Heart Attack

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Heart Attack ? Free cholesterol!When he was a little boy, my nephew thought that anything on a food label that says “free” was good.

“Free radicals” are not good too.

No free radicals, please.?According to research, free radicals attack the human body constantly, causing cellular and DNA damage.These free radicals may cause ageing, cancer, cataracts, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses.Antioxidants,which are the body’s cleaners, are necessary to rid the body of these harmful free radicals.

While free radicals speed up the aging process, antioxidants slow it down by preventing free radicals from doing their damage.So, simple logic tells us that when we eat more wholesome plant foods,the antioxidants in them can protect our body from oxidative damage caused by these dangerous free radicals.

Wish to build a solid foundation for health? Choose a plant-based diet.


Those who like sports at night please take note. Be careful yea. A lot has happened now …

5 days ago, a 38 -year -old school principal in Sabak Bernam fainted and died on the badminton court. Yesterday a man in Gua Musang died while playing futsal. Both occur during night sports and both are due to cardiac arrest. This cardiac arrest is a silent killer and it kills those who have no previous record of heart disease. It occurs when the heart’s electrical system does not work (malfunction). The heart and pulse stopped immediately and the victim did not respond. Immediate treatment MUST be given because if it is slow to help then the heart will stop forever.

It is not the same as a heart attack. Completely different. A heart attack occurs when the heart vessels become blocked and blood fails to be supplied for circulation. People who have a heart attack can talk, have a pulse and are able to respond. While cardiac arrest occurs when the heart’s electrical system stops completely. People with cardiac arrest cannot speak, cannot respond and have no pulse. The heart needs to be re -pumped either using an automated external defribilator (AED) if available or CPR as first aid to resuscitate the heart that has stopped. That is why all athletes must learn CPR or sports venue management must have an AED as first aid. There is no need to be a certified first aider, just if you know how to do CPR for first aid.

It is not wrong to play sports at night and it is not wrong to play sports even when you are old, but make sure you understand when to stop. Also make sure your body is not too tired to work during the day and play sports at night such as futsal, badminton, football or gym. If you rarely exercise and suddenly exercise too actively or aggressively, then you may be failing to control your heart. Don’t equate yourself with an active or professional athlete. In fact, many professional athletes also died on the field due to cardiac arrest.

That is why it is necessary for anyone to get used to doing cardio exercises, which is to get used to the heart moving fast and stop when the speed does not exceed 145 beats per second (bps) according to age. How to control breathing is also very important when exercising. Sprinting or climbing or cycling at high speed in a short time can get your heart used to moving fast. However, breathing techniques must be correct and not panic when tired or short of breath.

Continuing to play after smoking is one reason for cardiac arrest. But the main cause of cardiac arrest is that blood pressure is too high during sports and this is what many do not know because no one takes blood pressure before, during or after sports.

Cardiac arrest also often strikes the water chamber. Many thought someone died because of a bathroom fall (especially the elderly). But in fact his death was due to cardiac arrest and the victim would fall. This happens when the body temperature changes suddenly. It will raise or lower blood pressure dramatically especially for heart patients. The Prophet also taught that when you start taking a bath, do not keep your body watered. Start from the feet to get used to the water temperature, slowly rise to the calves gradually and so on until you start to wet the head as usual. Instead of directly hitting the head and the whole body.

Sports is good, exercise is also good, but you have to understand the body’s ability and situation. Adequate warm up, good breathing control, not easy to panic and always do cardio exercises are very important. Warm up and stretching are two different things. Warm up first before stretching because the body needs to be warmed up before being active. The myth that many people practice is stretching when the body has not been warmed up. Yes, but not correct in terms of sports techniques. See professional players, they will run around the field first, then do stretching to stretch the muscles. But this is not the main way to avoid cardiac arrest.

The best way to avoid cardiac arrest is to UNDERSTAND your ABILITY. Don’t over and control your ego. The main problem of sports people is EGO. Each of them wants to show off in games or in the gym, while their bodies can’t afford it. Remember, Cardiac Arrest comes suddenly. There is no way to know when it came and who it wanted to attack or how old the victim was.

Hopefully useful for all, especially myself.

From Live Coaching in my 6 Week Rapid Recovery Group

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Question: My blood pressure has gotten lower on the program, do I have to worry about low blood pressure?

High blood pressure usually normalizes in the first 3-4 weeks in my Rapid Recovery Group, and even normal range bp’s can drop and that is GREAT!

Normally blood pressure goes up over time as arteries are hardened by the assaults of our diet on our cardiovascular system. You can detect hardening of the arteries in kids as young as 7 years old on MRIs, the early signs of heart disease that can lead to a heart attack decades later (the most common cause of death in the USA).

It’s not necessary though. In plant-based kids like mine who have never eaten animal products, their blood pressure at 9 and up is as low as it was at 7, because they have no blockages, and instead of flexible healthy blood vessels.

While a doctor won’t usually medicate you until your bp goes over 140/90, lower blood pressures indicate better health. When people with high blood pressure do my 6 Week Rapid Recovery group, they usually can reduce or stop their blood pressure medications by the 3rd week because their health improves so quickly. I had a client with kidney failure in my group who not only doubled her kidney function and got off the kidney transplant list in 6 weeks, she got off 3 blood pressure medicines during the group too!

While my bp was very high with kidney disease, when my kidneys were stable with medication, I had a bp of 120/80. After I hyper-nourished myself on the Goodbye Lupus Protocol, not only did my lupus disappear, my bp went to low 90s over 50s and has stayed there ever since.

I have talked to cardiologist colleagues, and they have all agreed with me, that with bp, the lower the better, and they find my results in rapidly lowering bp very exciting. Multiple cardiologists have told me their put their patients on my hyper-nourishment protocol, because they help them recover from heart attacks faster than any other diets they have tried.

So with few exceptions like heart failure, if your bp is going down on a healthy healing hyper-nourishing plant-based diet, then celebrate that!

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Six years ago, my husband’s heart stopped

Our son was six weeks old, our daughter was two. I was recovering from a c-section. Our family was finally complete, and with one flatline, everything fell apart.

Shawn’s heart has stopped twice since the initial attack and will continue to do so until he receives a transplant. Each time he’s flatlined, his defibrillator has brought him back to us. Luckily, he’s always been in a safe place when it’s happened as there is no warning. You can imagine the anxiety we live under. Simple tasks like driving his children now hold immeasurable risk.

But today, on the day Dad survived, I want to share a portion of this story I’ve never told.

When Shawn’s heart first stopped he was getting out of bed. As he collapsed, he hit his back on our nightstand, shattering his spine. Later on, the doctor told us the act of breaking his back, that jolt, restarted his heart.

If he would’ve fallen gracefully to the carpet, I’d be a widow right now.

Sometimes pain keeps piling on and there seems to be no good reason for it.

But sometimes that very pain was sent to save you.

Happy Survivors Day—to the man with the biggest heart.


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