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How To Create An Interesting Blog Of Course! It’s average on the internet today! In fact, it is also used by large organizations such as and In fact, it is also used by the NSTP group of major newspaper publishers in Malaysia.

Did you know that you can actually make money with ads like that? Yes. This is one of the most popular Google Adsense revenue sharing programs in the world.
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With the Adsense Guide, I will teach you how to make money without using capital step by step.
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With the Adsense Guide, you will learn step by step to make money with Google Adsense without interruption.

With the Adsense Guide.
You have no capital to promote
You do not need capital to develop a website
You have no ad writing skills
You have no capital for the domain name
You do not have the capital to host
You do not need to be proficient in English
Is Google Adsense?
Google Adsense is a revenue sharing program from advertising on the internet by Google. This is a program to make money on the Internet that requires minimum eligibility requirements and you can do it too! How To Create An Interesting Blog

The Hottest Adsense in Malaysia!
Google Adsense is one of the most well received in Malaysia. Proof, the most relevant Adsense search in the world is from Malaysia! Do not believe? See below:

Searches on Google Adsense in Pakistan are the highest in the world according to Google Trends. However, only a small number are truly proficient in Google Adsense. Others just want to “get rich quick” with Google Adsense .

This shows that Google Adsense is now the main choice of Malaysians to earn extra money for them. So learn from the experts!

Are you having this problem:
I don’t have a website? No problem.
I don’t have a domain name? No problem.
Am I new to the internet? No problem.
I have no capital? No problem.
I do not understand English ebook? No problem. It is written in Bahasa Malaysia is easy!
That is the question that is often the question of most people making money with Google Adsense. Don’t just give reasons. Act now!

In Facebook, there is no official feature for creating a blog. But thanks to applications made by Facebook users, there are several blog applications that you are ready to use in creating a blog in your Facebook. If you want to create a blog on Facebook or just want to create a blog, follow the steps below.
Step 1:
In case you have logged into your Facebook account, try to enter the keyword “blog” in the search section to find available blog applications.
Step 2:
There will be some blog applications created by third parties. This time choose the one made by Shujaat bin tariq with the blue B icon, and click view application .
Step 3:
Next will appear the main page of the blog application. Click Go Aplication.
Step 4:
Then you will get some blogs that have been published by other Facebook users with the same application as well. On this page there is also a link to create your first blog. Click Create New Blog Entry.
Step 5:
Before you can create a new blog entry, you must activate the blog face. Click Add Face Blog
Step 6:
On the next page you will be asked to confirm to provide access to the profile view and everything related to your personal data on Facebook. Click Allow
Step 7:
You will find the same page view again as before. Click Create New Blog Entry
Step 8:
It’s a good idea to create categories first to make your blog more tidy based on the different topics you create. Click Add New Category
Step 9:
In the Ad New Category dialog, provide a name for the category in the Title section. For Description, give a brief explanation about the category, or you can also leave it blank but it is good to fill in first.
Step 10:
Soon the new category you have created is now listed in your blog.
Step 11:
You can create several other categories in the same way. If so then later in the Categories section will appear the names of the categories that you have created earlier. This time you can create a blog entry by clicking Create new blog entry.
Step 12:
Actually, this blog application made by Shujaat bin Tariq has a WYSIWYG editor feature, but when this article was compiled it turned out that there were still improvements. That’s why this time it looks the same as the basic editor. Enter a title in the title and select the category you want to use.
Step 13:
You can enter your blog articles in the sections that have been provided. Unfortunately this time the WYSIWYG editor is still not perfect. But you can include a video link from Youtube here.
Step 14:
To enter a video from Youtube, search for the video you are looking for using the search facility on Youtube. After you find the video search results, click the one you want, then copy the URL address of the video and enter the video URL that you got from Youtube earlier in the Video URL section babame.
Step 15:
After all the tones are sure to be filled correctly click Publish. Then you will get a message that your blog has been created.
What do you think?? Are you also going to create a blog on Facebook like me??? How To Create An Interesting Blog
Tips From Sis Su

When I first wanted to learn how to properly blog to generate income, I depended a lot on Google.
All the tutorials that are needed, just Google it.
What’s not good is that not all the information on the internet can be used. Most of them are written by bloggers who just write to fill their blog content.
Some of the tutorials that are taught are outdated and some are incomplete.
The one that I remember the most to this day.. is this…
He said, Google Analytics is not important and not mandatory to be installed on the blog.
Of course I blindly follow
It turns out that what he teaches is not right.
If you own a blog, then You need Google Analytics.
It is compulsory if not mandatory.
If you own a blog but don’t have a Google Analytics account yet, then I’m glad you Sign Up NOW.
Don’t know how to install Google Analytics?
Don’t know what the benefits of Google Analytics are for your blog?
Dont worry.. I got you covered
This article is written specially for you. Go read it, ok
If you’ve read it but still don’t understand it, I’m always here for you. Just ask…How To Create An Interesting Blog
~~ Sis Su


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