How Booster Kill Vaccinated People ?

How Booster Kill Vaccinated People ?. How the boosters will kill those who’re vaccinated. The delta strain is the predominant one now. But all the vaccines out now are targeted at the wuhan strain.

How Booster Kill Vaccinated People ?

Not only is it futile to jab with these vaccines, but to boost with them is tantamount to taking an immunosuppressant.

When you jab with the vaccines that target wuhan strain, your body is stressed out to make antibodies for that strain.

They out-compete your natural non-strain specific antibodies (that can handle variants) to go after wuhan strain covid-19.

But the problem is the strain circulating now is Delta and Mu and Lambda, not Wuhan.

The useless antibodies made by the vaccines acts as a cock block, essentially trojan horse that blocks natural jack of all trades none-strain specific antibodies from going after the variants.

This is why many vaccinated people are getting infected fast with delta.

They’re making the WRONG antibodies and also being boosted soon with the WRONG antibodies from obsolete vaccines.

What will happen soon is ADE on a massive scale where antibodies that are useless are acting as immunosuppresants towards those who took the jab recently and those who got boosted recently with vaccines that are NOT TWEAKED/TAILORED FOR THE CURRENT DELTA STRAINS.

Pfizer/moderna lied about their vaccines efficacy. There’s no way that they could still be as effective against delta when the delta specifically mutated their spike proteins to evade antibodies.

Antibodies generated by these short cut vaccines cannot identify the entire virus body, only the spike proteins.

So if delta is a result of selective immune pressure of it’s spike which mutated, why should pfizer/moderna and other mrna/viral vector vaccines tailored for the original Wuhan strain still work?

They don’t. The media and government and pharmaceuticals are lying and making fun of you and you don’t even know it because you’re too stupid and arrogant to question and think logically.

With different viruses that mutated their spikes out and the wrong vaccines and boosters out now, this is a mammoth disaster in the making.

You’ll see vaccinated people drop like flies because they would not be able to handle the variants. They’re immmunosuppressed.

Unvaccinated people would also suffer initially but because they still have their jack-of-all-trades none strain specific antibodies, they can survive the virus better than people who’re vaccinated and boosted with WRONG vaccines that are outdated and obsolete.

Vaccinated people are going to come out of this worst than the unvaccinated because their vaccines are not only wrong, but end up working like immunosuppressants towards their immune system.


You may be appalled to learn the major reason as to why the massive amount of injuries from the jabs is NOT being collated by the agencies supposedly responsible for receiving these victims injury statements.

Pharma companies are sending letters to doctors and hospitals which state, they are to send these injury reports to “them!”

When a patient, (who in good faith), provides the details of their injury to their GP, here is what occurs.

1. The GP immediately dismisses any suggestion that the jab had anything whatsoever to do with the injury.

2. Even when there is ample, and overwhelming evidence that PROVES the jab has caused the injury, they immediately set out to ridicule, belittle, intimidate, and demean the sufferers by implying that they are having a mental or anxiety issue.

3. After a patient finally obtains an admission from the medical fraternity that, yes, the jabs “may,” have had some role in the patient’s condition, they claim that they will file a report.

4. They do not inform the patient that even should they relent, and fill out their injury report, they will be sending this vital information to Pharma!

5. Although they are entitled to do so, the vast majority of patients will not submit their own report to the relevant reporting bodies, because they expect theIr GP to do it.

Here are just some of the reasons for the vastly “under reporting” of adverse reactions to the jabs:-

1. Patients have an inordinate trust in their GP to “do the right thing.”

2. They are often too ill and disabled to bother with all of the hoops that they have to go through, do as to get the information about their jab reaction logged in the appropriate system.

3. They often will not go any further with their complaints due to the overwhelming, hostility,and negative behaviour of the medical system to them and their seriously compromised health condition.

4. Many will opt for privacy and retreat from all the attendant drama associated with reporting their adverse reactions!
All sufferers are being viewed with scepticism ridicule and utter contempt. and so they decide to suffer in silence!

Both the sick and dying, and those opposed to the death shots are treated as pariahs, and contemptible by the MSM, the Government, and the medical mafia.

These satanic puppet criminals, ,dressed up in suits),are deliberately and willingly dismissing all references to reports of adverse reactions and DEATHS, as they preside over this greatest crime, (and carnage),against all of humanity!


571,830 Total Reports of adverse effects*
* note: Only between 1-10% of adverse events are reported in VAERS


0 – 17 YEARS OLD:
▪︎21 Deaths
▪︎200 Life Threating
▪︎71 Permanently Disabled

18 – 29 YEARS OLD:
▪︎108 Deaths
▪︎726 Life Threating
▪︎919 Permanently Disabled

30 – 49 YEARS OLD
▪︎447 Deaths
▪︎2,565 Life Threating
▪︎3,395 Permanently Disabled

50 – 64 YEARS OLD
▪︎1,141 Deaths
▪︎2,676 Life Threating
▪︎3,015 Permanently Disabled

▪︎6,203 Deaths
▪︎3,599 Life Threating
▪︎2,923 Permanently Disabled

▪︎4,872 Deaths
▪︎3,373 Life Threating
▪︎5,721 Permanently Disabled

▪︎DEATHS: 12,791
▪︎BELL’S PALSY: 4,461
▪︎SHINGLES: 6,784

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