Hydra Vaccine

Hydra Vaccine

Hydra Vaccine. New Zealand scientists found that there are undeclared nanotechnology in Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines that assemble into microchip circuit boards – which can be used to track people – when exposed to heat over time.

The SGT Report channel on Brighteon. com

shared a video of Hope and Tivon from Fix the World Project Morocco discussing the technology in the Pfizer vaccines.

The video showed small, basic shapes of rectangles, squares, and circles that are floating within the company’s vaccine samples, which were found to form more complex structures when put in a car and exposed to heat.

Ricardo Delgado of La Quinta Columna previously mentioned that there’s graphene oxide in Pfizer’s shots, which is necessary to convert the frequencies to form self-assembling microchips. These microchips can perform different functions, such as controlling and tracking humans.

There are also images that show how the vaccine reacts when mixed with human blood. The white blood cells get annihilated and the red blood cells become heavily damaged.

What happens next is that vaccinated humans are emitting Bluetooth codes. There is a phenomenon going on called the “Bluetooth challenge” videos. Normally, Bluetooth devices have names on them, but what’s happening now is that when someone goes into a crowded room full of vaccinated people, there are anonymous Bluetooth addresses that show up. They’re anonymous addresses from vaccinated individuals who are emitting a signal.

A French research team confirmed this when they stopped random volunteers in a park. The team separated the groups into vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals and tested their gadgets. The team found that the vaccinated registered an unnamed MAC address.

To be clear, the MAC address is a machine dress code, all electronic hardware that makes them identifiable wirelessly. It’s a unique address to the device, so it’s just a hexadecimal number that identifies particular hardware, and each vaccinated person is disseminating a separate and unique code.

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The video also covered the theory of the “Mark of the Beast.”

“It’s in this vaccine. It’s emitting codes that you can’t by yourself. We’re getting towards that time. So with it, they’re already doing it. We’re seeing evidence that it’s already being done in human beings,” Hope said.

Hope and Tivon also talked about gene editing and DNA collection, which could be the other reasons why governments are rolling out vaccine programs.
Immortal organisms found in vaccines

Moreover, a polyp called the Hydra vulgaris, was found in the vaccine. These organisms are small, freshwater invertebrates that look like fleshy palm trees with swaying fronds of tentacles. They have stem cells that exist in a continuous state of renewal and may hold within their genomic code the key to biological immortality as these organisms renew themselves every 20 days.

According to Celina Juliano of the University of California Davis Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, these organisms neither age nor die. “You can cut little pieces out of the animal and it will regrow and maybe the most amazing thing is that you can dissociate the animal into single cells, mix them all up, put them back in a ball and a new Hydra will just grow out of it.”

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In the vaccines, these organisms were genetically modified. Dormant eggs are also present in the vaccine, where they become active, grow, and multiply when exposed to graphite tape or graphene. With heat, graphene oxide acts like Miracle-Gro. “But what these vaccine manufacturers are trying to do is make their own new species and change and edit our DNA,” Hope said.

Hydra Vaccine

Doctor Carrie Madej Hydra

Yesterday Doctor Carrie Madej came on here to talk about the hydra organism. That’s a biologically immortal freshwater animal that can regrow when cut apart and even reform itself completely when blended up. That’s pretty cool, but what’s creepy is that some people think they’re secretly included in Covid-19 vaccines.

And there could be a lot of other creepy stuff going on, too. You know those PCR tests you have to take constantly at work, at school, or when you travel, as long as you aren’t vaccinated or, these days, even if you are? Well, Karen Kingston is back with us today, and she says those tests are being used to collect genome data without our consent, and that may just be the beginning.


1. I received complaints from teachers all over the state, some were threatened to change schools, some were afraid of being subject to disciplinary action.

2. If JPN, PPD or Principal/Headmaster threatens to convert you to the interior because you have not been vaccinated.

3. The action is considered an abuse of power by superiors. So, it is necessary to make a complaint to SISPAA KPM.

4. In addition, teachers who face threats either verbally, gestures or in writing. Need to file a police report on the individual who made the threat.

Do not be afraid, do not be intimidated, the teacher did not make mistakes. Teachers only make choices for their own health.

Keep going, everything will come to you at the right time.

Tips To Detox Vaccines & Restore Body Health

1st step:
make a detox bath to get rid of nano technology, parasites & heavy metals..Detox bath ingredients can use these ingredients:
* 1 hot tub – follow the body’s resistance to withstand the heat of the water
* 1/4 cup Zeolite/ bentonite clay to trap nanobots
* 2 cups Baking soda to raise blood pH
* 1/4 cup Himalayan salt/Epsom salts to remove toxins
* 1/4 cup of Borax to neutralize nanobots in bath water after they leave the body
* Scrub the body to make it easier for these toxic things to come out.

2nd step:
* Take care of nutrition .. stop white sugar, meat, gluten such as flour, bread. Bykan mknan prebiotics such as raw tempeh..fruits, vegetables, green salad..green juice, drink mineral water byk2.
* Cleanse the intestines with Colon Detox supplements eg: Complete Colon Detox

3rd step:
When the body is strong, you can do Autophagy, that is, fasting, but you can drink water for 72 hours. Cannot eat routine food except vitamins & minerals only. The goal is to get or reset a new immune system.

4th step:
Eat detox supplements
* DMG to stop DNA from making protein spikes (for Pfizer, Moderna, J&J & AZ only)- Mrna & DNA type vaccine.
*Systemic Enzyme to neutralize MRNA nanobots
* Ginger/Black Turmeric for Sinovac
* Chlorella/Spirulina to remove heavy metals
* To stop the protein peg is SHIKIMIC ACID …. phytochemical from pine needle, star anise and cumin2.
* Pharmaceutical drugs to neutralize protein spikes/pegs are also available:
-Chlorine dioxide
– Ivermectin
* Ivermectin, NAC / Gluthatione to neutralize and remove graphene oxide
* Ivermectin as an anti -parasite to destroy Genetically Modified Hydra Vulgaris Parasites
* Immune booster vit C, D3, zinc

5th step:
If the immune system is zero and severe as the DNA has been damaged due to the vaccine and also due to radiation from EMF 5G, WIFI etc, you can try to use a tensor ring with a frequency of 432hz or 528hz. The purpose is to regenerate or repair damaged DNA and cells.
Eg: Solfegio, Mini Super Tesla, Super Tesla Torus dr Borneo Tensor


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