Facebook Ads For Business

Facebook Ads For Business


Where do I start?

I get this a lot.
And my answer would usually be: Content.
Preferably video but if you’re like me, and you’re more comfortable with written content.

Content which provide value for your specific target market does this for you:
It’s basically you declaring to the world (particularly, your potential audience) that your an expert in your particular field. If you don’t tell people, how will they know?
You get to start to position your self as the go-to person for the solution you’re providing. You do this by building trust and/or raising awareness/providing education on your expertise
People will react, especially if they really find value. This feedback is great data on what your target market specifically wants to hear about and what they are looking for solutions for.

For example, when I talk about technical stuff of Facebook advertising like the Facebook Pixel, i don’t get much engagement but when I talk about targeting and how to reach their audience, I do get a lot more engagement.

This tells me that audience research is something my audience is probably struggling with.
(walang 4 fingers na emoji) If you do video content from a page, you can start to create what we call video view custom audience. What this is is that you are now able to create a set of the people who see your video for particular times so that you can run ads to them only.
Imagine running an ad of your product to someone who doesn’t know you vs to someone who watched 5 minutes of your brand video/infomercial video.

Who is more likely to buy?
and , Grea value-filled content is goodwill and it a great start to any relationship, even if it’s a buyer-seller relationship.

Which marketing message do you think would be more effective?
THEM: You have a problem. Buy our product to solve that problem because we’re awesome. (Proceed to hard sell on product)
YOU: You are awesome! Yes, you have this problem, but here’s how you can solve it. (Proceed to provide solution up front with potential soft sell on product)
There’s no right or wrong answer I think.
But in my opinion, the second one wins.

Do not underestimate the power of great content.
Don’t think “I can’t give value because I’m not an expert.”
In my opinion, giving value is not a byproduct of being an expert.
A person becomes an expert in other people’s eyes when they give value.
Being an expert is not solely on what you know but more on what you share.
Have a wonderful weekend

Briber Giver Facebook Banned ?

It seems to be correct what I assumed before. Since the BRIBER GIVER statistics spread, it seems as if hating or condemning the bribe giver is a crime and racism.Facebook has deleted my post commenting on the recent bribery statistics. I have also received a warning and am at risk of having my account blocked.All with the reason that I have made ‘hate speech’ through the writing.

Is hating a bribe giver a crime? It’s really strange our world now.As far as I understand, this kind of restriction on Facebook usually happens when there is a report made en masse that is not happy with my post.I don’t know who is so hot-headed that they seriously make reports, en masse.

Won’t the bribe-givers make a report? Or supporters of bribe giving groups?Kiasu really behaves like that. It’s like Israel, they want to block it to cover up crime.

Facebook has 1.56 billion daily active users

Let’s put that in perspective. That’s nearly 5X the population of the United States, 20% of the world population … and still climbing.
So imagine the social influence achievable through Facebook in terms of your peer effects, ecommerce business, referrals, customer relationships, reputation, brand awareness, and much more (let alone, in combination with other social media platforms you market through).

It’s not only the sheer number of people but the amount of our attention Facebook owns. Globally, the average user spends almost an hour per day on Facebook. Considering the average person sleeps eight hours a day, that means about 7% of our waking hours is spent with our eyes glued to the social network.
Facebook and instagram has the massive potential to grow your business in weeks or even days (depends on your efforts).
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Effective Facebook Ads

Do you ever wonder if all the Facebook ads you see in your news feed are actually effective? Let’s take a look of the importance of Facebook ads for your business!
Facebook ads are a great way to get in front of your target audience. With a little bit of research, you can find people who are interested in what you’re offering and then create an ad that will appeal to them.

Here are some reasons why Facebook ads are important:
1. They work!
2. You can target your audience based on demographics, interests, and behavior.
3. You can use multiple types of ads to get the right message across to your audience.
4. It’s easy! Anyone can do it!
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Is your Facebook Ads not working?

That’s because you don’t have the right strategy to help you start running profitable campaigns.
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