House Loan Riba

House Loan Riba

Allah has clearly forbidden riba and qatie riba is haram in the Qur’an and hadith.

But still those who profess Islam are the ones who pay usury.

They are trying to make a profit with this usury, but they are always at a loss and are poor because of this usury.

For them this halal and haram is calculated based on whether they gain or lose. If it’s a profit it’s considered halal, if it’s a loss then it’s haram.

That’s why they are willing to pay usury until they die, even if the only thing that moves is the interest, the principal is there, even if it moves, they are still happy because they see a house for a moment in this world even though it doesn’t belong to them and there is no guarantee that they will get it all if unable to pay, withdrawn, name blacklisted.

They do not even see the heaven that God offers, even though it is a real and bright reality, they do not see it because they are fascinated by this mortal world.

God forbids it, it is definitely harmful to His servant.

God is Wise He knows what He has created.

As haram as vavi is, there is no need to have 100 world scientists present to make it halal and find its benefits.

It is enough for God to say that it is forbidden, the believer is a believer.

But they still maintain usury with the excuse that we can’t afford usury, then we won’t have a house, a car, and when we die, how will there be no grant? How do you think badly about the Lord of the worlds as if God doesn’t know you need all that, he should have made this riba halal.

That’s what you asked for, so be it. You live as if there is no god. There is no god in your life even if you say the shahadah.

Life should always be insufficient, your life every day even if you pray 5 times but Allah and the Messenger declare war against you.

Every day you are at war with Allah and the Messenger. You are more willing to pay thousands of riba, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of riba. Do you pay a lot of charity? You feel love to give alms.

Even if you have 1 million, you want to build a house with cash, buy a car with cash, because your heart is darkened by the illegal usury. You feel love and fear that your money will run out even though your life is getting poorer because of usury.

In the blink of an eye, you become weak, God sends you an illness and you become poor, whatever God can do. We are very small creatures in God’s eyes.

Even the great Namruz God sent a small creature to wipe it out.

Pray day and night to enter heaven. While you are at war with the Owner of heaven and earth.

Repent as much as you can from the sin of usury before you die. Sincere advice from me, your Muslim brother.

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