flccc nac

FLCCC NAC, Friends, IVERMECTIN WORKS!!! Period! We don’t have to be scared anymore..

Disclaimer…It will work for some and some it might not

(I don’t know if any that it has not worked, I am just saying…)

Check out this page for great info. And also do your own research

-and yes, I am personally talking about the animal kind..

(Note: I am not a medical professional, I am just someone who had Covid this summer and started this immediately( along with Vit D, C, zinc with quecertine, NAC and aspirin) and hardly experienced any symptoms…)(along with several of my friends and family)

I am not here to argue or debate with anyone.. I am speaking from my experience and have only heard great things from everyone that has taken this, both as treatment and preventative. I want the best for everyone! We don’t have to live in fear, We don’t have to suffer any longer!! Love to you all!

-Note: dosage in comments, along with other helpful tips-
pm me with questions and I will try to help.
**There are some individuals who should not take it based on medications they are on.. **

If anyone wants to share, please do. I want to get the word out and help save lives!
Please share your experience, with this treatment -if you have any..
we have to help our friends and family. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!
**Don’t forget about the vitamins! They are crucial as well!**

Meh…..day 736 (kidding of course) not sure officially what day I’m fairly confident it’s been about 12 or so now).

Nebulizing colloidal silver seems to be helping.

Nasal washing with iodine feels like fire (but worth it) and I would give almost anything to taste my ginger ale.
Following the FLCCC protocol plus nebulizing colloidal silver, added NAC, trace minerals and Famotidine and Iver.

Thankful For natural medicine and the brave doctors who aren’t afraid to treat a patient like an individual.

I have already whooped a dis-ease that was meant to kill me. This will be another victory indeed.

Positive vibes and prayers totally welcome. Thanks y’all!

If you want to know what I’m taking/doing, LMK. I will happily share.

flccc nac

I’ve been asked quite often what I recommend for COVID immune support

I’m not a doctor, but this is what the practice I go to recommends. Please note the advice on stopping Vitamin C and elderberry if you develop symptoms of COVID. This is specifically to try to stop a potential cytokine storm. Now, I realize there is a lot of stuff out there about IV Vitamin C for cytokine storms, but that is in latter COVID. The potential issue is discussed here in the context of Elderberry which is what the practice I see believes can also happen with Vitamin C: https://integrativemedicine.arizona.edu/COVID19/FAQ.html

I don’t personally do all of this, BTW. I don’t do CBD oil or elderberry or aspirin or NAC (not consistently, I do some). I also take Quercetin which helps with my allergies and is a HCQ/IVM preventative substitute. Good quality probiotics are a can’t miss to add to this as well. I also take a few other things to boost my immune system which has been quite taxed by some other concerns. I’d not recommend them here for COVID prevention or treatment because I have no research-based reason to in this context.

Now, the rest of this has a lot of links, but my explanations are based on my own layman’s understanding of things. I could be confused about some of the mechanisms of how things work, but you can read things for yourselves and consider what works for you and what you’re comfortable with or not. I’m just a conduit for information.

I don’t think Quercetin is quite as strong/effective as HCQ, but I use it for the kids for COVID prevention. [NOTE: HCQ/IVM prophylaxis is not recommended for kids because they typically do so well w/ COVID and can be a big boon for natural herd immunity. Now, if they have symptoms, I’ve been told to bring them right in for treatment, esp. as my boys are asthamtic]. There are some studies supportive of Quercetin’s use as an immune booster and COVID prophylaxis. It works like HCQ (they are “ionophores”; IVM may be as well) in that they both open up the virus so that Zinc can get into it and kill it. The Zinc is what actually kills COVID, not HCQ.

I have the big kids take 1,000 mg of Quercetin daily. They also take Melatonin which has been shown to be beneficial. For my big kids – my 20 and 15 yr. old – I encourage (their compliance is probably about like most patients) them to take daily: 10,000 IU of Vitamin D; 5,000 mg of Vitamin C; 1,000 mg of Quercetin; 60 mg of Zinc (because that’s just what ours comes in); 1 Melatonin tab at night (it’s a 10 mg dose).

In addition to the immune support below, there is this one from FLCCC Physicians that’s going around for EARLY PREVENTION and TREATMENT:
This advice uses Quercetin as well as Melatonin. It also has the advice of gargling with mouthwash, which my own dentist has people do at their practice before treatment for COVID prevention. It also has advice about nasal irrigation which I do for allergy/sinus infection treatment/prevention.

Here is another doctor site, America’s Frontline Doctors, with several protocols for prevention and treatment – both with OTC supplements & HCQ: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/treatments/hydroxychloroquine/treatment-protocols

Here’s America’s Frontline Doctors discussing IVM. They think HCQ is more effective, but note that there is increasing evidence of IVM’s effectiveness. https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/treatments/ivermectin/

The doctors writing for the FLCCC Alliance do not seem to be as big on HCQ as a preventative as IVM. But America’s Frontline Doctors think HCQ is more effective and it has been used longer in the COVID Pandemic than IVM as far as I know. I also know several doctors who use HCQ as a preventative with Zinc. Always w/ Zinc. And, they are seeing good results from it both as prophylaxis and early treatment. I cannot stress enough how vital it is that you get early, outpatient treatment within the first couple of days of symptoms. If it feels like a cold/flu, get in somewhere ASAP.

These antivirals (technically, IVM is an anti-parasitic, but has shown effectiveness as an antiviral for things like West Nile Virus and Yellow Fever; see also, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7251046/ talking about it in the role of fighting COVID in May 2020 article and a potential antiviral) halt/slow down the rapid viral replication process. The less viral load you have, the less chance of complications and more severe illness. Also, it stands to reason that you will be contagious for a shorter period of time. If you get ill, doctors will often also rx a steroid and antibiotic course. Steroids have to be timed just right – so, again – early treatment is best and will be the most effective. Some will also add in Budesonide to help your lungs, esp. if you’re heading toward pneumonia or are asthmatic. I know most of this from both my research, seeing what the doctors I follow (and have been treated by (but not for COVID) do), what those on Sen. Bob Hall’s town halls are doing for their patients, and even how certain family members were treated either for COVID-pneumonia or COVID exposure and to prevent contracting COVID.

See also, these articles. Dr. Peter McCullough – hardly an anti-vax scientist as well as local McKinney Dr. Brian C. Proctor and a number of his PA’s (almost all of whom have treated Toby and I at times) co-wrote this one: https://ijirms.in/index.php/ijirms/article/view/1100/822

And: https://rcm.imrpress.com/article/2020/2153-8174/RCM2020264.shtml – which was co-authored by a large number of doctors, a number of whom have been on Bob Hall’s town halls. I follow some of them on Twitter to keep up to date on things.


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