Hyperventilation Syndrome

Hyperventilation Syndrome

3 weeks ago it happened to me!.. just giving you a little bit story time,.. its just normal day to me.. until suddenly I felt that there’s something wrong inside my body whereas chest pain & palpitations followed,. my arms & around my mouth started numbing & tingling.. muscles got contracted ..my hand & feet got twitched & cramped ..my entire body is spasmed, me & my partner don’t know what to do ..so he decided to send me to the nearest hospital!..(just like human manequin ang peg ko.. couldn’t move)!..

We found out what I’m currently experiencing that time is HYPERVENTILATION!.. For the record aggressive sustained hyperventilation may lead to STROKE .. One of the most common causes of it .. is EMOTIONAL DISTRESS including PANIC, FEAR or ANXIETY! .. But the good thing that the doctor said that its not life threatening & easy to recover from it .. just calm down yourself first don’t think any negative or destructive thoughts in your head! .. Just get a piece of PAPER BAG & learn to breathe it in a normal way as possible! ..Or else you will be unconscious all throughout!

I’m posting these for awareness.!! .. that stress is not a joke try to relax sometimes do not overthink things ..it could also lead to a sleeping disturbance & anxiety attack just like what I’ve been through.. especially those people who have anger issues it may trigger seriously! ..Better not to over react! & for those people who are saying oa/kaartehan lang yan” no its not!..

Just remember.. The key to a healthy life is having a healthy mind & body!

CREDITS TO | Loury Mae Namoco Canillas

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