Ivermectin Crisis India Letter

Ivermectin Crisis India Letter. A letter from a British citizen to the UKs Minister of Health, Mr Sajid Javid.

Ivermectin Crisis India Letter


I’m a British citizen in India right now. Here, I’ve spoken with many friends about their awful experiences during the Covid crisis. Everyone in the UK heard about India’s crisis which peaked on May 28th, very few heard about what happened as the cases rapidly declined in the following weeks. People are being prescribed Ivermectin to combat covid before they end up in hospital. It’s available in the pharmacy over the counter. I myself have used it as a preventative whilst here.
In fact, as Ivermectin was rolled out in India, the cases came down significantly around May 28th. This came at a time when vaccine penetration was significantly less than 5%. Ivermectin made a huge difference in India’s response to Covid-19. If you get Covid, you are given an early treatment regimen which includes Ivermectin. And yet – where is its use in the UK?

My father – who is in the UK – is double vaccinated. He now has moderate/severe covid symptoms. He is 70. If he were in India, I would simply go to the pharmacy and get him Ivermectin, but that is simply not possible in the UK. The drug is not even imported into the UK. The only way in which Ivermectin is available is as a treatment for rosacea. It’s available only in a cream format. Or you can buy it in tiny quantities for your pigeon or budgie, but not in the standard format of a 12mg tablet! It’s clearly safe enough as a general treatment for an uncommon skin condition, and even our pets, but adults cannot get it in tablet form?
The evidence is already published multiple times in peer-reviewed studies. More than fifty trials have been completed. I won’t clog up the email with references, I’ll just dump them all at the bottom. Early treatment of covid patients works – Ivermectin is proven to be effective. As are aerated steroids, and combinations of vitamin D and zinc. The literature shows we can reduce hospitalisations if we treat early. This isn’t even nearly controversial in India. So why is it, that when I check the NHS website for my Dad, that none of the proven treatments being prescribed here in India are recommended? Below are the NHS guidelines on what to do if you get Covid:

https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/self-isolation-and-treatment/how-to-treat-symptoms-at-home (https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/self-isolation-and-treatment/how-to-treat-symptoms-at-home/)/

There is not a single early treatment recommended. Instead the recommendations are to sit up straight and have honey? I was hit with utter disbelief by those recommendations. People like my Dad are being told to just wait it out, and only go into the hospital once the virus has become unmanageable. Who came up with this strategy to just leave people untreated, ignoring all the published literature which shows us that early treatment can reduce hospitalisation by 85% ? Why is there no early treatment on offer, and yet in India early treatment is rightfully expected by patients? How have those recommendations not changed to reflect the evidence we have about early treatment?

Ivermectin Sars-cov-2

I was sick of ignorant people saying Ivermectin has “insufficient evidence” it works. I prepare this response complete with all scientific references. Feel free to copy and paste to those people who still don’t know. Hope it helps.

Ivermectin is a 40 year old medicine. It’s discovery won its inventor’s the Noble Prize in medicine. Billions of doses has been given to humans safely. It is proven safe up to 10x the prescribed dose (1). It is widely used in veterinary medicine. It is a common overt-the-counter medicine in some countries used to treat parasite infections. When re-purposed to treat Covid 19, the scientific studies show that it works in the following ways (all references included below):

Video explanation of modes of operation from Dr Mobeen Syed:

1. It hinders the binding of the SARS-COV-2 spike protein with the ACE2 receptor on our cells.
2. It disrupts the RdRp enzyme of the virus reducing the viruse’s replication.
3. It disrupts the 3-chymotrypsin like protease enzyme of the virus, resulting in the reduction in virus replication.
4. It disrupts the importin alpha and beta of our cells. These proteins are used by the virus to send messages to our nucleus not to defend itself. Ivermectin disrupts these messages resulting in better cellular defense by our tissues.
5. As a result of all of the above, it PREVENTS and TREATS Covid 19.

References for all statements above:

1. Safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of escalating high doses of ivermectin in healthy adult subjects

2. The FDA-approved drug ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro

3. Ivermectin is a specific inhibitor of importing α/β-mediated nuclear importable to inhibit replication of HIV-1 and dengue virus

4. Ivermectin as an anti-inflammatory

5. Ivermectin Docks to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Receptor-binding Domain Attached to ACE2

6. Ivermectin as a promising RNA-dependent RNA polymerase inhibitor and a therapeutic drug against SARS-CoV2: Evidence from in silico studies

7. Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection

Let me explain *PARTIAL LOCKDOWN*

1. All companies and government to *CLOSE* unless you are part of the essential service.

2. Effective 18th March u still can go out from your house, this is NOT a full lockdown. U can go out to work at all the Essential Service or if you don’t work there, you can go and use the service.

3. Restaurants are NOT to serve customers but can open for DELIVERY SERVICES.
But if your restaurant DO NOT have delivery services, You are NOT ALLOWED to open.
Restaurants CANNOT serve dine in customers.

4. You can still drop by your office, but you are not suppose to work with colleagues as the purpose of this Partial Lockdown is to ensure no spread of Virus.

5. You are NOT ALLOWED to travel outstation or in the highways from 18th March to stop the spread of the Virus.

6. You can still go out jogging, hiking, exercise but AVOID close contact with others.

7. Supermarkets, marts, will be open. Staff in this places are allowed to go to work. And you can go as customers. Again try avoiding crowds and wear a mask.

8. Since this is NOT a full lockdown, you do not need to worry about essential staff travelling to work. They can still travel as long as not outstation.

9. No public weddings, small scale funerals.

NO RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES, including No Friday Prayers. All religious activities are totally banned.

10. Transportation of goods still allowed.

11. If you are part of condo management, you are suppose to close BUT if it effects the water and electricity then you are considered essential staff.

12. All teaching places related to education are to be closed. All exams postponed, students are NOT ALLOWED to go out and all the centres to close till 31st March.

For further clarifications, please contact the PM’s office.

Ivermectin Crisis India Letter

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