Horrible Side Effects From Covid Vaccines


Horrible Side Effects From Covid Vaccines


STEW: Dr Ruby, why do some people have horrible side effects from the jab, but other people seem just fine.

DR RUBY : That’s a very important question and really, I get that question quite often. So I think it’s important to know. I’ve directed people before.

And I want to encourage people to go to clinicaltrials.gov and look up the number to the Pfizer trial as an example, since they are really comprising the bulk of the injections right now, in the protocol that they have filed with the federal government.

You will see a number of different arms, in other words, all 3 phases : 1,2 and 3 are happening at once. Right now.

We’ve told you that if you take one of these jabs you are in the trial.

And you are, but you’re not going to know which phase of the trial because they’re doing all 3 phases at once.

And that is actually illegal according to FDA regulations and it’s dangerous because phase 1 is supposed to- that data is supposed to feed into phase 2.

And each subsequent phase uses the information from the previous one to build on itself.

But getting back to this protocol on clinicaltrials.gov you will see if you dig into it, that are 3 different dosages and that yes, there is an arm of placebo.

We don’t know what percentage or proportion of jabbed, are going to fall into any one of these, we call them arms.

It’s sort of like a pathway of different dosages, as different numbers of people in those lanes if you will, we call them arms of the study and so there was an arm of the study for 5 micrograms of the mRNA, 10 micrograms, 20 and 30 and there’s also I want to warn people in this boost series coming up, there are two arms of the study that will also include 100, micrograms..& Stew, in the company’s recently released the document that reveals all the information, supposedly that was redacted I know

You’ve spoken to Karen Kingston about that. There is also reference to 250 micrograms. So, yes, it’s the bottom of the hill.
The top of the hill. And because these companies are dishonest. They’re fraudulent, they’re not disclosing what they should be.

We don’t know who’s getting what and where and when.

STEW : So obviously different reactions for different people as well.

Even if, even if you and I both get 10 milligrammes of the same thing, your body is going to react differently than mine…so obviously that comes into play as well

I would imagine that…

DR RUBY : So it’s essentially, right, it’s a Russian roulette of dosage, you don’t know what you’re getting, it’s terrible. No informed consent.

Don’t take the vaccine, you have an immune system, so please Trust in your own immune system to do it’s job when it needs to, have no fear, do not be afraid of death or a virus. Being afraid is what caused humans to make silly mistakes. We are not immortals in this vessel (we can not live forever) and you can not inject health. In my opinion eat a good healthy plant based diet to keep body running at optimal speed and functionality. Say no to masks and experimental jabs, be strong, the trick is to embrace death when your time comes. Fear is killing humans quicker than any virus. Fear is what’s making people line up for an experimental jab, fear is what’s making humans use masks. Fear is what’s making humans not see family members, fear is what’s making us social distance, fear is what kills us. Have no fear of life, have no fear of death. They can not Harm you if you have no fear.

Listen to this clip very carefully this is important…. mRNA is a synthetic experimental jab it is not a vaccine is an operating system filled with nanotechnology designed to trick the human immune system and take over your biological system. Theoretically anyone who has had the experimental jab family, friends and loved ones are not only carriers but manufacturers of the virus/viruses and can practically spread it. Zombie apocalypse ring a bell? This is most likely why they are saying vaccinated people can still contract the virus & must still social distance and use masks just to cover their own backs. Just say no


Every time you have pain anywhere you can definitely associated it with acidosis.


Because alkalinity is —- electrolytes, energy, soothing.

Acids are aggressive, heat producing — I wanna burn you!


But what system again, deals with the acids? Not the blood.

Only one. Horrible Side Effects From Covid Vaccines

The lymph.

So this is why you have arthritis all through the years it is!

You lymphs are stagnant

You’re not filtering with your kidneys, you got to get your kidneys filtering and get your lymphs moving and pull this up because the lymphs swells,

become stagnant, you got edemic issues, because you’re acidic you’re creating some serious health issues for the deterioration of the cell

So you’ve got the universal saw that coming, you got water coming in,

you’ve got osmosis, you got all kinds of things moving the inflammatory processes, right.

So, in that you swell, but swelling can pinch nerves and you can wake up with the hands nerves and everything else from right back here.

So, the lymph swells
you can pinch off nerve performance
pinch off the worst case scenario is blood performance!

that stroke, heart attack, crap, you know, ischemic changes throughout the body,

dying of tissue and things like that.

And that’s what we don’t want.

We’re talking about a beast of another colour (vaccine), but how you fix that beast of another colour is through the lymph channel.

This is the elimination of the body channel of all the unwanted. Horrible Side Effects From Covid Vaccines

So that’s the one you’re going to focus on is your immune system which cleans you, it’s not just about protecting you from outside.

Oh no, your immune system is huge protecting you on the inside, from your diet!!


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