3 garlic pumpkins peeled and removed at the base, washed and drained.

1 cup rice vinegar (brown or white color). I replaced it with regular vinegar

1 tablespoon rock sugar

Put the peeled garlic in a jar. Add rock sugar and pour the vinegar to cover the onions. Close the jar and leave (at room temperature) until an emerald green color LA rehabs results (take five days or so). Soon it will be beautiful green.

Ready daaa …

*Once opened, you have to keep it in the fridge*

Laba Garlic

Laba garlic usually refers to garlic pickled in vinegar. The finished product is emerald green in color and has a sour and slightly spicy taste. Because it is pickled on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, it is called “laba garlic”.

How many people know about Laba Garlic

Soaked laba garlic is a traditional snack mainly popular in northern China, especially in northern China. It is a food custom during the Laba Festival. Soak garlic on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. In fact, the ingredients are very simple, just vinegar and garlic cloves.

The method is also extremely simple. Put the peeled garlic cloves into a container such as a jar or bottle that can be sealed, then pour the vinegar, seal the mouth and put it in a cold place. Slowly, the garlic soaked in vinegar will turn green, and finally it will become green all over, like emerald jasper. As soon as the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month in northern China, the atmosphere of the New Year is over one day. In most areas of northern China, there is a custom of soaking garlic in vinegar on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, called Laba garlic.

How many people know about Laba Garlic

In September 2019, the natural medicinal chemistry team of Professor Chen Haixia of Tianjin University discovered three new active peptides from “Laba Garlic” for the first time.

According to the old rules, Laba garlic should be soaked on Laba this day, and when it is broken, it is eaten with various kinds of dumplings. Laba garlic is garlic soaked in vinegar. Use purple garlic and rice vinegar to remove the old skin of the garlic cloves, immerse it in rice vinegar, put it in a small jar, seal it, and place it in a cold place until the garlic turns green.

raw material

Soak Laba garlic with purple garlic and rice vinegar . Remove the old skin from the garlic cloves, immerse them in the rice vinegar, and put them in a small altar to seal them tightly. On New Year’s Eve , the garlic cloves are verdant and green, and the spicy acetic acid aroma melts together. It is the best condiment for eating dumplings , and it can also be used in cold dishes with a unique taste. In the past, people said that it was not Laba that the garlic soaked on this day was not green. That’s not the case at all, the reaction of garlic soaking in vinegar is that the green garlic cloves are spicy and sour; the acetic acid is fragrant and spicy. Now if you go to the old Beijing-style restaurant for dinner and fried noodles , you will be served a small plate of verdant laba garlic all year round.

laba garlic benefits

Chinese Scientists’ Finding Suggests Replacing Antibiotics by Chinese Laba Garlic

Chinese Scientists’ Finding Suggests Replacing Antibiotics by Chinese Laba Garlic Chinese Scientists’ Finding Suggests Replacing Antibiotics by Chinese Laba Garlic

(Yicai Global) Sept. 19 — A team of scientists at China’s Tianjin University have discovered bigger-than-expected antibacterial properties in Chinese pickled Laba garlic, anticipating the condiment to be used as an alternative for antibiotics.

Professor Chen Haixia’s team found out that Laba garlic has three active peptides that can destroy bacteria, Science and Technology Daily reported today. The results have also been published in Food & Function, an international science journal.

The vinegar-preserved green and slightly spicy dish is usually prepared for the Laba Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday related to Buddhism.

The research provides a theoretical basis for the application of natural antimicrobial peptide drugs, said Chen’s team member Gao Xudong. Laba garlic could offer one way to reduce patients’ reliance on antibiotics, the overuse of which gives growth to antibiotic-resistant superbugs, the report added.

The National Natural Science Foundation and Tianjin’s Science and Technology Fund have so far been financing the research.

Garlic – the ultimate ingredient in every kitchen

Garlic isn’t just a cooking ingredient; it also has many health benefits.

Garlic is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Thai cooking. Believed to have been introduced to Thailand by the Chinese, garlic is an ancient plant that has been widely known in Central Asia for centuries.

The use of garlic later spread to the Middle East and its neighbouring countries. In ancient times, garlic was used primarily for medicinal purposes, but it soon gained popularity as a cooking herb.

Did you know these health benefits of garlic?

Helps prevent common cold and flu
Reduces stomach bloating
Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol
Natural pain relief for toothache
Protects the body from harmful bacteria

Today, like ginger and onion, garlic is used as a cooking ingredient in many parts of the world. While each country has its own history and ways of consuming and cooking garlic, the herb has always been used as an aromatic ingredient that greatly enhances the flavour of food.


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